It’s Time to Change the “Birther” Nomenclature

WHAT IS THE ELIGIBILITY ISSUE ALL ABOUT? by Jeff Lichter (Dec. 30, 2010) — Being the recipient of attempted ridicule by being labeled a “birther” has never bothered me.  In fact, it was a welcome accusation because knowing that truth was on my side, I always responded that I was “very proud to be a […]

TSA, Youth Corps Now Officially part of Obama Gestapo and Marxist Senators vow to Create Official Dictatorship

THE WAR WAGED ON AMERICANS FROM WITHIN IS RAGING by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Dec. 30, 2010) — The problem with believing one is “safe” from the growing and increasingly  ravenous Obama & Co Police State if one embraces–or pretends to embrace–the anti-God/anti-American Leftist viewpoint, is that the belief itself is fallacious.  If you espouse these […]