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December 31, 2010

Dear Editor:

Megyn Kelly grew up in Syracuse, NY and is an attorney as well as a Fox News anchor

The following email was sent to Megyn Kelly of Fox News in response to her recent coverage of those questioning Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president:

From: David LaRocque
Sent: Thu 12/30/10 3:18 PM
To: kelly@foxnews.com


I was looking forward to your coverage of the birther issue this morning in connection with Gov. Abercrombie’s recent call for the release of Obama’s original Hawaii long-form birth certificate.

I am sorry to say that I was extremely disappointed and even disgusted by your performance. You parroted the same old falsehoods concerning Obama’s nativity story, and referred to the outrageous forgery of the so-called “certification of live birth” posted on the Obama-controlled web sites as if this were a legally-admissible document. Surely you must have recognized by now that such a document, even if it were real and physically accessible (rather than a digitally-manipulated image) and not defective by virtue of the redaction of the document number, it would not be accepted for any official purpose (i.e., an application for a driver’s license or a passport, or entry into military service).

Moreover, the problems with the reliability of Hawaiian birth documents are by now legendary, as is the complete and total absence of any confirming evidence supporting Obama’s claim of Hawaiian birth (such as contemporary witnesses or hospital records) other than the virtually worthless Honolulu newspaper “birth announcements.”

With your background as an attorney, I expected much more from you. This was anything but a “fair and balanced” presentation. It looked and sounded more like the smug ridicule we have learned to expect from MSNBC and CNN.

Megyn, I have learned to respect you for your intelligence and your capacity for independent thought. You are clearly capable of covering this story properly, but this piece was not it.

I feel that the American people are owed a serious effort by someone on Fox News to cover this story seriously, in a fair and balanced way, and with integrity. All it would take would be a careful reading of one or more of the briefs filed in the Barnett case (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals), or the Kerchner, Rhodes, and Hollister cases (U.S. Supreme Court), followed by a serious attempt to address the points raised in those cases. Such an analysis would almost certainly lead any unbiased reader to the unavoidable conclusion that there is a very high probability that Barack Obama is not eligible to serve in the office of President of the United States in accordance with Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution.

There are so many disturbing facts and serious unanswered questions raised in these briefs that no amount of obfuscation and ridicule by your leftist guests can disguise their increasingly desperate fear of the truth.

Megan Kelly – it is way past time for this story to be covered properly in the media. The otherwise proud reputation of Fox News is stained by the memory of Bill O’Reilly bloviating to the effect that he had “seen Obama’s birth certificate.” We all know this was a lie because no birth certificate has ever been produced.

If I were you, I could not live with myself after participating in the intellectual dishonesty which characterized your performance in today’s piece. I think you owe your listeners something more, and very soon.

David F. LaRocque
Captain, TWA (ret)
CDR USNR (ret)

A second letter to Kelly is as follows:

Mrs. Kelly:  I just saw a clip about the new Governor of Hawaii and his “going to release the Birth data.  Both you and the two clowns you had on haven’t got a clew about what you are talking about.  It does not matter whether or not he was born in Hawaii.  I am not a birther, I am a Constitutionalist.
You are either grossly misinformed, ignorant of the requirements in the Constitution or have been muzzled like the rest of the Fox News frauds.  For someone with a law degree, I find it hard to believe that you don’t know the basic requirements under the Constitution that require the President to be a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”.  He has stated himself that he had dual citizenship at birth and that his father was a British subject.  You should also know that he had other foreign citizenship as a child.
The truth will be coming out in the near future.  When it does you all will look either like idiots or highly paid escorts (you know what I mean).
Like the rest of your cohorts, you probably don’t have the guts to respond to this email.

Bob Cipperly

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  1. I sent a copy of Barack Hussein Obama II”s (that’s the name that appear on this Birth Certificate) real Birth Certificate to the Governor of Hawaii proving he was born in Kenya, Africa with the below letter and have not received a reply.
    Anyone reading this my contact me at: jgborden96720@yahoo.com and I will email it to you.

