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by Sharon Rondeau

The Monroe County Sheriff's Department arrested Walter Fitzpatrick between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. on October 27, 2010

(Oct. 27, 2010) — The Post & Email was notified this morning by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III that he was told by personnel at the Knoxville, TN FBI this morning that there is an ongoing investigation into the Monroe County court and grand jury system.  He was told that he could expect a visit from an FBI agent in the near future.

10:54 a.m. EDT:  The Post & Email has just received word that Walter Fitzpatrick was arrested.

12:53 p.m. EDT:  We spoke with Mr. Fitzpatrick’s landlady, who said that she could confirm that Fitzpatrick had been arrested this morning after what she described as a “physical struggle.”

While she did not personally witness the incident, the landlady said she heard some “loud talking” after spotting four police cruisers across from Fitzpatrick’s home.  She stated that Officer Prock, a “very nice, well-spoken” officer, went to her after the arrest was made and explained that there was some damage to the front door.  She said that the way it was explained to her, the police had been “surveilling the house” and had “rushed him” when Fitzpatrick had gone back into the house.

The landlady stated that she inspected the house after the incident and found the door frame and lock broken on the back door, but “nothing dramatic.”  She said she turned off the coffee pot, which had been left on.  Of Fitzpatrick, the landlady stated, “He is one of the best renters we have ever had.  I couldn’t ask for a better tenant.”

Of the dispute between Fitzpatrick and the Monroe County court, she said that she and her husband were “hoping that it would blow over” rather than result in his arrest and charges of failing to appear for a hearing.

When The Post & Email asked her if she felt safe in her community, the landlady responded, “Well, I have a little friend who helps me along in case an intruder should show up.” She added, “You’re not safe anywhere in this world, really.”

UPDATE, October 28, 2010: The Post & Email was contacted by the Knoxville, TN FBI office today and told that an investigation into the actions of the Monroe County judiciary is proceeding.  This would presumably be expanded to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for their assault on Walter Fitzpatrick.  If there are any eyewitnesses to that assault, the FBI would like to hear from them.

The contact number is 865-544-3518.  If there is anyone who can visit him at the jail today or tomorrow and give an eyewitness account of his injuries, that would be helpful to the case.  The more visitors, the better.

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  1. Juast talked with the TN Govs office. They were not aware of what has transpired. Was switched to Mellissa in the Constituents Office. She was not aware of what was happening and did not know about LCDRn Ficpatrick. She transferred me to the TBI office of Mark Gwyn – tel 1-615-744-4100. They also were unaware of the problems in Monroe Tn but would get someone to look into the situation and call me back.

  2. Sad, but informative article Sharon, and also accurate comments from Joe. If we think back in history a bit, I’m sure we have all said to our friends and family “why didn’t the German people just stand up and do something to stop hitler” when they saw this unbelievable evil rising to great power? Well folks, it is happening again in our own Country, right now with obama. So why aren’t we stopping this ugly problem, before it goes as far as hitler took Germany? and it most certainly will – if left un-checked. Complacency, or apathy are not excuses; how about we start thinking for ourselves, and using a modicum of discernment, pulling away from our excessive greed for just a second, and think a little about God, why we are here on Earth, where we are actually going in this life, and afterwards, and maybe some answers will start coming into our sottish brains. (Jeremiah 4:22)

  3. Call and fax the TN FBI and demand his release!
    TN FBI Phone: (865) 544-0751. Fax: (865) 544-3590.
    Join with other Patriots in going to Monroe County to demand his release.
    Call and fax the TN Governor!
    Tn Governor Phil Bredeson: Phone: 615.741.2001. Fax: 615.532.9711
    Take Walts lead and get off your butts. The time for talk is officially OVER!

    1. Carl, I copied your comment and posted it on a couple other sites, hope you don’t mind. I’m hoping many will pick up the phone and start calling or faxing, thanks for posting the numbers!

