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by Arnie Rosner

What has happened to the fabric of America with a usurper in office and traitors throughout our government who continue to deny the obvious about Obama?

(Nov. 12, 2010) — If you had any doubts before as to the truthfulness of our leaders in Washington, DC,  the following exposé should remove any doubts.  As to the conspiracy of the entire Congress selling out America, well, I think you can make that determination yourself.

In my opinion, recent release of the CRS documentation would seem to indicate arrest warrants for members of the Hawaiian State government who participated in and perpetrated the Obama eligibility conspiracy are merited.

Due to the complex nature of the corruption involved and demonstrated by the federal and local governments in this series of matters, the credibility of the current judiciary is in question.

In accordance with the 5th Amendment of the U.S Constitution, and to preclude any additional conflicts of interest, cover-ups and abuses of the Constitution, “We the People” of the United States, in order to properly investigate the circumstances surrounding these serious accusations, must convene independent grand juries. Grand Juries free from any connection to the current legal system.  Grand juries with absolutely no connection, bias, control or influence from any and all local or federal prosecutors or judges.

American Citizens, this is your right!  This is part of the protections afforded you under the Constitution of the United States.

We should be calling on all of our newly elected officials to prove the seriousness of their commitment they made to you the voters to support and insure these actions are implemented as soon as possible.

Now regarding the abuse and mischaracterization of the Birther movement, I can think of several talking heads at the moment who also sold out America.  Especially among them are Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and several others.  The group at MSNBC, CBS, NPR, CNN and a few others also have a lot of explaining to do on their part in this conspiracy.

I don’t know about you, but I take a very serious view of this matter.  When hundreds of people deliberately conspire to commit a fraud on the entire US citizenry, it is no small matter.

Until now, additional agencies of the US Government also appear to be complicit.  One in particular which comes to mind is the FBI, directed by Mr. Robert S. Mueller III.  The FBI, as you may recall, has the primary duty of protecting the American citizens.

Members of the Department of Justice and perhaps even the judiciary may be involved.  I am confident more revelations will be forthcoming as this story unravels.

One thing is abundantly clear….Obama’s eligibility is certainly in question.  Col. Terry Lakin and the rest of the American people demand an answer.  If this answer is not forthcoming from those we have recently elected with many assurances that they intend to do the right thing by all of America to represent us, then from whom should this answer come?

As the American electorate you have a right to KNOW!  Enough of the pretense the members of this government have attempted to lay on us!

This government exists only to serve the needs of the people (that’s “We the People” for those who have forgotten).  And do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

This protection is guaranteed to all Americans under the Constitution of the United States.   It is the American people who direct the actions of the US government, so assert your control over those who swore an oath to serve you and the Constitution.

Citizens…It is time to end this deception and abuse of your rights and protections!  Demand Action NOW!

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  1. Congressman Brian Bilbray has a great deal of explaining to do before the Ethics Committee. The entire House needs cleaning! Police your own, or we will do it for you. What is their defense, temporary insanity, or genetic defect~!

  2. Reasonable deduction indicates that Barry Soetoro traveled back to HI
    from Indonesia as an imigrant Indonesian citizen under his step-fathers

    So obviously family had to steal a Social Security number for him to use
    when he got a job, which he was then forced to use to get a phony Selective
    Service Card.

    1. Heather you can include the latest ‘heart throb’ Marco Rubio in that nomination favorite child mix. Conflicting bios indicate Rubio was born out of country or maybe in Florida to immigrant parents, that were not US Citizens, therefore, not qualified to run for President.

      Bobby Jindal was apparently born in the United States to Non US Citizen parents. Disqualified too. Our forefathers intent was a 2nd generation American Citizen as natural born. Location does not qualify to suffice the Constitutional Requirement. The Constitution does not play the game, spin the bottle.

      I hope they are writing the history books now and naming names of all the Benedict Arnolds that betrayed America.

  3. Let’s see……. states putting soetoro on the ballot without constitutional eligibility verbiage even in cases that it was required, CRS memo giving spin on how to respond to constituents when confronted with the issue of soetoro’s eligibility, “destruction” of pertinent visa records of soetoro’s mother, numerous other clues……. simple and there for everyone to see. The “emperor” has no clothes. Who in the media is going to be the brave little boy and announce what everyone else sees? Any bets?

