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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

(Nov. 22, 2010) — We already know that Obama’s mentor and facilitator George Soros considers the manipulation destruction of countries and their peoples an enjoyable game. Soros looks at said countries and humans as mere puppets in his playpen, useful only to satisfy his wicked desires to control them–totally. On 3 June 1993, Soros is quoted–one of his more benign ones–by the Independent as commenting: “It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything. But, I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out!” Megalomania is a Soros attribute. And as a perennial persona non grata, he has been thrown out of multiple countries (including Great Britain and Malaysia) and banned from returning to them. Now he has laid the plans and–with Obama’s assistance–is in the process of destroying the USA. The Obama seems to be following his master’s every command. Let’s take a look at what Soros’ apprentice has already accomplished. These are accomplishments of which The Obama is proud–very proud, indeed!

1. Obama has stolen most of US taxpayers monies and–via new intrusive programs–is bent upon taking the rest of it

2. Obama has given his billions of his ill-gotten dollar gains to foreign countries (including China) for THEIR work forces, while eliminating (now at 30 million and rising) American jobs

3. He has effectively nationalized the auto and financial industries and now seems to have his sights set on the airline industry. Note: The US Government already controls the US train system via Amtrak

4. Obama now controls our bodies, medical care and the time of our deaths via his massive and all-intrusive and forced-down-our-throats “ObamaCare”–a program that has little to do with health care but everything to do with control of human bodies and minds

5. Although the TSA was installed before The Usurper Obama assumed power over We-the-People, he is now using it as his personal “conditioning the masses” tool. Not only are adults being sexually groped but, more and more frightened and screaming children are also. I’ve included a number of source references at the end of this column but, there are simply too many to include all of them here

6. Although I presume not all TSA agents are as vicious as the ones depicted are, the TSA has–for reasons we now know–announced that ALL cameras will be confiscated and no one may now film the sexual, humiliating and still illegal-in-any-other-venue groping by TSA agents. By the way, where are the decent TSA agents? Have they contacted their union and advised them they will not proceed with these aberrant behaviors? If not, why not? Note: Folks, this has nothing to do with security but, everything to do with the Obama/Soros program to create an even larger group of Sheeple–those willing to submit to anything and everything. More control of humans so they will march more submissively to some newly-planned gas chambers?

7. Still using the proven hoax (aka “lie”) of “global warming” as his excuse, The Obama is bent upon passing a bill to restrict if not end individual energy usage in the USA. The prices would be so high that few could afford it. More control of humans so they will go back to tribal fires?

8. Obama & Co’s plan to control ALL of America’s food sources–including home gardening in the Orwellian proposed bill S 510. Although some of the more draconian measures are said to have been stripped from the proposal, from experience I know it’s easy and even usual for the Marxist congressional leaders to enter them back in before going to a vote. Please continue to call your Senators (202-224-3121) and demand they vote “NO” on this additional attempt at enslavement of We-the-People

Sadly and as usual, there simply isn’t enough room to discuss all of the ills Obama & Co have brought to this country and all of the particulars of their war against us. Don’t forget they are still–against the will of the American people–trying to pass the DREAM Act–a first-stage effort toward Amnesty; the creation of a new Democrat (aka Marxist) Party voting bloc. We need to remember that winning the House with conservative constitutionalists was only the first step in taking back OUR country.

The Marxist ruling class now in charge of congress plans to leave no earth unscorched before it leaves in December. Our next steps must be to stop Obama and his policies in their tracks. A gridlocked congress is a good congress! Next election, we must vote out the rest of the Marxists up for reelection–this includes RINOs–and replace them with true Constitutionalists. We also need to include prayers to God with our actions. And with reference to the TSA? Let’s ALL just say NO to the groping and stop this insanity! Remember, the TSA is NOT affecting full body “pat-downs” on Muslims. Hmmm. Is that merely more insanity, another Obama/Soros perversion or both?

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  1. The Senate just passed the Internet takeover bill.

    Obama plans to regulate the Internet including closing down domains that are on his enemies list.

    That is what America gets for electing an Indonesian Muslim as their President.

    The tragedy of it all is that all this stuff about Obama was there on the Internet during the spring and summer of 2008, except for some stuff he had scrubbed. If the people had done due diligence rather than voting out of guilt, Obama never would have gotten elected.

    Not that McCain was a good choice but no way he would have been anywhere near as bad as Obama.

  2. Unbelievable. The Saudi owned Glenn Beck distracts people with a Soros story when those of us who have been fighting Obama since the day he announced his candidacy have known that he is backed by the SAUDI PRINCE. The same man who paid Glenn Beck 50 million dollars to lead the sheep astray.
    Many, many people I have trusted for news on the net are now becoming as unreliable as the mainstream media because they mimic the government shill, Glenn Beck.

