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by Sharon Rondeau

The Post & Email was incorporated in the state of Wyoming on January 28, 2010

(Oct. 10, 2010) — As of today, The Post & Email’s Legal Defense Fund will be closed to additional donations.  Thank you to everyone who has given generously to this cause.

The reasons for closing the fund are myriad, but the most significant are:

  • When Mr. Charlton established The Post & Email as an electronic newspaper last December and then incorporated it in January 2010, he envisioned a team of people, including writers, comment moderators, a secretary/treasurer, managing editor and editor-in-chief as well as a Board of Directors.  As things did not work out in that way, I have found that I do not have the time necessary to operate a fund separate from our general corporate fund, and I would rather devote the time I have to writing and reporting, which is the true purpose of a newspaper.
  • Creating a 501(c)3 organization for tax purposes is a lengthy and involved process which, while making donations more attractive to prospective donors, would be a diversion of resources which we cannot afford.
  • As Obama’s usurpation of the presidency has continued, many worthy foundations, groups and individuals have stepped forward to challenge Obama’s constitutional eligibility, and the monies we have raised could readily assist those already embroiled in legal battles.  As we do not have enough in the fund to file a lawsuit on our own, that would seem to make the most sense.  We will be therefore be disbursing the remaining money to one or more of these pending actions.
  • Since its inception, the Legal Fund has purchased hundreds of pages of UIPA requests made to the Hawaii Department of Health at a cost of more than $1,200; located and collected specific documentation which has been used to assist with a lawsuit against Obama; helped to send an investigator to Hawaii this past summer to gather evidence of inconsistencies, false statements and birth index aberrations on which we reported; and recently filed an Intervenor’s Motion to assist with an existing lawsuit filed in Hawaii, the details of which will be released in a future posting.
  • The closing of the fund will allow me to concentrate on researching and reporting the news that the mainstream media will not, which requires between 8 and 12 hours each day.

A final report will be disseminated to all donors to the Legal Fund within the next 60 days after the remaining money has been donated to some of the causes and actions mentioned above.

Those wishing to support the newspaper generally may do so in several different ways.

We always appreciate citizen contributions in the form of editorials or hard news stories.

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