Dr. Laurie Roth as President Will Defend All Stages of Life

“MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD” by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate (Dec. 31, 2011) — Life is unique,  authored by God and to be protected at all stages by the US President.  I have written in my articles about the importance of life at all stages many times over the years and have shouted […]

Man of the Year Award: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

A RESEARCHER’S OPINION by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at MarthaTrowbridgeTerribleTruth, ©2011 (Dec. 31, 2011) — America, I’m honored and delighted to bestow my first annual MAN OF THE YEAR Award upon Mario Apuzzo, Esq. If ever there’s an American emblematic of Integrity, patriotism, dedication and courage, it’s Mario. To protect and defend the country he loves dearly, […]

A Reader’s Letter to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

“I PRAY THE JAIL STAFF TREATS YOU RIGHT” from Michael Jackson (Dec. 31, 2011) — Sharon, Good afternoon.  I hope you are well.  I wanted you to know that I have continued to contact officials in TN regarding Walt. I have contacted various state reps in TN this past week: John Forgety, Frank Nicely, Jimmy […]

“Me Offended?” – Part 7

MAKING THINGS BETTER IN SIX QUICK SECONDS OR LESS! by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Dec. 30, 2011) —It’s like talking to my cat. That’s right, my cat. Time after time I’ve written about “Those that control the money, well, end of story.” Meaning the Fed, as in the Federal Reserve Bank, has to go. I […]

Tennessee Mother Fights to Regain Custody of her Young Daughters…Will You Help?

“GOOGLE IT, TENNESSEE JUDICIARY” by Karen Caldwell, blogging at LittleWomanBigFight (Dec. 30, 2011) — Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email had covered Ms. Caldwell’s case, in which custody of both of her young daughters was awarded to the fathers in violation of Tennessee state law, here.  Ms. Caldwell has asked that those reading her story […]

Obama Ballot Challenge Filed in New York State

ACCUSES OBAMA OF CRIMINAL FRAUD AND TREASON by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 30, 2011) — On December 2, 2011, New York State registered voter Robert Laity filed a “Challenge Petition” with the New York State Board of Elections against Barack Hussein Obama, claiming that he is “disqualified constitutionally from serving as President of the United States […]

Atty. Orly Taitz Alleges “Massive Election Fraud” in New Hampshire

CITES FAULTY CHAIN OF CUSTODY OF BALLOTS by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 29, 2011) — Atty. Orly Taitz has posted on her website a video of New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner failing to follow standard protocol with state ballots in 2008 and has described it as “massive election fraud.” Describing the events depicted in […]

Imaginary Benefits, Extensive Harm

EPA MERCURY RULES FOR ELECTRICITY GENERATING UNITS ARE BASED ON FALSE SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS by Craig Rucker, ©2011 (Dec. 29, 2011) — The Environmental Protection Agency clams its “final proposed” Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rules will eliminate toxic pollution from electrical generating units, bring up to $140 billion in annual health benefits, and prevent […]

It’s Not Rocket Science

WHO IS THE ENEMY? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Dec. 29, 2011) — Big lies, repeated ad nauseum, will be believed by unschooled fools in a heartbeat. I remember when Ricky Nelson died in a plane crash, “DRUGS INVOLVED!” when in fact it was a malfunctioning heater that contributed to his death. But to this […]

Citizen Receives Response from Tennessee Governor’s Office on Monroe County Jail Conditions

COMPLAINT REFERRED TO THE TENNESSEE CORRECTIONS INSTITUTE December 29, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s office: To the Gov on Dec. 17, 2011 Subject—Will retired Naval Commander die on your watch? Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III is being held in a cold solitary confinement cell in the Monroe County, […]

Let Us Engage the Real Enemy – Please!

“OVERWHELMING SHAME” by Neil Sankey, ©2011 (Dec. 28, 2011) — I have just re-read an article from Mario Apuzzo’s blog dated Wednesday May 12, 2010: The Nonsense Published by Our Nation’s Editors Regarding Obama’s Eligibility to be President http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2010/05/nonsense-published-by-our-nations.html This was a very informative and comprehensive discussion of the whole natural born Citizen issue and the […]

Barack Obama: Communist or Socialist?

 ACCORDING TO OBAMA, CAPITALISM “HAS NEVER WORKED” by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2011 (Dec. 28, 2011) — Dr. Paul Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, a school that ranks with Hillsdale College in Michigan as one of the nation’s finest, but least known, liberal arts colleges.  Kengor is the author […]

Holder Over the Edge

ON WHOSE SIDE IS HE? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Dec. 28, 2011) — The US Attorney General Eric Holder is suggesting that the Miranda Rights should be modified for terror suspects, charge terrorism suspects in a civilian court rather than in a military court, and close Gitmo before the elections of 2012. There are […]

Newspaper Article: Tea Party Dead and “Clueless”

STATING THE FACTS OR VOICING WISHFUL THINKING? December 27, 2011 Dear Editor: The following was written and published in response to an editorial written by a reporter from The Star Ledger, a New Jersey newspaper: Hi Paul, It was a nice surprise when I read your article in the Ledger today in that I agree […]

What IS an American in 2012?

IS THE MELTING POT MELTED? by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate (Dec. 27, 2011) — As a Candidate for President of the United States I proudly say and believe with all my heart that I live in the best country on earth.  We have been miraculously formed and established by men and women of vision,  […]

The People’s Money System

COULD THE NATIONAL DEBT, AND ALL DEBTS, BE ELIMINATED? by Steven Wayne Pattison, ©2011, All Rights Reserved (Dec. 27, 2011) — Marilyn M. Barnewall posted: Because my career was banking, I have written much about the attack on America’s independent banks by a federal regime that apparently seeks global governance. And Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., […]

Guns Not the Only Thing Going to Mexican Drug Cartels

LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH FUNDED PLAN TO ALLEGEDLY TRACE MONEY LAUNDERING by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 26, 2011) — The New York Times is reporting that “millions of dollars” have passed through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to Mexican drug dealers, raising the same concerns about which Congress has been grilling Eric Holder […]

The Republican Dilemma and America’s Future

“AN AMERICAN OLIGARCHY” by Harry Wainwright, ©2011, blogging at GiveUsLiberty1776 (Dec. 26, 2011) — Having attained a majority in the House in 2010, we conservative citizens breathed a sigh of relief because we had loosened the Democratic stranglehold in the Congress. Our incoming freshmen campaigned on a platform of righting wrongs and supporting our constitutional […]

Update: Christmas Day Bombings Kill More Than Two Dozen in Nigeria

ISLAMIC MILITANT GROUP SEEKS TO IMPOSE SHARIA LAW by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 26, 2011) — Several explosions rocked churches in Nigeria on December 25, killing at least 27 people who had attended Christmas Day worship services. A second report states that 35 lost their lives in a single attack, and the Daily Mail Online has […]

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