    December 28, 2010
    Governor Neil Abercrombie of the State of Hawaii,
    I am contacting you regarding President Barack Hussein Obama’s true country of birth.
    Enclosed with this letter is a copy of Obama’s Certificate Of Birth, which proves he was born in Mombass, Kenya.
    This is a complete Certificate of Birth which shows the Chief Administrator’s signature and his location and Certificate of Birth Number 32018.
    This Certificate of Birth shows the name of the attending doctor.
    This Certificate of Birth shows the impression of the official government seal.
    This Certificate of Birth shows Obama’s foot print.
    This Certificate of Birth shows all the pertinent information that a real Birth Certificate must state in proving where a person was born, names of parents and their relevant information, and date and time of birth of the child born. This Certificate of Birth also gives the additional information of his weight, length of his body and even the width of inches between his shoulders.
    You know perfectly well that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii and therefore you can’t show his Hawaii State’s original Birth Certificate stating he was born in Hawaii because no such authentic documentation exists in the Hawaii State Health Department.
    American Patriots’ Movement of America is demanding the immediate resignation of President Barack Hussein Obama based on the fact that he is illegible to be President of the United States of America because he wasn’t born on American soil and therefore he is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    James G. Borden
    Newsletter Editor
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720
    Tel: 808-938-0973

    CC: Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
    New York Times, Washington Post, Hawaii Free Press
    Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New Bedford Standard-Times
    L.A. Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Arizona Republic
    Other news media outlets will also be contacted.

  2. ‘Birthers’ aren’t crazy

    In USA all births are registered by hospitals and not by mothers.

    No hospital of birth is listed nor is this a birth certificate.

    I Believe The Fix Was In for the 2008 Election and The Cover Up is Still Going Strong!

  3. Nice to see others getting upset about this as well. I sent this to her a few minutes after I saw her “interview” on her show:
    “OMg Megyn, you are so completely ignorant about the actual facts involved in the “Abercrombie” issues. There is no way you can disprove the actual provable and documented facts stated, and so well laid-out and hyperlinked in the following article. You have multiple false premises. No one who has studied the facts can come up with the statements you and your two guests made. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=244797

    You will never deal with these issues because you won’t be able to hold
    your position any longer. Nothing claimed by this man in the Oval
    Office lines up with fact. He contradicts himself in his own books.
    Look at the facts for Pete’s Sake!
    Chris Rosenau

  4. Yes A pen, I am afraid you are correct.

    What you said about the old and infirm reminds me of a conversation with my father at Thanksgiving. He was in Hungary during WW2, and my Grandfather served on the Germans side. He had no choice. To make the soldiers feel warm and fuzzy about serving, they were given a “document” to sign stating that if the Germans won, each solider would be given a lot of land, ect. as recompense for serving. They were told that if the Germans won, they’d be very rich.
    Then when my dad was 16, forced to work in the coal mines, he said that his age group was “everything, everything, like the gold”. “Almost all the old people had died from the hardships, most “grown men” had died during the war, so the young people were gold. They were strong and did most of the labor for the country.”
    They were not given a choice though, what they wanted to do, or where they wanted to live. They were told by the government.

  5. As much as I like Fox News, I also agree with everyone that the public has a right to dive in and demand our president show the “real” long form birth certificate, (if there is one.) Come on Mr. Presidient, what do you have to lose?

    1. To answer your question Mzha “Come on Mr. President, what do you have to lose?”; I think I can answer that for you Mzha; what he stands to lose is is high-living, high-paying, non-stop-holiday, as our pretend-make believe, phony, usurping, jihadist-muslim president instead of doing hard time in Gitmo, for high treason,. If we are stupid enough to continue to let him get away with this, why would he want to expose himself by producing documentation? America should be fully recovered by now, no deficit, traditional un-employment back at 4 to 6%, strong GNP, strong International Trade, self-reliant on our own oil reserves, and much more; but the traitors to America want to continue to take success away from us, and we so-far are helping them do just that. How stupid is that???