    1. Does it really help us if we fight petty in-wars about “who is behind Obama/Soetoro”? Or are some people simply trying to diminish our power by dividing us? Who cares if it’s Soros, Saudi-Arabia or the alien overlord L’rrr of Omicron Persei VIII? Is that really a question we should waste our energies on, fighting over it?

    2. It would have made more sense if the millions who attended Beck’s August Honor rally had attended Phil Berg’s rally to expose the usurper. Too many “say” they want to go right, but they go left, instead. I don’t understand this behavior.

  3. TSA at Our Airports

    The whole issue here is Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty.

    TSA is just a government Agency.

    “We the People” are the True Power and government is merely a tool to serve U.S.

    Our government wants U.S. to accept them as “big brother”. Their last big assault was after 911. This is a Conditioning Process.

    The Truth is “We the People” must completely reverse this mentality and let Our “public servants” Learn to accept U.S. as “big brother” over them.

    We must Condition Them – Starting NOW!

    They want to see how much “We the People” will allow them to dis-respect U.S. Its allways about Power and Control!

    Will Our government control U.S. OR will “We the People” now use Our rightful Constitutional Authority to stand firm and Tell Them “HOW IT IS”?

    What happens now will decide many issues in the future.

    This issue must be the “line in the sand”. Our Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty must Not be compromised. In fact, “We the People” must move that line way back.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Benjamin Franklin

    I value ALL my God-given Freedoms and Liberties, Our Great Constitution and Our most very important National Sovereignty. I am more than happy to take more risks in life to preserve my maximum share of Freedoms and Liberty.

    “It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.” –James Madison

    “It’s time for the American people to stand up, shrug off the shackles of our government and TSA at the airport.” -Ron Paul


    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” —Thomas Jefferson

    “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” —James Madison

    Enough Is Enough!


  4. The liar-in-chief barry soetero has limited days. The effort now (most pollls show 60%+ doubt his eligibility) is to mobilize followers, real media (like P&E, WND), and every CONgressional office and Governor that stands for truth (there are one or two left) and DEMAND barry’s removal! The handlers of this incompetent big headed pleasure seeker, under estimated the core of Americans when aroused from their lethargy to be freedom lovers. Most will find creative ways to battle the corruption of the White House, Congress, Wall ST., tax system, etc. without any violence at all.

    Since daily sacrifice even to fly with being groped by ‘big sis’ is now the “new norm” the power mongers forget that sacrificing so much to just live also gives us great incentive to form inner diligence with an attitude that says there is nothing to lose anymore.To gain freedoms back it will take a revolt. We the people can lay off our (pink slip) leadership that is not serving their country or Constitution. Not only voting them out but if all citizens skipped a year in paying taxes (the people out number the government) it would send a strong message. This also screens the serious citizen that voices desire for limited government. The FED is already stripping your income through inflation by more than the fee a quarter of unpaid taxes will levy. Just say NO to taxes. What are they going to do? Put a tax levy on 90% of the country’s property? Only pay the state taxes since we desire state sovereign rights back. I am sure most have read the reports of billions$ that the government employees owe the IRS. Why are they still employed? The rule of law is no longer the rule. When the liar-in-chief, the DOJ, the Hawaiian gov,. the Congress fraud, the banking fraud, the FED lies, the Wall ST. fraud, demonstrate no moral compass and disregard all manner of order it is only a short time when the populace says in unified voice, ENOUGH! We will do it without your corruption.

    I will be entreating several media outlets in the days ahead to consider the next level of citizen involvement to DEMAND change in DC we really can believe in. We believe in removing barry from his cancerous leadership (lack thereof).

    laying out

  5. I find it very strange that people are being told that these humiliating screen shots or the invasive molestations of the American people are for the ‘security’ of our air travel when it has been proven that those who caused this (muslims) are mostly exempt from them. Sorry if that sounds like I’m profiling, but profiling is what is needed in my opinion. Besides, how is it that Obama can be so concerned about our security when he refuses to do anything to close the southern borders where people are being killed daily by drug cabals and other illegals crossing our borders. His solution is to sue states who try to do something about it because he won’t. This is a direct attack on the American people while he again sides with our enemies. So don’t let him get away with this statement that TSA is there for our ‘Security.’

    In my opinion, Obama (through Soros & others) is just conditioning the American people to being manhandled by the government (or other authority), further stripping away at our freedoms and liberties, one piece at a time, to make us into the docile slaves they want us to be. They’ve taken away our money, our jobs, in many cases, our homes, our privacy and now they are going after our ability to grow our own food as well as attacking our freedom of speech & freedom of religion (Christian & Jewish). I believe that if we go after Soros and those above him, the rest will crash and burn. They won’t survive without the funding. Follow the money.

