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by Sharon Rondeau

Where is all of the money intended for inmates' use going, Bill?

(Jan. 27, 2011) — The Post & Email has contacted the Knoxville office of the FBI regarding money which was sent to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III while he was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail but never turned over to him.

Two readers of The Post & Email sent funds over state lines to LCDR Fitzpatrick, who spent 60 days in the Monroe County jail following his arrest on October 27, 2010.  The two USPS money orders were in the amounts of $50 and $25, respectively.

Fitzpatrick reported that the funds were placed into a commissary account with Sheriff Bill Bivens’s name on it and that the $75 should have been available to him upon his release on December 30, 2010.  He stated that he did not use any of the funds while in jail.

Fitzpatrick said that Captain Pat Wilson, Lt. Mary Stanley, and Officer Trent Prock are in charge of scheduling release dates for inmates.  During the first week of December, Fitzpatrick prepared a written request to obtain his exact release date and specifically requested that the $75 from the commissary account be made available to him upon his departure.  He said that in addition to his signature on the request, two other inmates served as witnesses and signed the document.

So what is Sheriff Bill Bivens doing with the inmates’ money?  Keeping funds which belong to someone else is called theft, the last we heard.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department has been accused of committing other serious crimes to which they have made no response to this newspaper.

On January 3, 2011, The Post & Email sent a money order in the amount of $33.00 to Martha M. Cook, Chief Court Clerk of Monroe County, for an official transcript from the June 28, 2010 arraignment hearing for LCDR Fitzpatrick, which he has been unable to obtain.  We were instructed to send it to:

Ms. Martha M. Cook
Chief Court Clerk
105 College Street
Madisonville, TN  37354

with a clear return address, which we did.

As of yesterday, January 26, 2011, we still had not received the transcript despite Ms. Barnes’s assurance to us on January 20, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. that she would “send it within a few days.”  She asked for the return address, and we again provided it.

If the transcript is done, why the delay?  After all, Friends of Politijab received a copy shortly after the hearing and posted it on Scribd and other websites.

Or did they?  Did Politijab perhaps produce a “transcript” on its own and masquerade it as the official court document?  Ms. Barnes had told us that “someone bought the original,” so was it the Politijab group or someone else?  And why would the court clerk not have a copy of an official court transcript in her files?

All of the above information has been reported to Ms. Laura Click, Media Contact for the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts.  We also sent a letter to the Tennessee governor and attorney general dated January 26, 2011.

Has the transcript ever been prepared by Ms. Barnes?  If so, does the transcript match the audio of the proceedings that day?  Ms. Barnes has told us that the audio is not available to the public.  Neither, apparently, is the transcript, a court document which the court reporter is paid to produce and for which The Post & Email has paid to obtain.  The last we knew, that is called extortion.

The following is the email sent to the Knoxville FBI:

Good morning.  I have contacted you previously regarding corruption within the Monroe County, TN government.

This communication regards money which my company sent on January 3, 2011, to Ms. Martha M. Cook, Chief Clerk, 105 College Street, Madisonville, TN 37354 to purchase an official court transcript from an arraignment hearing which took place on June 28, 2010.  Judge Carroll Ross had presided.  A clear purpose for the payment was provided on the money order as well as a return address.

As I never received the transcript, on January 20, 2011, I contacted the court reporter, who works at home, who acknowledged that the court had received my payment.  However, no reason was provided as to why the transcript had not been sent.  She promised to send it “within the next few days.”

After checking our post office box yesterday and failing to receive it, I am requesting your assistance in investigating why this transcript has not been made available.  I have sent a money order at their request over state lines to pay for a public court record and have been denied access.  Prior to sending the money, the court clerk and transcriptionist delayed responding directly to my request by bouncing me back and forth between them and failing to provide an address to which to send it for the period of about two weeks.  I have the emails if you need them.

The defendant in the case has also not been able to obtain the transcript in question and has now subpoenaed it from the transcriptionist for his appeal.  However, a document purporting to be the transcript was posted on the internet with a watermark of “Friends of Politijab” across it.  The defendant has downloaded and read that document, as have I, and he has stated that it does not contain all of the dialogue which took place during the court hearing.

I have contacted Governor Bill Haslam and Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. regarding the confiscation of my money and failure to provide the promised court document.