  6. If you think Megan Kelly is bad, then what do you think about Faux News’ own UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED EXPERT ON THE CONSTITUTION, JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO! Actually, I like Judge Napolitano, but for a man with his education, background and expertise on our constitution (and I’ll bet his qualifications even include a birth certificate!), he sure isn’t STANDING UP FOR OR DEFENDING our constitution, is he? One has to wonder- WHAT THE HELL HOPE IS THERE FOR US!

  7. Megyn Kelly is a lawyer, Not a journalist, and not very good at either of these professions. Probably has to do with her lack of experience. Need I remind you that lawyers and politicians invented ‘the spin’. Her ‘lead in’ was a ploy to get you to watch her show. “Fair and Balanced” is what they advertise, not what they do. O’Reilly the leader of the pack. Their research team looks at Google and runs with it. O’Reilly will never produce the “birth certificate” that he supposedly saw, because he can’t. It never ceases to amaze me that people can not read. Clearly the document they reference says Certification NOT Certificate. Obtained and pertained to what person, one that has a history of being a liar! They are all repeat offenders! They keep offending as long as they get by with it. Thus, the bottom line is: stop living in denial, stand up and STOP expecting other people to do what you should have done. Other wise you are part of the problem or part of solution. In this case you can read the news or make the news.

  8. Megan Kelly is one of the top 3 frauds covering for Obamamow Se Tung on “Faux” news.
    Good letter David Laroque and all accurate.

    “Faux” news is no longer the voice for Conservatives and Patriots. They have betrayed us regarding this dangerous illegal communist muslim jihadist fraud and infiltrator perched like a Buzzard in our White House.

    I have gone to my cable company and demanded that all networks including “Faux”News be taken off my TV channels. I am not paying for “Pravda” propaganda .

    I would suggest to all good Patriots across the country to do the same. It is called “Operation Slam” meaning any and all propaganda is being taken off cable channels.

    It is not news, it is propaganda. The day of LTC Lakin’s 1st trail “Faux” News stayed on the Chilean Miner story the entire day. Not one word on Lakin and what the corrupt Judge Lind, aka Communist/Femi Nazi did in her Kangaroo Court with her military thugs at her side.

    In the past Megan Kelly has viciously attacked Lakin, and said he does not have a case,
    Kelly has repeated the lie over and over again. She keeps lying saying Obama is eligible to be President and was born in Hawaii. Along with old Lying O’Reilly and Beck.

    I have been attacked by Tea Party Leaders in my fight to expose “Faux” news and their 3 top Traitors working against America behind the scenes, Kelly, Beck and O’Reilly.

    It has been no fun being the messenger getting your head cut off every time I have tried to warn people.

    “Faux” News is no better than the rest of our TV “Pravda” networks. They are all in bed together, but finally Americans are waking up and demanding all this trash be removed from their TV.

    Happy New Year to all my fellow Patriots across the country who are taking a stand against all tyranny.

    The letters are excellent and calling Kelly out for the fraud she is. She is a disgrace, along with the rest of the Communist/Marxist pretending to be our friends. They are not on our side.

    Other great sites exposing Obama

    These along with Post Email are the top sites for the truth in what is happening to America. This is why the FCC thugs are illegally overreaching trying to censor and
    control the internet. Too late FCC your boy and all of his regime of thugs are exposed!

  9. Added my two cents just to overwhelm her inbox:


    Ponder this: How can a person, born with American/British/Kenyan/Indonesian citizenship be a “natural-born American citizen” (one born to two American citizen parents) who owes allegiance only to this country? You must or should know such a person may be a 14th Amendment citizen, but not a natural-born citizen.