    1. > when it has been proven that those who caused this (muslims) are mostly exempt from them

      It hasn’t. Unless you count misunderstanding a quote from the guidelines that has unfortunately been spread (the misunderstanding, not the quote) without much reflection.

      That doesn’t make it any better, though, since the main problem remains the molestation and not the exemptions, existing or not.

    2. CAIR has, more or less, declared Muslim women exempt from both the scanners and the gropings. http://www.cair.com/ArticleDetails.aspx?ArticleID=26681&&name=n&&currPage=1

      TSA guidelines for those with “Religious and Cultural Needs” doesn’t really say one way or the other. The “and/or” in the TSA statement below seems to be stating that Muslim women in body tents may be able to opt out of both the X-ray/X-rated scanners and body gropings and be scanned with the metal detection wand instead.

      “You are permitted to wear loose fitting or religious garments during the screening process. You may be directed to additional screening if your clothing (religious or otherwise) is loose fitting or large enough to hide prohibited items. If you are directed by the security officer to proceed to additional screening, then you will undergo a combination of hand-wand screening and/or pat-down inspections that could include any portion of the body and head area that requires further examination.”

      1. By the way, these extreme TSA passenger screening guidelines have little to nothing to do with safety and everything to do with profit. I mean, c’mon, does anyone really believe that the undies bomber’s explosives could have been found by either the X-ray/X-rated scanners or the groping “pat downs?” We can be danged sure that neither will detect explosive breast and buttocks implants or the explosives inserted in body cavities, both of which Islamists have hinted are to come.

        Soros & Chertoff Make a Killing On Controversial TSA Scanners
        Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 6:09 AM

        Make the physical searches more like gropings than “pat downs,” make them as invasive and embarrassing as possible, even go so far as making them physically painful for some, and people will stop resisting the X-ray/X-rated imaging scans and opt for them over the so-called “pat downs.” As a bonus, the process will train Americans to be submissive and stop being so adamant about our God-given and Constitution-protected rights.

        Further, OSI Systems has a division called Spacelabs Healthcare, “an organization that serves clinicians and healthcare facilities in over 100 countries.” But surely it’s just coincidental and has nothing to do with the health scare bill that was forced on this country, just like there was nothing to Deepak Chopra, Chairman and CEO of OSI, being
        selected by Prezdint Jackass to go to Mumbai to attend the US India Business Entrepreneurship meeting. (See the OSI press release, titled “OSI Systems Chief Executive Officer Joins US Presidential Visit to India.”)

  6. Although I generally agree with this editorial, the part about Americans being marched off to the gas chambers seems to be unnecessary hyperbole as Soros hasn’t managed to pull off anything like this in countries he has already wrecked to the point of being kicked out of them (i.e., Great Britain and Malaysia). Although I have no doubt that sociopath Soros wouldn’t bat an eye at sending people to their deaths if he could, Americans have a much freer spirit than these other countries and I don’t see that they have any gas chambers.

    The Kerchner v. Obama & Congress et al Petition for Writ of Certiorari hearing is almost upon us, and I pray that the SCOTUS has the courage to uphold its sworn duty and finally protect our Constitution and the rule of law, any economic/monetary threats from George Soros notwithstanding. (I believe the American people have the wherewithal to deal with whatever trouble Mr. Evil-Incarnate may try to dish out.) And come January, when the lame ducks are finally cooked, we should arrest Soros, convict him of economic terrorism, seize all his assets and send a clear message to all the other new-world-order control freaks that we are free and proud people and will never submit to their unjust shackles.

    1. RE: gas chambers. I understand what you’re saying. However, the now nationwide FEMA camps’ refurbishing and staffing with law-enforcement personnel–and no one to guard…as yet–speaks volumes. These are most certainly neither for illegals (the protected desired new Marxist Party voters) nor Muslims who aren’t even subjected–as are Jewish and Christian US citizens–to airport pat-downs or electronic screenings. Muslims were the only group comprising the terrorists who started the entire screeing debacle. All rather convenient for a totalitarian government…yes?

  7. An Excellent Comment From:


    “A pen says:
    Monday, November 22, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    It ought to be obvious the stalling is intended to secure this president to the end of his term. Anything less would require the public be informed they have been duped intentionally. The real problem they all worry about isn’t the public reaction but the legal action that would hold the entire government responsible for the constitutional breach, the suffering of socialists unconstitutional proceedings and the treachery of their opening the borders and aiding our enemies. Given that, even after the departing of the fraudulent POTUS there will be every attempt made to obfuscate the legal process of uncovering the truth and prosecution the fraud. What we are up against is government cabal. While some are guilty of treason there are many just complicit in the fraud and some just powerless to act who had better have proof they tried somehow to inform an authority. What a filthy mess. Heads must roll.”