  4. I am sure the FBI will find The CMD is just a trouble maker .
    Why have the citizens not run the sheriff and judges out of town?
    We cannot sit back and fight in a kangaroo court and expect to win. We cannot sit back and let someone operate outside the law while we cower inside hoping they will not come for us!

  5. We have to sit back and watch as people in the Judicial, Media, Government, Law Enforcement and Military break their necks looking the other way, playing the game to keep their pay checks going while America has been overthrown by a Muslim/Alien who has only shown Perkins & Coie Law Firm in Seattle, members of the “Democratic” party, members or the “Republican” party his true identity while Obama has spent over $2 million dollars of tax payers money to Perkins & Coie to keep his “records” buried and away from the public. There is no conscience of the American Civil Service worker any longer, it’s all about the pay check. In the Military we were held accountable, out here any pimp and criminal that wears a coat and tie can walk away from crime and murder with the right lawyer. Walt is only guilty of standing up in a sea of corrupted officials, illegal POTUS, criminal Judicial/Cowards inside the “system”, Hillary, Reid, Biden, Pelosi, Michelle all know what Obama is, but admitting that would be their demise. Whether prosecution will occur against these criminals/fashion show scum remains to be seen. All the Military Officers that are being persecuted by the “Government” at this time shows that they are “protecting their interests/careers” and destruction of Officers Careers/Retirement, bankrupting the economy, ruining the American Military Ethic, breaking down America to their level is all apparent. If the “Democrats” aren’t voted out this time and for a long time, America is going to pay a price for the greed, ignorance, glut and arrogance that has been flaunted by these power grabbers for years. It’s not about America, children, future, the elderly, the Veterans. It’s about the power to do whatever you want and have no blame. Irresponsible leaders are scrambling in every corner to get those power positions and once a dumbed down, ignorant, money crazed society that knows more about who is playing a position on a football team than what state they live in allows this to continue not only is this country going down hard but other free societies are going to follow. History is repeating itself. Walt has done nothing but what he was taught and trained to do, that is be responsible, stand up for what America stands for and be responsible for what you have learned. He is doing what a real Naval or Military Officer should do and that is stand up for what the Constitution was written for. Now that we have people that are trying to reinvent the wheel, which is still round, in a “New Progressive Generation” of self appointed geniuses, we have a problem. We will deal with the problem hopefully on the upcoming voting process. Since they have blocked the Grand Jury Process behind closed doors, we have only one other choice, that is to vote them out as Obama recently stated. If that doesn’t happen, at a constant job loss of about 450,000 weekly, I can see another two years of this pilfering will leave the U.S. with about 1/6 of it’s population without income. How the politicians plan to continue to draw salaries, retirement, bonuses, vacations, etc. is UNSUSTAINABLE from the current revenue, not to mention two years down the road. In the meantime, the criminals are lining their pockets, pork programs are continuing business as usual. Looking at history, which is a bad word to the “Newbies” trying to impress adolescence as a substitute for experience, we are repeating many bad paths that may lead to eventual social repression which in America, is not a good idea. Veterans, college students and most citizens will not tolerate it leading to mass violence. Obama would like nothing more than for that to happen. All tyrants love challenge. Most tyrants have ended up not outliving their age of corruption. We will have to wait and see what unfolds here while good men like Walt, LTC Lakin and other professional Military Officers bite the dust for standing against corrupted officials and a social order that is decaying by the minute. When will American citizens stand up and take back the “Government” for the people?

  6. Walt, you are an American hero and through our many conversations, you know how deeply you are respected by patriots throughout the country. Brothers and sisters, it is time to rally around Walt, not just in spirit, but in a show of support by making a trip to Monroe County. I have made that trip for him once and won’t hesitate to do so again. Can I count on you to step up to the plate, patriots?

  7. I hope Mr. Fitzpatrick knows about all the people out here in cyberland that are with him in spirit. I hope he has a good friend/family that is making sure he is ok physically in custody. This is sad.
    Bob1939, yes, we see what is happening in America! Sometimes it is too overwhelming and people do not know where to turn or what to work on first! I do know this, there will be many many heroes in the coming months and we will take America back!