    What a disservice you did to FoxNews viewers with your irresponsible and dishonest attempt to put the issue to bed of Obama’s birth problems. It doesn’t matter where he was born; he cannot overcome the fact of his African father. Article 1, Sec. 2, Clause 5 of our Constitution requires a person to be a natural born citizen to be eligible for the U.S. presidency. Surely, you do know that. And surely you must know that Obama is nothing but a Marxist usurper who has been aided and abetted by the “late” mainstream media, of which FoxNews is part. Your network is no different from the alphabet networks. All of the big networks are irrelevant and nothing but puppets of the fed propaganda dept. Fortunately for Americans who believe in the rule of law and our Constitution, there are plenty of other places to get unslanted news.

  10. Then again realize Fox News is partly owned by:

    Rupert Murdoch…part of the CFR/Trilateral/BIlderberg

    Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talaal.

    If you ask me, that was her audition tape…FOR MSNBC!

    1. Much too much is made of spelling. Back in the 17th century, we only had a dictionary for the 3000 most difficult words to spell. Check an old bible, and you’ll see “he” and “hee” and “she” and “shee” and so on. Nobody got upset in the slightest by variations in spelling. Way too much is made of it now.

      1. Spelling and grammar errors make reading much more difficult which is why every published book has been edited by a professional editor. If there are too many errors (not the case here, of course) then it completely undermines the credibility of the author. Mr. Radka, would you be happy if you had children who were taught in school that “much too much is made of spelling” or would you be calling their teachers to complain? After all, that attitude could impair their ability to find jobs in the future.

    2. Linda, I wish you were my proof reader. I know the difference between clew and clue. However the fingers actually go faster than the brain. I could tell a fib and say that I meant they didn’t have a “clew” to pry out the truth BUT this was another case of relying on spell check rather than proffing the way it should be done. Hopefully, I got my point made.

  11. How about her attitude? She is outraged that after a coordinated media effort to smother this story, it won’t go away. She has done her best to ignore reality. We all must be idiots because Rupert the Corrupt seemingly has said “Move on People. Nothing to see here.” LOL. Fair & Balanced? Not.

  12. It should be apparent to all by now that our venal media and arrogant, self-righteous,
    omnipotent, and illegal government are not going to be swayed by pleasant polite words.

    We are facing the same circumstance that prompted our founding fathers to compose
    the original Declaration Of Idependence. It is time to consider,as the true American
    Citizens, just how much resolve.do we have.

    You can be sure they have considered our every possible reaction.

  13. Here’s my letter that I sent to Megyn last night. Of course, I didn’t get a reply, nor do I expect to get one. I’ll just spread it around in other ways to shame her.

    Ms. Kelly,

    Like yourself, I’m a journalism grad, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Kansas State University along with 25 years of experience as a newspaper and online copy editor. I bring this up because I don’t want you to think I’m some nutjob when I ask why you failed once again to bring some fairness and balance to your program by not including those who are attuned to the issues involved in the so-called “birther controversy” as this blog posting points out: tinyurl.com/2bklubg

    Is it any wonder why this issue continues to fester when the media has been absolutely derelict in its duty to give this issue some justice? Just read this take to get a clue why this may be happening: tinyurl.com/26wec85

    The salient point by the writer: “For all the modern press notables that slam Sarah Palin’s lack of intellectual curiosity, there isn’t a single American journalist who has demonstrated even a speck of the stuff when it comes to Barack Obama. It’s a purely disgusting state of affairs.”

    Take it from me: If you want this issue to go away, the simple thing would be to air the hell out of it instead of sweeping it under the carpet. Is that so difficult to do? Are you under some edict to somehow quell this issue? It never was dying, and it isn’t going to go away. Not until justice is served for Obama’s virtual political prisoner, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin: tinyurl.com/23fjdgb

    There’s a reason that Gov. Abercrombie and Chris Matthews brought up this issue. How about finding out why that is by giving the other side a fair and balanced hearing for once? May I suggest Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily? He’d gladly educate you on the finer points of this issue: tinyurl.com/24adahn

    1. Go to friendsofliberty.ning.com the home of modern american patriots read the fed articals,the most interesting is the 13th amendment,pass this around,because media wont.

