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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

The Tennessee flag was designed by Col. LeRoy Reeves, who had been a member of the Tennessee National Guard. Reeves wrote a book his family and other "pioneers" of Eastern Tennessee.

(Oct. 24, 2010) — It’s 9:03 a.m., 23 October 2010.  We have now seen four judges, a couple of district attorneys, the governor and the attorney general of the state of Tennessee involved in protecting a criminal enterprise.

I’ve seen this before.  It’s going on in the military.  There is no justice in a dictatorship.  That’s what’s been going on here.  It’s a dictatorship in the military and it’s a dictatorship on the outside.  If it doesn’t get stopped soon, we’re going to become like some third-world or fourth-world nation.  It’s a takeover of our government and rendering us as subjects.  And you see it being played out in real time, and real time is right now.

On Friday, the 15th of October, I spoke with a Ms. Pendleton at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  I have it up at the top of The Jaghunter.  I believe it is she, because I’ve been told by two people who have listened to the phone call that my phone call was expected, which is consistent with the fact that I’ve left several messages for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation before that call.  I had dialed through to their Criminal Investigation Division and the voice response that you get is a recording from a woman named Pendleton.  It sounds like the same woman who picked up the phone on Friday the 15th.  So I think it’s she.  There aren’t that many women working out of the Chattanooga office of the TBI.  It was not a receptionist who took that call.

I’m not going to walk into a courtroom again.  I already have policemen patrolling the neighborhood.  There’s a patrol car that showed up on Wednesday and then again yesterday.  On Wednesday morning, I saw Jumbo Kyle  of the Sweetwater Police Department for sure.  I came back into the house; I didn’t interact with him.  He was here on Wednesday at 9:53 a.m.  Then yesterday there was another officer up here, and I didn’t see who it was, with a cruiser, at 11:28 hours.  So I’m being surveilled, and I’m waiting for the sheriffs to show up.  I have no idea if there’s an arrest warrant out on me right now or not, but there could be; I’ve certainly done enough to have provoked the ire of the judges whom I am reporting.

If they show up, I will defend myself.  I’m not going to let them lock me up again as an innocent man.  I’m not one of these guys who stays in prison for 18 months or 18 years.  I will fight them as a Naval officer fights against a dictatorship.

Nobody else is reporting this.  That’s why I’m talking to you right now.

We have a judge who has taken over the grand jury.  We have dates and names and places.  It’s going on right here.  This is not fiction; it is real.

There are two documents which are supremely important.  The first is the Notice of Challenge which was created on 24 May 2010 in which I told the officials in the Tenth Judicial District that they have to stand up a brand new grand jury because the grand jury that existed in Monroe County in that day, the 24th of May, was illegitimate.  Everybody on the grand jury knows Mr. Pettway.  None of them, for that reason alone, can sit on a grand jury which has anything to do with Gary Pettway.  That’s common sense.

24 May 2010 Notice of Challenge issued to the Monroe County Court following his arrest for "riot" on April 1
Opening paragraphs of the Notice of Challenge
Remainder of 24 May Notice of Challenge

If this thing were to go to trial, and I was sitting in the courtroom when they were picking the jury, I would insist that anybody here in this jury pool who answered “yes” to the question, “Do you know Mr. Gary Pettway?” should be told, “Thank you for your time.  God bless you for your civil service; God bless you for your time in coming in today, but we have to ask you to go.”  That challenge doesn’t count against me; if anybody on that jury knew Mr. Pettway, he or she must be dismissed because there is a bias.  They might decide in favor of Mr. Gary Pettway; they might decide against Mr. Pettway.  But whatever their bias is, they can’t have one.  That’s all we need.

Everybody in the 2010 grand jury on the 3rd of June knows both Angela Davis and Gary Pettway.  Everybody in that room knew them.  I have had an adversarial relationship with the assistant district attorney, Jim Stutts.  I have named him in a criminal complaint.  He cannot be the man who prosecutes me in this courtroom, but there he stands.

The group that came together on the 3rd of June is not a grand jury.  I’ve said it over and over again.   Here’s the point:  Judge Blackwood has now had several opportunities to say what I just told you.  He should say, “We stop here and must go back, and at the very least, we revisit the issue of 3 June.”  Blackwood hasn’t done that.  For that reason, Judge Blackwood is now a criminal.

