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by Sharon Rondeau

Brent Bateman, filmmaker, in front of the White House. Official "FRAUD" gear can be purchased from the Quad City Pictures website.

(Sept. 26, 2010) — Brent Bateman is a former reporter and now a filmmaker working on the release of a movie about Obama’s fraud and ineligibility.  He presently has a producer for the movie, Quad City Pictures, and plans have been made for its release in the spring of 2011. Bateman’s Quad City website includes a section for Breaking News, an online store where “Fraud gear” can be purchased, and the movie trailer itself.

A section which explains how a limited number of free tickets will be awarded to people wishing to see the premiere of the film is here.

Originally from the Quad Cities on the Illinois/Iowa border, Mr. Bateman grew up in a hardworking family which organized “Bowl-a-Thons” for organizations to emulate for fund raising purposes.  Brent’s full bio can be found here.

Within his bio, Brent asserts:

In this age of American Idol and false gods such as Oprah Winfrey, LaBron James, and Kobe Bryant, America has become a side show of false news, media lies, and ILLEGAL propaganda by the treasonous regime known as the Obama administration, and it’s [sic] bought-and-paid-for step child, the American Media.

The Elite of America have completely turned their backs on the middle class and the poor, and Barack and Michelle Obama have single handedly pushed back race relations in America more than a hundred years.

MRS. RONDEAU: When you contacted me, your name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it.  I was fascinated when I watched the movie trailer from the link you sent.  How did you get involved in film-making, and what is your primary purpose?

MR. BATEMAN: I had found The Post & Email while doing research on Obama, the government, and what I would call the “takedown of America.”  I really think they’ve stolen the American dream from everybody, including our kids.  I think I had seen an article on your site and started reading through it, and I saw all of these amazing articles on the real truth.  Because to me, the reality is that nobody is telling the truth about what’s going on behind this entire fraud.  It’s interesting the name of the film is “Fraud,” because as I was saying earlier, this was never intended to be a film.

The way it started, I had met these crazy Hillary Clinton supporters and interviewed them, and I went home that night and put the interviews in on my editing machine and started listening to these people, and it was very prolific.  Probably the first 25-30 minutes of the film was taken from 2008, two years ago, and these people are saying things that everybody is now starting to say and question and are now starting to demand answers from the cult of Obama.

MRS. RONDEAU: Have you released a film prior to this, or is this the first one?

MR. BATEMAN: This is the first one; we titled it “Fraud” because it’s not just about the Obama cult; it’s really about him and the government and everybody who was complicit in the cover-up of getting someone elected who’s not legally able to hold office.  Everybody knows that the Constitution states that you must be “natural born” to be president.  Barack Obama could never be a natural born Citizen.  He could be a naturalized or native born Citizen, but he could never be a natural born Citizen.  So they’re eroding the Constitution. As soon as he got into office, the first day, he signed executive order #13489 which sealed all of his records and all records of past presidents, which means that Bush is on in this regime takeover as well.  It has excluded the Bush and Cheney administration for being prosecuted for the 9/11 matter.  So it gets even deeper.  That was basically his free ticket to “My records don’t exist.”

Obama was never a professor of law at the University of Illinois in Chicago where they said he was.  He was a substitute professor; he never actually sat in on the class with students and instructed. The Board of Governors at the college demanded, because there was a payoff, that he be put in that position just for show.  In reality, there was no experience; he never got in front of students; he never taught classes.  But I will say this, too:  I don’t know if you know anything about Factcheck.org and how they debunked the whole Larry Sinclair story and the birth certificate and everything.

MRS. RONDEAU: Yes, I’ve read the Factcheck article and tried to contact them, but they failed to answer.

MR. BATEMAN: Factcheck.org is owned by the Annenberg Society, which gave $150,000,000 in the ’90s as grant money:  $50,000,000 a year for three years.  Barack Obama and Bill Ayers sat on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. That’s who got the money, and he was the financier, which means he directed where the money went.  Instead of taking the $150,000,000 which the Chicago Annenberg Foundation gave them to revolutionize the schools, they stole it and gave it to all their friends in contracting positions, and they even gave $3,000,000 away.  McCain alluded to this during one of the campaign debates.  They found that it cost $3,000,000 for some projector system at a school in Chicago, and it probably cost them a couple thousand dollars and they stole $2,800,000 and somebody put that in his pocket.  So they stole all this money, and Obama and Bill Ayers sat on the board of this together. Obama launched his political career from Bill Ayers’s living room.