  14. Does she really have a law degree? All of these people are making unsubstantiated claims to a background that seems to be fabricated. I have looked at medical doctor backgrounds who seem to have a couple of years in Pakistan and then arrive at “entry points” in the USA. I really do not believe anything they say, if they cover for Obama. No decent person would risk their career….so I can only conclude their career is fabricated.

  15. You must realize that these people are owned.They will only report what their owners let them.They don’t care about nothing but their fame and fortune.They sold their self worth.Fox news is no better than the main street media.Did Fox news cover Lt. Col. Lakins story?Hell no.!Has Fox news ever had a fair and balanced debate on the birth certificate ?Hell no!. Don’t expect a reply to your e-mail.

  16. I don’t watch Fox anymore so I don’t know the woman, but, from the jist of this, I’d love to hear if she ever responds. You’ve written well and clearly got to the nerve here, but to me they’re all media whores who get paid handsomely for what they say and aren’t about to risk losing that pay check. To expect her to answer or even suggest being somehow accountable to anybody but her employers is probably pretty silly. Nice idea, Dave, but I suspect applicable only in dreamland.

  17. I sent this email to Megyn Kelly yesterday, too (kelly@foxnews.com):

    Megyn, MAN UP!!

    Just saw your segment on “The Birthers”, of which I’m a very Proud Birther, otherwise known as a “strict Constitutionalist”! What is it that you and Lowry don’t understand about the “natural born Citizen” clause (Art 2, Sec 1) in the Consitution of the United States of America?? Why aren’t you “Woman Enough” or “Man Enough” to discuss the real facts, admitted to by Obama himself?? How dare you think that you are discussing this subject with FACTS!!?? I’m sure that you must have learned about the NBC requirement in law school, I know I was taught this in High School!!

    One question: Why has he spent more than $2 million dollars to hide who he is?? http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/robert-bauer-et-al-illegally-scheme-with-obama-attorney-ethics-rules-of-professional-conduct-criminal-or-fraudulent-conduct/#comment-174711

    His father was a citizen of Kenya, with no intention whatsoever of becoming an American citizen, when he was born (and BTW, it doesn’t matter WHERE he was born), which would make Obama, by his own admittance, a Dual Citizen of Britain and the US!! If what Obama says is true, then he CANNOT EVER be a “natural born Citizen”, because it takes BOTH parents to be citizens of the US (can be “naturalized citizens”), and to be born on US soil!

    Remember the question about McCain’s NBC status in 2008 and he brought his Long Form BC to Congress for that discussion? Why didn’t Obama get the same treatment, and why can’t he have that same treatment NOW?? Is it because you, along with Rick Lowry and everyone else who is afraid to discuss this are afraid to be called “RACIST”!! Just show us the damn Long Form Birth Certificate (like all of us born here in America have) and get it done with!!

    I have lost any respect for you that I’ve had, ever since you and O’Reilly discussed this subject a few months ago. How can you be so “Intellectually Dishonest”?? I DARE you to bring on Mario Apuzzo for this discussion, I guess you’re afraid you might learn something from a Constitutional expert!! I dare you, Megyn, on your children’s future, to deal with this in an honest discussion (which both of your segments on this have NOT been)!! SHAME ON YOU, you are disrespecting all of us in this wonderful country by the way you are dealing with the Constitutional Crisis!

    What’s in store for your children’s future if you refuse to deal with this Constitutional Crisis??


    1. Dear Saska;

      I just wanted to point out that your are correct when you say that it does not matter WHERE you are born, but then you go on and claim that it does matter when you claim that it requires BOTH parents and born on U.S. soil. You are logically at odds with your own statement. Let me help you clear this up.