That group of people who met on the 3rd of June is not a grand jury.  A judge is complicit in ignoring the fact that it’s not a legitimate grand jury.  A judge. Now to get it into the grand jury, three other judges committed criminal acts:  Judge J. Reed Dixon, who is the general sessions court judge, threatened the first response attorney for my case, and thereby threatened me.  He said, “If you try to have me step down from the bench because I’m involved in this, I will punish you; I will take action against you, and I will take action against Fitzpatrick.”  That’s a crime.  I’ve recorded it.

Then after it got into the grand jury and there was a challenge on the 24th of May saying, “You cannot use this grand jury because everybody knows Pettway” (and at that time we didn’t know Ms. Davis’s involvement, but they all knew Pettway), Amy Armstrong Reedy kept the grand jury intact and then promoted Ms. Davis from the assembly.  That’s a crime.

When it went into open court on June 28 for the arraignment, Judge Carroll L. Ross assaulted me in public and committed several criminal acts which are described by people in the room as having “shocked the conscience” of the courtroom.  Now in that day, as I was standing there, I had witnesses tell me that if I walked to the podium to stand there and be the target of this assault, the deputy sheriffs in the room were putting their hands over their weapons.  Carroll Ross is a criminal.  Carroll Ross did these things to me, and then he said, “Well, now I can’t do any more; I’m recusing myself.  By the way, Judge Reedy is recused also.”  Why are they recusing themselves?  Because they’re criminals.

I have asked for the name of my accuser, and I don’t have it yet.  That should have been available back in June.  I do not have the name of the person or people who have accused me.  I know this much.  I know that the charges which were brought against me first came from Carroll L. Ross.  That document came from a judge.  The judge is now recognized as the person who has accused me.  Now in connection with that, you have Steve Bebb as the man who is assisting Carroll Ross, the judge, and Steve Bebb is a former judge in the Tenth Judicial District.   Steve Bebb used to practice as a judge in Monroe County.  And this is something else which is breathtaking, because I didn’t know this before.  As district attorney general in the state of Tennessee, you’re elected for eight years at a time.  That’s huge. Speaking for myself, I don’t know of any other office in the country that has a term of eight years.

It’s the district attorneys in their various districts which make up multiple counties and determine whether or not a judge is going to face a criminal consequence, even a charge.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation first has to go to the district attorney general and get permission to prosecute a judge, even in a murder case. That’s huge.

Then I asked the question, “What if the district attorney general is complicit in the criminal conduct about which you’re reporting the judge,” I was told by this special Agent Pendleton at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that it has to go to the office of the governor and then the attorney general of the state of Tennessee.  This is a dictatorship. You can be picked up off the street in the state of Tennessee because you don’t have proper identification, walk into a courtroom, and a judge can do whatever he pleases with you, and he can commit one criminal act after the next after the next against you, and there’s no policeman, ever, to stand there to protect you and stop the judge.

I’ve written this out; it’s at the top of The Jaghunter.  This is what a dictatorship looks like.  This is how a dictatorship operates.  This is as important an issue as we have ever seen, because this is the kind of dictatorship that is stopping us from getting to the bottom of questions regarding Mr. Obama, whatever those questions may be.  I am telling you:  I learned about this from the military first, and I now have that exposed.  There’s no question about the court-martial.  It is because of that information and knowledge that I now am able to take a look at what’s going on.  I’ve exorcised the grand jury here, and I don’t find one.

This is God’s work; it’s not me.  I just happen to be the guy that He decided to use in this, and now I’m telling you.  I have an American flag outside of my house right now.  On the 22nd of October at 8:00 in the morning, I put that flag out there upside-down.  I have an upside-down flag at The Jaghunter which I published.  When a sailor puts a flag upside-down, you better pay attention.  It’s an urgent call.  It’s an SOS of a special type.

I’m telling you:  there are four judges here who have committed criminal acts against me, and what they’re trying to do is to protect the dictatorship.  I have not committed a crime.  I have not been involved in a riot.  I did not conduct myself in a disorderly way.  I did not disrupt a public meeting.  What happened here is that it was discovered that one man has been standing in a jury as a permanent, professional juror for 20 years consecutively, and you know the numbers from the surrounding counties.  No one in our country under our Constitution – no one, no man, no woman, no person – is allowed to stand in a jury for 20 years.  And these judges have been discovered.