A similar issue exists within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.  A money order for $50 was sent to an inmate in early November, a fact not revealed to him until the end of that month.  At that point, sheriff’s deputies stated that the money had gone into an inmate account which is set up in the name of Sheriff Bill Bivens.  The money order had never been signed by the intended recipient.  Another money order sent by a different individual for $25 similarly was never given to the inmate, and it was not spent while he was incarcerated.  He has since been released from the Monroe County jail but never received the funds although he requested them in writing prior to his release.

This is theft and extortion, clear and simple.  I will appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

Receipts from donations sent to Walter Fitzpatrick by readers of The Post & Email. The money was never used nor produced.
Enlargement of receipts showing money sent to Walter Fitzpatrick, but the money has never surfaced
Stub from money order sent to the Monroe County clerk for the June 28, 2010 Fitzpatrick arraignment transcript
Enlarged money order stub


Editor’s Note: The email to the FBI is an historical record and therefore could not be altered for this report.  However, it should be noted that LCDR Fitzpatrick had already subpoenaed the June 28, 2010 transcript the morning of the hearing, before it commenced.   Therefore, the words “has now subpoenaed it from the transcriptionist for his appeal” are not quite accurate.  Fitzpatrick has recently placed a different transcript under subpoena for his appeal, which will be the subject of another article in the near future.

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  1. These Knox county Federal boys are in retirement mode only. They will not move. What is needed is an astute investigation by the DC Dept of Justice. Where are the Kennedy boys when we need them?
    TN governmental officials are corrupt through and through. Especially in Monroe, Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson, Hawkins, and Hamilton counties.
    People die too and the feds do not move. Complaints are made and they still are remain in a state of inertia.
    The feds in Knox County need to be replaced as bad as the county authorities. What happened to integrity. It left TN long ago. …and sadly, the people insidiously gave it away. There is no democracy here. It left.

  2. St Pete is a human trash bin. My daughter lived there recently and had her car stolen twice in two months, rocks thrown at her windows and dog crap set be her door all because she did not socialize with the neighborhood trash. I urged her to leave after the police joked about her situation. She is no little chicky either and well versed in self defense so I advised her to do a pick, one person armed watching while she went out after a rock hit. There are two sorry thugs in St Pete today missing hair, teeth and with some nasty facial scars. Needless to say the cops laughed at that too but they did haul the two off since they actually tried to take her on. Yes, two on a girl. Anyway she has moved into a nice neighborhood and is now strangely interested in politics. I never harped on her but she always knew I read a lot and would point out certain things. I made sure she voted even though she had to ask a lot of questions at the last minute. At least she is now running on her own and motivated. I guess all it took was to be victimized and not be able to afford it. Who was that mother of invention? Anyway, thats real life, stand and fight or go down a poor beaten loser. BTW, the cops were only ever good for the final transport away.

  3. If you saw the latest from Saint Petersburg, Florida, Criminal shoots three police officers. There were all of the federal agents involved; Homeland, FBI, local, county and state police, not to mention the oss forces. One man with one pistol in the roof or attic of a home. I live here in south Florida and monitored the police scanners from home one mile away, and what you saw and heard on TV was not what really happened. I know you are not seeing the true picture here. If they came for your guns, this is what your home would look like over 600 police for one gun and one lone man. They had tanks, armored vehicles, machine guns, grenade launchers. The homes in the same block all received bullet holes and tear gas fires. This seems to put all of the others to shame. What you really saw on TV was the same thing you have seen with Hitler for those who would not obey. Wake up America, it is coming to your front door next. Now they say the police will have over ten thousand people at the funeral of these police officers on Friday, all getting paid by us the people, free gas to and from, free transportation, free funeral, free days pay while attending and the total bill is over one million dollars to bury these men. You would think they were gods. Welcome to Saint Petersburg, Florida. It could be your town someday, the real Purgatory of America, home to the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud. This is what the gun owners of America have to look forward to. The criminal who did the killings of these officers was black and married to a white lady. She provided hiding and housing for her husband and firearms which led up to the killings. But since she was a single mom, and fixing to be a single woman, the city of Saint Petersburg is going to build her a new home and replace all of her lost property. Because she is a local Obama supporter. Everyone has forgiven Mrs. Lacey for all of her crimes: aiding the criminal and her being directly responsible for the officers’ deaths. You have to laugh and cry at the same time here, for when they come to get you and your guns this is what you can expect. Watching sick America die by the hands of the Government employed. This story is a great starting point for you Patriots to wake up. One man died over an RTO order. Life is cheap for Americans these days.