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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Why do Obama and his entourage have to stay in the Taj Mahal?

(Nov. 3, 2010) — Despite yesterday’s election, it is now blatantly obvious that Obama & Co neither cares about the United States of America nor its people. Today, the US tyrant–along with an estimated 50 jumbo jets full of his 3,000- person entourage–will fly Air Force One (followed by the second AF One and Marine One copters) to Mumbai, India where he and his merry minions will take over the entire Taj Mahal and other hotels. The now fully-visible-to-the-entire-world hedonist and “Neroistic” monarch Obama will spend at least $200 Millions PER DAY of OUR money to indulge his every whim and fantasy. As members of his now wholly-owned media are traveling with him, any news about this grotesque and extreme extravagant waste of taxpayer money–especially considering the US’ current financial disaster brought on principally by this same “monarch”–is virtually, if not literally, criminal.

This sort of trip is unprecedented in US history and leads me to the question “Is The Obama planning to become a pasha-in-exile or is he essentially moving the USA Executive Branch–which was usurped in the first place–to another country, namely India?”

How in the world can The Obama return to the USA after this extraordinary, open abject theft of taxpayer money which he is now laughing about and shoving–even more so–in our faces? The Obama and his wife are now both laughing uncontrollably and shouting at all of us “Shut up and eat your cake!“ What kind of perverse being now occupies the highest elected position in our land?

While the rest of us have been victimized by Obama & Co’s outrageous behaviors and criminal theft of almost all We-the-People had, The Obama still smiles broadly and tells us “You can’t stop me! Look what I’m still doing to you. Did you really think your petty elections would make any difference? I’m Barack Hussein Obama and you’re not!”

We-the-People have completed Phase One of restoring OUR Republic–taking back the US House of Representatives. Next, we must focus on the US Senate and its Marxist abject election fraud machine. However, it may be time to address the Executive Branch. If the head of it hasn’t committed high crimes and misdemeanors, one must ask if those crimes actually exist–at all. Isn’t it time to remove the pretender to the office? Isn’t it?

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  1. Eureka! The answer to all of our problems has been right in front of our eyes this whole time. OUTSOURCE government. That’s right folks, congress, the senate, USDOJ, think of the money we’ll save. Think of no term limits, terms of a week or less, no pensions, no healthcare, vacations-HA ha haha, nothing. Just use them up and throw them away, kinda like disposable government. Heck, with the “representation” we have now, so what if they barely speak English. One big customer care service.

  2. Donsn’t it seems to everyone that he is making an escape? Immediately after the announcement of the new money printing, and a possible bank holiday next week? I don’t think he is planning on coming back. There are too many upset Americans, Why take so many in the White House with him, he’s saving their….s

  3. I think seriously that there are a lot of congress and house representatives that know that he is not a legal citizen of the US and he and all of them should be ousted. He is Muslim and no one will make me believe any different. I think he is a puppet that has been put in the White House to destroy the USA and there should be someone big enough to take this on. I know that God is watching and things will be brought in line one way or another.

  4. Hi Sharon: What your take on the story I still can’t confirm on the 47 warships accompanying the visit? I’ve yet to see a credible source, have any surfaced to your knowledge? I figure it’s not here, it’s got to be a bogus story. Jim
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. You flatter me, sir, as having herculean research powers! If there were only 48 hours in every day…

  5. This is the epitomy of arrogance. It just proves that no lesson was learned when Michele went to Spain. The public outcry should be so loud that he’ll hear us in India. America does not have this kind of money to spend so extravagantly. Why this meeting now, and what is its true purpose?

  6. As part of a 10-day trip to four Asian countries that begins shortly after the midterm elections. (In addition to India and Indonesia, he will visit South Korea and Japan.)

    The White House announced that President Obama will visit the largest mosque in Indonesia, the Istiqlal Mosque, on November 10th.

    The president, who lived in Indonesia for four years as a child, plans to deliver a speech in Jakarta following his visit to the mosque. White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Mr. Obama plans to “talk about some of the themes of democracy and development and our outreach to Muslim communities around the world, while also speaking of Indonesia’s pluralism and tolerance as well.”

    Today’s announcement comes one week after a report that the president was likely to skip a visit to India’s Golden Temple next month partly due to concerns that images of Mr. Obama wearing the head covering required to visit the site would further the erroneous belief that he is Muslim.

  7. The recent win of republicans will change nothing.The system of banks and corporations must literally be broken up or closed down to save this country.Has there ever been a president who has moved so much of our resources for a visit in the world???Its as almost as this is something you would do if you were trying to avoid something,like he’s running away from something.Is he going to stay in India??Is the taj mahal the “new white house”??

  8. Beck said today on his radio show that 34 warships and 1 aircraft carrier is following him to India. He said something isn’t right. I found this.

    American preparations were equally extensive according to NDTV, a private television company in India. It reported Thursday that a fleet of 34 American warships, including one aircraft carrier, is set to protect Obama offshore during his stay.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/coconuts_monkeys_warships_india_tYDBo3Gdf280mXjy93bePP#ixzz14KL0IUIc

    Starting a war? Iran? Distraction from the election?

  9. > WHERE are all the extra $$$’s going?

    I’d rather assume the $200 million/day figure was wrong in the first place.
    The entire Afghanistan operation costs less per day.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Then the MSM’s reports are wrong.