I will tell you now; I will make this statement publicly.  Judges in the state of Tennessee are rigging not just the grand juries; they’re rigging the regular juries.  They’re rigging all the juries, and they are held from a criminal consequence because they’re protected by district attorneys, the governor, and then the attorney general of the state of Tennessee.  Do I have that kind of protection as a military officer with 25 years of active service?  No, I don’t.  I can’t go to the governor and say, “Would you please protect me?”  The people who are protecting the judges, and in many cases, the judges themselves are elected into these positions; they have a special trust and duty, a special obligation that they enjoy to prevent exactly the kind of thing that they’re practicing.  I could go on and talk to you for hours and weeks…we could fill up volumes of books and libraries with the kind of corruption, the kind of backscratching, the kind of quid pro quo, patronage, the benefits of working together in this dictatorship.  And there are attorneys who are afraid to speak out because if they don’t work in the system, then they will be ostracized from the system, or something worse will happen to them or their families, because those kinds of threats are being conveyed in the community.  People are being beaten up; they’re being locked up as innocent people.

In the case of Jim Miller, who was murdered sometime between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on the afternoon and into the evening of the 17th of July 2010, nobody knows the status of that case except that it’s still open.  Let me run this hypothetical scenario:  Mr. Miller may have found something that involved a judge in the Tenth Judicial District.  That’s not a reach, because for example, Amy Reedy is being looked at already as a judge in the Tenth Judicial District because of what she has been doing.

So let’s say, for example, that Mr. Miller’s murder was somehow connected to a judge.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is not allowed to look into it without the permission of the governor in cooperation with the attorney general of the state.  That’s what we’re looking at here.  I cannot go anyplace in the state of Tennessee to report a judge or his criminal conduct because it’s a dictatorship.  Instead, the judges are acting against me.  I’m watching this happen; the record has been doctored twice.  I’ve been told by other attorneys that this is a common practice:  doctoring the records.  Then I come to find out that the court reporters are in their jobs for 24 years assigned to specific judges; we don’t know who it is signing their paycheck because they refuse to answer.  Now I’m talking about Denise Barnes, who has traveled with Judge Blackwell.  These court reporters are nothing more than court operatives; they’re working for the judges, protecting the judges.  Anything that the judge might do on the bench that is unlawful or criminal is caught by the court reporter, and then the court reporter will doctor the record.

How do I know that?  Because I’ve seen it happen twice.


Editor’s Note: Cathy Pendleton can be reached at 423-634-3044; press 1 when prompted.  The Post & Email left a message with Agent Pendleton inquiring about the rule which precludes the TBI from investigating a criminal complaint against a judge without the permission of the governor and attorney general at 7:01 p.m. on October 24, 2010.

Contact information for Tennessee Senator Robert Corker is here.  The Post & Email contacted that office on October 25, 2010 at 11:10 a.m. and spoke with the media director about the reported corruption in Monroe and Roane Counties.

The FBI can be contacted here.

Senator Lamar Alexander can be reached here.

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  1. They want Walt shut up that’s all. If he is free he can be heard and protected from the criminals in Tennessee. If I were Walt I’d be slipping out of that state PDQ. Let’s see them try to extradite without cause.

  2. I just read that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said that Judge Jon Blackwood ordered the arrest of detention without bond of Commander Fitzpatrick for the next five weeks until his December 1st trial. The justification is supposed to be that he failed to show up at a pretrial court hearing of his trial on the ludicrous charges that he disrupted a Monroe County grand jury.

    Stephen Pidgeon is said to be withdrawing from the case because he believes the county’s grand jury system to be “hopelessly corrupted.”

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Some news will be coming out on this shortly.

  3. CDR Fitzpatrick, do you know any county in the United States that is completely free of this kind of good-ol-boy cronyism and corruption?

    There are so many fewer people out in public today than a decade ago. It is almost as though people are hiding in their homes from the breakdown in law and order… although it may have more to do with the tight economy and a lack of disposable income.