      The notion that it requires BOTH parents and born on U.S. soil is incorrect and a common misconception espoused by those attorneys like Orly Taitz and Mario Apuzzo who don’t know what they are talking about. All that is required is that you are created by a U.S. citizen father and you return to the U.S. and repatriate yourself as an American citizen and live in the U.S. for 14 years prior to being a candidate for the office of President which severs any foreign allegiances and reestablishes your loyalty to the U.S. Why is a father required?

      Article II “natural born Citizen” is referring to a SOVEREIGN U.S. citizen who is born as a sovereign citizen at birth. It is not the same term as “natural born citizen” of U.S. case law that is not about sovereign political rights and is removed from your father and only depends on soil. Sovereign political rights are Natural Rights that are endowed via the Laws of Nature. This is clearly explained in the Declaration of Independence and inferred by Vattel.

      The political context of Article II demands that the President be one of the sovereign citizens at birth so he will have a sovereign political right to claim to be a sovereign representative of the sovereign people. Since sovereign political rights are Natural Rights and Natural Rights are only inherited at birth from other humans, Congress and the Courts cannot endow one at birth with Sovereign political rights or authority which is why the “natural born citizen” statutes have nothing at all to do with Article II “natural born Citizen”. One must inherit this natural political right from a sovereign citizen father because it is recognized that it is from males that our natural political rights are inherited from as a function of Natural Law. Therefore, both your place of birth and your mothers status are irrelevant. You must have a citizen father who created you in order to meet Article II requirements. The rest of Article II (14 year residency requirement) takes care of any conflict in allegiances.

      1. I believe it is a little ridiculous to claim the status of a persons mother is irrelevant, since obama appears to be a mama’s boy, along with the rest of the little boys and little girls in his regime.

        It is foolhardy to believe the loyalties of a person’s mother cannot influence or have no bearing on their loyalty.

  18. Great articles David and Bob both. I gave up watching O’Reilly and Beck seven months ago, and of course now Megyn Kelly, all due to their total lack of credibility, and lousy, un-professional reporting; let me correct that to say “it just isn’t reporting at all”. Any one of them would have been far better off if they had just said “obama has told us to make fun of you – if the topic comes up”, -or- “the new owners in Saudi Arabia won’t let us tell the truth about obama, or we get fired” -or- “I’m just too damn lazy to look at the facts”, -or- “I’m too stupid to figure it out for myself, or to even be honest about it”. Well the real fact is that their actions can really be summed up in one word “Treason”, and that is very serious, and will never be taken lightly by those of us who care about our Country, and how it is being sabotaged from within.

  19. With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Constitution,
    comes the responsibility and duty of defending, maintaining and adhering to it.”

    Obama has admitted to ineligibility[1] and has been found guilty of Treason[2] to the Constitution.

    That means that all executive orders issued and bills signed by him are NULL and VOID, and that every order given as Commander in Chief (ALL military orders originate there) are UNLAWFUL.

    All who honor their oath and/or commitment to the Supreme Law of the Land – the Constitution of the United States are now being asked to join me and millions of other patriotic Americans on:

    LTC LAKIN DAY – January 1, 2011

  20. I saw the Megyn Kelly “birther” piece when it aired. My thoughts were that the few minutes of coverage demonstrated a grossly superficial analysis of the issue. Fox News Network could have just as well done without this segment, for it was almost completely void of factual content. Megyn Kelly showed herself to be completely ignorant of the subject, as were her guest subject “experts”. How could a major cable news network host report and comment on an issue apparently without having done any research on the issue whatsoever? I’ve almost concluded that I should stop watching anything on Fox if that kind of lazy approach is going to be their trademark. Ms. Kelly should be ashamed of her shoddy work on this assignment.

  21. Bob Cipperly,

    Please take a lesson from Mr. LaRocque. He gets his points across without calling these folks whores. Let us not lower ourselves to the tactics of the Obots!!!!