Bill Ayers bombed the Pentagon.  This guy is a terrorist, and he’s still teaching at a university, which is interesting.  Not only did they bamboozle the country into believing, “It’s OK to be friends with a terrorist,” but it’s OK for the same board of directors of an organization that’s stealing money from kids to have a terrorist.  People aren’t putting two and two together, and it’s so crazy and so scary, that this is what compelled me to make the film, honestly.  I went out to these events; I met these Hillary Clinton crazy people, interviewed them, watched this stuff, and thought, “Oh, my gosh, I have to follow some more people.”  The Tea Party was just starting to spread out at the same time, and I ended up going to those events.  I went down to Saddleback Church in August 2008 during the session where Obama and McCain spoke with Pastor Rich Warren when Warren asked the question about abortion and Obama said it was “above his pay grade.”  That was all staged; it was pathetic, and I interviewed a bunch of people down there.  After I got home and watched it the video I’d caught, I thought, “I could make a film out of this.”  And it just kept going and going.

The first theatrical trailer that you might have seen on the website was put online about nine months ago.  At that time, I got so many responses!  The Fahrenheit 911 trailer has been online for about three years, and it’s gotten about 6,000 or 7,000 comments.  I got 37,000 comments on that trailer in four months and it was hosted on about 2500 websites around the world within two weeks.  And this is with no promotion.  So I thought, “People are dying to see the truth in other people now.”  The problem with the media is that if they don’t follow the playbook that’s been created by this cult, they don’t get their job, and they don’t get to keep the position they’ have.  Barack and Michelle Obama sit on the Board of Directors of almost every major media outlet in this country, including “Entertainment Tonight,”  “Access Hollywood,” and “People” magazines, plus a lot more trade magazines that are putting them out in a particular light.  So it’s this whole corporation-scam-type thing which is denying people the truth.

I found that I have a knack for getting people to tell me what they feel.  It was my camera and me, and I wanted to hear what people really had to say without having to sound as if they’re politically correct.  The problem with these shows like “The View” and these bogus talk shows which pretend that they’re talking about something important is that they’re not telling you the truth, and they’re not sharing with their audience, which is really cheating the citizens and our kids, what we really feel about this.  And what they’re trying to do is create this environment that we’re all politically-correct, and we’re all “OK,” and we should all think this way, and we should all feel this way about this one person.  That’s not the truth; it’s not how people behave behind closed doors.  You don’t behave this way behind closed doors.  Why should we act that way on television?  And that’s why, to me, the power of the movie is that citizens are speaking.  It’s not talking heads; it’s not teleprompters and fees; it’s not politicians who get paid to say things on camera so they make money for the next election.  It’s not for any of those kinds of people.  It’s for the people who actually pay the taxes and happen to listen to everything going on.

MRS. RONDEAU: I watched two trailers and wondered where you found the people who appeared on them?

MR. BATEMAN: The first woman who says, “He’s the Manchurian candidate” was the first woman I ever interviewed.  That was on August 8, 2008 at the Galleria on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA.  These were all these Hillary Clinton crazy people.  She was the first one, and then the other two, where she says, “He’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to this country” and the little girl speaks with all the people in the back – that’s at the 9-12 march.

I had had a marketing firm that had connections in Washington, DC that was going to help me get a distribution deal for the film in February, and it was supposed to be screened at the CPAC convention in Washington in February.  It happened to be that CPAC showed up this year at the same hotel where I stayed for the 9-12 march.  So I never got to go up there; we couldn’t get them to screen it because they had a big array of films this year. Politics is now a money-making sport.  So my marketing director said, “Well, get the website up and running, and be able to take half in T-shirts because what we want to do is unleash something.  We’re going to do something called the “Fraud Blackout,” which is  that we have black hats with white lettering that say “FRAUD” and then white and black T-shirts that say “FRAUD” in black and white lettering in the opposite colors.  We’re going to get people to go to the website before the film is released and wear them when major-league sporting events happen, at football games, basketball games, NCAA, etc.  We want college Republicans and school-age kids to wear them in groups of 50-100 so when the game is going on, people will see all them and going to ask, “What the heck is ‘FRAUD?'”  We want the public to buy into this before the film is released because we can get everybody talking about the fraud.

Here’s the deal:  you can’t copyright one word; my film obviously is copyrighted, but you can’t make somebody take the shirt off, even if you’re on camera on TV at one of these events like this.  If we can get everyone to start doing that, and then get yourself in front of television cameras, and say, “Where’s Barack Obama’s real birth certificate?”  it will have a huge impact.  I did that in Studio City – I don’t know if you saw the one clip – if you look at “Join the Fraud Blackout Page,” they did a live shoot, Fox News 11 here in L.A., at a bar during the World Cup Soccer tournament.  Businesses and people were going out and wanting to drink at bars because of the sport, etc.  So this woman went live on Fox, and I knew how they do it, so I jumped up while she was in the middle of her live shoot and I yelled, “Hey, America, where’s Barack Obama’s real birth certificate?!!!”

