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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Jim Miller was a Republican elections official in Monroe County, TN and was murdered on July 17, 2010

(Nov. 17, 2010) — A copy of today’s Advocate & Democrat just came into the jail here a couple of hours ago, and there’s a front-page story that talks about the autopsy report for Jim Miller.  It says that one of the players in the investigation is the assistant district attorney named Jim Stutts.  He’s the same guy who was involved in my case.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department are involved in this, and they say it took them five months to do the autopsy, they’re being very strict about information that’s going to be released; they’re concerned about information coming out because it might compromise the investigation; they say that they’re working on this day and night; it’s all nonsense.  The people investigating this are running cover for themselves.

We have a name; we have a suspect.  We have information about who is involved; it’s available right now and it needs to get out.  That’s one of the reasons I’m here locked up.

My case all began as a citizen’s arrest and these charges are all invented.  They’re all trumped up by Jim Stutts.  We’re dealing with government criminals here, and we’re dealing with people who are trying to cover up government involvement in Jim Miller’s murder.  They’re really trying to put the damper on this case, and I need to get to see the FBI.  If they’re not coming here, I need to go to them.

This is a law enforcement action.  Look at all the things we’ve uncovered:  a corrupt grand jury, judges stacking the grand jury, judges who can’t be arrested or prosecuted.  Look at all the information we have.

I can’t provide the name of Jim Miller’s suspect on this phone.

Forget about the TBI.  They’re mentioned in the article; they’re going to cover themselves as fast as they can.  Stutts is involved and Steve Bebb, who was interviewed by the Advocate & Democrat, and he’s just looking to cover this up. This was a government hit.  Jim Miller knew stuff about what’s going on locally here, and this was a government hit.  That’s what this is all about.  That’s why they’re trying to wrap this thing up.  It has to get out there, and this thing can break open, wide open, within a matter of hours.  It’s been almost two weeks.  It’s ripe to the bursting point.  It’s in plain view what’s going on here.


Editor’s Note: The Advocate & Democrat article referenced above was updated later in the day.

Update, Nov. 18, 2010: The Post & Email called the TBI tipline provided in another news article this morning.  The number went to a voice mail system, where we left the information that Mr. Fitzpatrick claims he has hard evidence as to who one of the killers of Mr. Miller was along with our complete contact information and Mr. Fitzpatrick’s whereabouts.  We also sent this article to a contact previously established at the TBI.

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  1. The only concern these thugs have is being exposed. The harder they cover this up the worse it will become and will draw more attention, but of course the corrupt TV networks will all remain silent including Faux News.

  2. I spoke to a Kathy (Pendleton or Fulton?) at the East TN TBI today, and boy was she a peach. Ok, not really. She was brash and short with me. Gee, I wonder why.

    When I told her I was calling to see how the investigation was going, she told me she couldn’t discuss that on the phone. When I said ‘there IS an investigation going, right?’, she said she couldn’t discuss that on the phone, either.

    They think we’re really stupid, don’t they?

    Here’s her number if anyone else would like to be abused by, er, I mean, talk to her: (423) 634-3044 ext. 102

  3. If this info is correct and there are multiple witnesses to the threat on Mr. Miller’s life, then it is clear who the primary suspect is and there is no excuse for that suspect not being charged after 5 months.



    To: All
    The Deputy who was investigated and suspended made some very public statements to the Election COmmissions Chairmans face in front of witnesses.

    He said that he (the chairman) should be careful because he could end up with a bullet in his head. he said this just days before Jim Miller ended up dead with a bullet in his head.

    The Sheriff Bill Bivens will not saying anything about the investigation or the suspended deputy. He won’t even release the incident report from Saturday night.

    Bivens and Miller have a history that goes back several elections. Miller accused Bivens of several election crimes and had told him he was considering asking the State of Tennessee to investigate him for questionable election practices.

    15 posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 9:16:45 PM by The Magical Mischief Tour


  4. Sharon, I really appreciate you and Walt keeping us informed of all the crimes and corruption going on in Monroe County, including the names and positions of those involved.

    I hope Walt brings all this up at his trial.