    1. Also, use spell check and, if you’re a poor speller, have someone proof read before clicking the send button because not all words that sound alike are spelled alike. Proper spelling and punctuation is especially important if, in your message, you accuse the recipient of being ignorant, an idiot, or a clown.

      clew   /klu/ Show Spelled
      1. clue ( def. 1 ) .
      2. Nautical . either lower corner of a square sail or the after lower corner of a fore-and-aft sail.
      3. a ball or skein of thread, yarn, etc.
      4. Usually, clews. the rigging for a hammock.
      5. Theater . a metal device holding scenery lines controlled by one weighted line.
      6. Classical Mythology . the thread by which Theseus found his way out of the labyrinth.

      clue   /klu/ Show Spelled
      noun, verb, clued, clu·ing.
      1. anything that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem, mystery, etc.
      2. clew ( defs. 1–4, 6, 12 ) .

      copied from dictionary.com

      1. Auntie: Please consult your dictionary again – both spellings are correct. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary uses both spellings – clew or clue. Bob

    2. Outraged: There have been numerous letters to all of Fox News staff that I sent that were polite and factual. No responses ever! Mr. LaRocque wrote a letter similar to my many past ones. Did that do any good? NO! Sorry, my frustration is showing.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: However, the more letters that are written, the better. Any action is better than none, I would think.

  22. sent a better email :O


    you are completing missing the boat on the birth certificate, do
    you think for one minute that John Hancock, George Washington,
    Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and numerous other
    heros in our American Revolution, many losing their lives and
    all they owned, would for one minute let a Brittish subject (Obama
    claims in his book he is a Brittish subject due to his birth and
    his father being a British subject – in 1961 Kenya was part of Britain).
    So getting back to my question do you think George, Ben, John,
    Tom and all the other framers would write in the Constitution that
    the president could be a British subject? After they kicked
    their butts in the Revolutionary War? If you do you are as
    looney as the liberals. Do you even know that
    natural born citizens means two of your parents have to be
    US Citizens. Wait a minute, liberal Senator Patrick Leahy
    knew this definition. Is a dumb liberal like Leahy smarter than you?
    Both Leahy and Chertoff stated as much in 2008 during a debate
    stating the RINO John McCain was a natural born citizen despite
    being born in Panama , outside of a military base, not on US soil.
    The basis? Both of his parents are/ were US citizens. So where
    does that leave OBAMA?? Both of his parents weren’t US citizens.
    As a matter of fact, Obama Sr. was already married to a Kenyan
    when OBama was born. He had TWO WIVES. How come the
    press doesn’t talk about that? Or the fact that he abandoned
    both baby Obama and his mother????

    you want fair and balanced?

    how about the truth for once

  23. The legitimacy of FOX is quickly approaching that of MSNBC, CNN and the other networks that are in the tank for Obama. Fair and Balanced is really Unfair and One sided.

    For God and Country

  24. These so-called journalists have contracts and my guess is there is a clause in the contract that forbids tough questions about BHO. We can’t know the truth. We can’t handle the truth as Jack Nicholson would famously say. JR.

  25. It’s quite obvious the entire media is in agreement with the move to statism where their profit margins will be protected by government appropriation. We used to know that as either fascism or communism depending on the presence of a corporate board or a government office doing the bidding of the ruling class. It doesn’t matter which actually, just so long as we are watching it politely served to us each day it appears normal. The problem starts when you get people in a position where they fear retribution so they do anything they are told regardless of the consequences to the public. You have seen the glare in Obama’s eye when he talks about making energy prices sky rocket. That shows he could give a hoot if you freeze to death on a fixed income, die for lack of food or anything else government suddenly can’t afford to pay for. That’s tyranny and that’s why we have a law barring it called the constitution. Folks, the old and infirm always get cut first because they can’t fight back. The youth are empowered to thuggery and the working class will be nothing more than a herd of cattle to their masters.

    Happy New Year! Stalin loves you….