MRS. RONDEAU: I saw that!  Did they identify you when you did that?

MR. BATEMAN: No, the guy from Fox News put it up online, and 20 minutes later we got home and we looked online, and it was already on YouTube.  Two guys posted it, and between the two, it got about 30,000 views in four or five days.

MRS. RONDEAU: I remember wondering how you got on Fox News with a sign like that.  I saw it on my own TV!

You had said you were a reporter.  Can you tell me about that?

MR. BATEMAN: I went to school for broadcasting and graduated from Western Illinois University in December 1991, coming out with a B.A. in Broadcasting.  I wanted to be a TV reporter right out of school. I had been an anchor at the TV station at college for a couple of years, and I had also been a reporter.  So I already knew the game, and I was pretty good at it.  However, nobody would hire me as a reporter, just as a producer, and I knew once you go behind the camera, it’s very difficult to get in front of it, especially on TV news.

So I ended up spending about seven and one-half years in the casino business.   In 1991, Iowa reestablished riverboat casinos, and I’m from one of the cities in Illinois and Iowa that reestablished riverboat gambling.

I’m from Rock Island, IL, and that’s part of the Quad Cities, which is Davenport and Bettendorf, IA, and Rock Island and Moline and East Moline, IL.  They used to call it “Quint Cities” because there are five cities, but now they call it “Quad Cities,” and they’re all included in that. It’s right on the Mississippi River between Illinois and Iowa.  As a matter of fact, as you know, KCAL is out here in California, but on the East Coast, it’s WNBC.  The Mississippi River ,where I live on the riverbank, runs east and west for ten miles and is right in the middle of the country where they separated the “Ks” from the “Ws” on broadcasting.

So in Davenport, IA, it’s “KWGC,” the NBC affiliate, but in Moline, IL, it’s “WQAV,” the ABC affiliate.  The river separates the Ws and the Ks and the frequencies.

MRS. RONDEAU: I always wondered how that came about.

MR. BATEMAN: So anyway, I ended up working in 1996 as a TV reporter in my own hometown, because they needed an assignment reporter.  I started working and doing feature and general assignment stories.  Then the Iowa caucuses started coming up.  So I covered those and interviewed several presidential candidates who came through:  Al Gore, whom I interviewed twice; Elizabeth Dole, Pat Buchanan, Steve Forbes, and Alan Keyes.  I interviewed Dick Durbin on two or three occasions as well as Lane Evans, who was a big congressman back in Illinois, who was probably the only honest congressman I ever met in my life.  He was from the Quad Cities; Rock Island, specifically, and Rock Island, IL has a government arsenal.  They make parts for nuclear warheads.  You have to have a security clearance and everything, and that’s called “Arsenal Island.”  So at one time, they had between 6,000 and 9,000 jobs in their facility, but that number was reduced every year, and he kept it to about 5,000 forever.  I think they’re still doing well, but every time the government wants to cut their funding, the arsenals get cut.  Trying to keep the business  alive and all the families and the people who are supported by it was a very difficult and daunting task.

Evans was the only legitimate politician I ever met in my whole life.  That’s the problem:  Dick Durbin, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Timothy Geithner, all of whom are in the cult, are criminals from way back, and all their family and friends and people whose campaigns they’ve run in the past are all in this together, and they’re all criminals.

What I want people to realize through my film is not only is Barack Obama a complete and utter fraud, but he’s an international counterfeit criminal felon fraud, and he has committed treason now on at least six occasions according to the United States Constitution.  When he and his cronies said during the election, “We want to dramatically and fundamentally change America,” they meant, “We don’t want to change how you are; we want to change the Constitution by ripping it up, throwing it away, and not abiding by it.”  The more we break the constitutional law and the military doesn’t intervene, the more we know that the New World Order is going to win and we’re going to lose.


Editor’s Note: Please watch for Part II of the interview with Mr. Bateman next week.

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  1. Obama was a British subject at birth, never a natural born citizen of the USA. He was not even a native born citizen. He later become a naturalized citizen of Indonesia and I’ve never read or heard of him giving up his Indonesian citizenship. So when, or has he, become a naturalized citizen of the USA? But a better question is why did the government of the USA let it happen?