  10. This really IS disturbing. He could very well be thinking that his time has come, and, …there’s no telling what he could be trying to pull. He is NOT rational, at all. He is right up there with the Iranian Ahmadinejad, North Korean Kim Jong IL, and this Chavez character doing his thing….. Only if there were a way to storm him, and his ilk, ”before” he gets on Airforce One. If only there were some way….. he has got to be stopped. This very well might be his last act of crazy. A final way to do us in, while he and the rest of his ‘eviloids’ are out of ‘ harms’ way’…… could very well be. I would NOT put this past his kind. Only thinking of themselves.

  11. I hate to break this to you, but Obama is staying in the “Taj Mahal Hotel”, not in the Taj Mahal (which is a mausoleum as any 6-year-old should know).
    => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_Mahal
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you; I had wondered about that, but other news reports said “The Taj Mahal.” Apparently those “reliable” reports were wrong, also.

    1. Well, I feel a lot better now that I know it’s not the actual Taj Mahal he and 3000 others are saying at, and “only” the Taj Mahal hotel, with the Hyatt Regency for the spillover. The Taj Mahal hotel only has 570 rooms.

      Something ain’t right, and nothing about Obama can be so far out as to be dismissed as “impossible”.

  12. President Bush visited to Europe in 2003.

    His trip cost $13 million.

    I have found an old article from the UK Daily Mail which is generally a trusted site.

    While arrangements re staff etc seem similar, even allowing for inflation there is no WAY this trip can be costing $200 million a day.


    WHERE are all the extra $$$’s going?

  13. Ok!!! This just takes the cake…. Time for the military to over take the Government so we can restore rule of law in this country….

    I guess america is at a stand off against the federal government and that can only mean 1 thing… We as …………AM…ERICANS must put the full orders of the CONSTITUTION into effect… That… means…… that it is time too rise up and put this tyrannical GOVERNMENT out of business…

    It is OUR constitutional duty as AMERICANS to STAND UP NOW!!!!

    I am at a loss of words for our federal government to act this way against the american people…. Our military and the american people have a duty to the CONSTITUTION of these UNITED STATES

    I’m not kidding either… It is going to be OUR military that WE have paid by BLOOD,TEARS,SWEAT and MONEY… Or it is going to be left up to the AMERICAN people…

    I don’t know how many times I have read the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE and THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION… Both are telling me the rules of ENGAGEMENT… The FEDERAL Government has over stepped it’s ground with the American people….

    “The time is NOW to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Saftey and Happiness” These words are right from the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE

  14. Why don’t we all just change our Income Tax status to EXEMPT and severely cripple the flow of finances out of our pockets & into his?

  15. Why is Obama taking Nuke Codes and the Nuke Button for a business meeting to India?If he launched nukes on another country while he was in India, the other country would launch their nukes at the U.S.,while he is safe in India. He is taking everything he would need if he weren’t coming back. His wife, 40 Planes, 6 cars, 3000 close friends, access to our treasury funds. WOW, what if this were true?.

    1. Why allow them to leave on Air Force One with all of the other planes in the first place? Stop them NOW! Will they have U.S. Gov. property, secrets ect. on those planes? This is totally stupid to allow them to leave the U.S. and take anything with them except the clothes on their backs.

  16. How much more do we take from him? I think there should be a limit a president can spend on vacations from the tax payers. Cut him off. He doesn’t even care about anyone else. Unreal the nerve of some people.

  17. I doubt Kenneth that the usurper’s enablers will stand trial since both the Democrats and Republicans in the last Congress were part of the largest diabolical scam ever played on the American people in its history. There are not enough new faces entering Congress now to effectively challenge the old crooks still there. Maybe, if we throw most of the rest of the crooked buzzards out in 2012 and 2014, the truth about the Obama usurpation will finally be broadly revealed to Americans and some of the perpetrators will be thrown in prison where they belong. Yet keep in mind: The U. S. Supreme Court (ironically sworn to uphold the Constitution) is complicit in the usurping scam, so this will cripple the chances of any real justice from rising out of the muck in Washington.

  18. There was a story out last week, stating that BHO planned on moving his whole gang of thieves and everything he could take with him to Mumbai and that includes making this trip look official. His plan was to live there until he could go on to his beloved Kenya. I can no longer find that story but it sounds like something he would do. He came from nothing and lied his way to where he could become filthy rich and if he does this, We should send a SEAL team or Delta Force in to either drag him back here for trial or demonstrate just how accurate our Drones really are

  19. The United States of America cannot withstand another two years of this blood-sucking idiot and his ilk. He needs to be removed from his kingdom, not in the foreseeable future, but NOW. (To delay will be too late).

    1. I THINK: obama is not coming back(the big vacation) he has bags of our money, or pelosi will come out and tell the world obama is an illegal president, this will br her …………
      ”PAY BACKS ARE A BIT#@? this will be my ”hope & change”

    1. I firmly agree with this. He should be held accountable for all of his crimes. Then locked up or whatever. If he was a man, he would repent, say he was sorry, then still be held accountable. It would work out best for his nature (to help it) if he did repent of this.

      That’s my honest opinion.

  20. Perhaps they’ll all stay there since it’s a more favorable climate for the President of the World … but no longer on our dime. That way it will cost nothing to deport him once he’s convicted of being an illegal alien – as well as a number of those who traveled with him.