    1. I don’t know what it will take to break the MSM, Fox included of course, blackout on Obama’s eligibility. They will not allow any “fair and balanced” discussion, or any discussion at all. I would like to see Mr. “I have seen Obama’s birth certificate and everything is OK”, Bill O’Reilly be the one to open the floodgates and let the truth come rushing out….but he won’t.

      Maybe they are waiting for an OK from their bosses who are waiting for an OK from the FCC?

    2. hope the list is long on lying about the b.c….paul, no bets from me, as we have nothing but liars, corrupt judges, pelosi, reid, 30m czars, michelle obama, may they all burn in hell?
      i really though he would stay in kenya with his family, and run for preaident there on our money?

  4. http://www.opinion-maker.org/2010/11/white-house-obama-conducting-reign-of-terror/

    Wow, you got to read this article.

    In part…:

    “Meanwhile, a team of ex-CIA officers are traveling the globe assembling a dossier of documents on Obama’s past, including his education, passport, travel, and residency records. The team has scoured Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries collecting documents that are not already mantained in the CIA’s own files on Obama’s past. There is a possibility, according to WMR’s sources, that any “smoking gun” documents may be released while Obama is in Asia in order to elicit a public and, perhaps, irrational enough response from the president to prompt the public to begin raising questions about Obama’s suitability for office.”

  5. Obama’s Achilles heel:

    The 1946 change in the Federal Rules of Criminal procedure which claimed that the
    “Presentment”,a non-judicial citizen’s grand jury,used for hundreds oif years in England and adopted into our law (Fifth Amendment) “is obsolete”,

    That is why “Standing” is being denied.The change was unconstitutional. Fight that change and Obama goes crashing.

    “Miranda v. Arizona”- Where Rights that are secured by the Constitution are involved,there can be NO rulemaking or legislation that can abrogate them.

    1. Also see Marbury v. Madison,”any law repugnant to the constitution is null and void”.

      Presentments have never been repealed pursuant to Article 5.

    2. Now where exactly does Amendment 5 state something about *citizen* grand juries?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: It doesn’t say “citizen grand jury,” but historically, that’s the way grand juries were always convened: without a prosecutor or any government official present, because often the grand jury was investigating government corruption. That is one reason why there is such rampant government corruption now at all levels: the people have not been watching, convening, and submitting evidence to law enforcement. In some cases, law enforcement is now corrupt. In 1946, Congress amended the “Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure” and pronounced “presentments” (mentioned in the Fifth Amendment) obsolete. That was an attempt to circumvent the oversight of the people, who are the fourth branch of government.

    3. ‘”Presentment”,a non-judicial citizen’s grand jury,used for hundreds of years in England’.

      Robert, do you have any links to the English origins of this and also links to any repeals of this in British law?

  6. The mention of getting American Citizens to form Grand Juries has already occurred. These Grand Juries have already found O to be guilty of many crimes against us citizens and their verdicts have already been turned over to many law enforcement officers at multiple levels, as well as the DOJ with no action taken by those who were sworn to protect us. Website is http://www.AmericanGrandJury.org
    This infuriates me as this only shows that we the Citizens have been stripped of our powers explicitly provided to us by the U.S. Constitution. As an Army Veteran, I too took the following oath, not once, but 3 times:
    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
    The key words in this oath are that “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. The obey part only applies as long as those orders are in compliance with and “according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice”. Therefore, unlawful orders do exist and are required by the UCMJ that they not be followed.
    Impersonating an officer, or any rank/position not lawfully obtained, is a serious crime according to the UCMJ and it appears we have that problem with a certain so-called President. By his not revealing the same information required by us Veterans in order to take our Constitutional Oath, he was never qualified to take his Positional Oath. Therefore, any order that he gives and is followed by anyone in the Armed Forces is unlawful, regardless of what Members of Congress believe or want us to believe. It is every service member’s duty to question any order from any officer or any other rank when that service member suspects that that individual is in fact impersonating someone else.
    Believe me, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but even I had to produce my long form birth certificate (Not the short form Certificate of Live Birth which is useless as I tried to use my wife’s Certificate to get her a dependant’s military ID and it was not accepted by the military as proof she was even born), driver’s license and social security card to enlist in the US Army, and that was at the lowest rank in the military. Shouldn’t the highest rank of “Commander-In-Chief” / President have to produce at least those forms as a minimum to prove that he/she is allowed to even run for that office?
    So, Happy Veterans Day to all US Military Veterans that may read this!!! That includes my eldest Son, Father, 2 Brothers, 2 Nephews, 1 Brother-in-Law, 3 Uncles, and 1 Great Uncle that are still alive serving all Wars, Campaigns and Conflicts from World War II to Present. All other relatives, too numerous to mention here, having served this Great Land since before it was officially the U.S.A. up to and including WWI are being honored by God in Heaven.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you for your family’s selfless service, sir.

  7. You mention Glenn Beck, O’Reilly and the news media. As far as I’m concerned the other alphabet soup chanels don’t count as “news” but concerning just Fox News and the natural born citizen question. I used to think they never exposed Obama as being ineligible because they were threatened but after tonight I am convinced Fox News honestly doesn’t get it.

    Bret Baier tonight on his 12 for 2012 (12 possible candidates for POTUS in 2012) has named, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal as one and Karl Rove on O’Reilly Factor also had Jindal on his top 10 list. I like Jindal a lot but he is native born, his parents were not naturalized yet when he was born, he therefore is not a natural born citzen and therefore constitutionally ineligible. They really don’t get it. Maybe I should email Bret Baier and ask him, “why Bobby Jindal when he is only native born?”

    1. Beck will never expose Obama. He works for the same Saudi Prince that paid Obama’s way. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
      50 million dollars buys alot of misleading & distractions like Beck’s Soros story.
      I hate seeing Jindals name out there. I would fight him as hard as I fight Obama.
      “Native” born is really misleading. Most people do not even understand the differance between Native, Naturalized & Natural Born.
      In general, a native-born citizen of a country is a person who was born within the country’s territory and has been legally recognized as a citizen of that country since birth. In some countries, being a native-born citizen provides certain privileges and rights not afforded to naturalized or foreign-born citizens, such as being able to hold certain offices or being able to pass on citizenship to one’s offspring.
      Lucky, I am with you. Waiting on a leader since Feb 2007.

    2. Perhaps their support for Jindal is support for Obama? It they are supporting still another ineligible presidential candidate, they may believe that will make Obama’s ineligibility less of a question. Fox and the rest of the MSM have refused to use the words “natural born” when discussing Obama, at least I have not heard them use those words, and they have been told that there is no difference in native born and natural born….but, IMO they also know, (most are not stupid), the Constitution requires a “natural born Citizen” for president and that it is distinct and different from native born. I think the Fox cover-up started with them being threatened if they mentioned “natural born” and Obama’s eligibility, but has changed into equating natural born and native born as, they hope, a way out of the constitutional crisis we are in. They are trying to effectively amend the Constitution.

      1. Or maybe their support for The Wonce is support for Jindal. Not only was Jindal McCain’s first choice for running mate in 2008 (Jindal declined the offer), but there’s been talk about running Jindal for POTUS going back to summer of 2008 (maybe even earlier but summer 2008 is when I first heard about a Jindal run for POTUS in 2012).

        Bobby Jindal says he “politely declined” to run for vice president on McCain ticket

        Without a more extensive search, this is the oldest article I could find about a Jindal run in 2012. It’s from Dec 2008.
        Their Own Obama

      2. I hadn’t forgotten that Republican Orrin Hatch, while a US Senator, presented a proposal to amend Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution but here’s what I didn’t know.

        “The other proposal, by a bipartisan group in the House whose ranks include conservative Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista (San Diego County) — who spent more than $1.5 million to put the recall election on the Oct. 7 ballot — would allow anyone who has been a naturalized citizen for 35 years to be eligible to become president. The House legislation, whose co-sponsors include liberal Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was proposed long before the recall movement blossomed in California.”

        It’s become plain to me that neither political party establishment respects or honors the US Constitution, including Article II Section 1. Instead, they see it as on old, outdated document that they must work around.

      3. You hit the nail on the head….by anyone endorsing someone else who is not a NBC only leads me to believe they have endorsed barry soetoro and gives the GREEN light for other non NBC to run for POTUS. We must not allow this to continue. We the people have to scream at these fraud traitors and the MSM that Jindal is ineligible and when we MAKE them understand maybe, just maybe they will see that barry is by far the biggest and most dangerous fraud of all who infiltrated our govt by way of George Soros and co.

  8. Sooner or later, Barry will be one disgraced con man, and the whole nation will hang its head in shame for being played like puppets.