  2. The truth about Barack H Obama? I have not seen this film but I can imagine it just more of the same information. Is Obama and American citizen? Information indicates he most likely is. However there is strong evidence that he is not the the Child of Obama but rather the child of Malcolm X. If he is the child of Malcolm X, the kedar muslims would see him as their messiah, world wide.

    Further, his agenda would be formed by the proclaimed Rev Farrakhan and those of the 1960s who have been fueling anti-US government and anti-establishment protest since the viet-nam war. Most of you here were not alive during that time, I lived through it. These are college educated people who learned the doctrine of philosophy while in college and have been applying it to US politics. This is what most people have completely missed with this regime (not administration). This has been carefully orchestrated and planned to allow the Republican form of government in the United States to be replaced with a form of government based on the doctrine of philosophy (Socialist, Communist, Progressive).

    But don’t take my word for it, search it out yourself. Its simple, read Acts 17:16 where Paul was sparing with the Epicureans and Stoics, then read his final comments on the subject in Colossians 2:8. Then follow those Epicureans (attic) and Sotics (porch) through time.

    You will find that Henri St Simon (father of socialism and the scientific method), was a student of Stoic philosophy. Further you will find that Hegel was a student of Kant’s version of stoic doctrine. Further you will be able to trace Karl Marx and many others directly to Hegel’s doctrine. Karl Marx was a student of Hegel’s prodigies. He learned directly from those who learned from Hegel himself (young hegelians). This is where the anti-christian movement started. Its directly founded in the doctrine of George Hegel and his students “the young Hegelians”.

    Progressives are simply those educated in higher schools of learning where the doctrine of philosophy is taught. Their belief in Christian doctrine has been destroyed and replaced by the belief in the doctrine of philosophy. This gives them one mindset which allows them to agree and be easily manipulated. Most college educated in the United States, have been brainwashed by the doctrine of philosophy. Don’t be fooled, most politicians hold to the doctrine of philosophy both Democratic and Republican, although it seems to be less prevalent with the Republicans. When you hear terms such as social justice and social change, you are listening to one who believes in this doctrine. But don’t take my word for it. Look the doctrine of George Hegel and see for your self.

    Movies such as the one listed here, generally miss this point and there is not connection which folks can follow. Remember Germany was held captive by these same people with the National Socialists (NAZI) party. The current regime in the United States is following the identical playbook that the German National Socialists used.

  3. Hi Sharon, have you read Orly Taitz’s latest filing on 09/23/10 “final reply to opposition to 60 B motion” http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Taitzv-Obama-final-reply-to-oposition-to-60-B-motion.pdf ? I heard Fox News did a super secret interview with Orly last week and I’m curious to know if you’ve heard anything about the outcome of that interview. Will Fox News (especially Glenn and Bill) finally broadcast this latest round of new evidence?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: No, I haven’t read it, nor have I heard about an interview between Orly and Fox News. I’ve noticed that Beck is becoming more aggressive against Obama.

    1. I don’t know how much money has been made off Obama’s refusal to present his proof of citizenship but I’d bet it is millions of dollars. I have an idea if 10 million Americans marched all across the the United States peacefully demanding proof of Obama’s citizenship this controversy then would get the attention that is deserves by all of the media. A military man is going to be court marshaled next month so where are the truthers,birthers,the American people? Great damage has been done too our country. Stand up American for justice,stand up for Co Lt. Terry Larkin not in post but physically marching for justice all across the United States.

  4. Lumping Obama’s eligibility issue with 9/11 conspiracy tales only dilutes both messages being presented and instantly reinforces the belief among people who don’t understand the issue that those who question Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS under Article II are completely nuts. If you want to educate people about the eligibility question, that that should be the only thing presented in the documentary. Follow the KISS rule. The 9/11 question is a totally separate issue and documentary. If, however, the intention is to lump both subjects together in order to cause severe damage to the reputation of anyone who questions Obama’s eligibility, then go ahead and release the movie in its present form.

      1. Never understood, outside of the fact that it has no basis in reality, what the “powers that be” had to gain in this “theory.” Lots of people die and the US loses tremendous amounts of money (in wars, stock markets, economic distrust, etc.) and yet, the Gov’t did it? The government gained absolutely nothing and it is an insult to think that it willing killed its own. Just really sad, weird thinking.

        The simplest explanation is usually best and in this case, it is obvious. Next thing we’ll hear is that bin Laden is really a CIA operative, and Islam preaches peace … ummm, wait a minute (haha)

  5. My eyes get exhausted reading the lengthy text involved relating to your interviews. Please understand…. I find the subject matter of significant interest, but my eyes are very tired, and I would prefer that you ALSO offer a audio version of your interviews. Certainly, with such a nice site as you have here, could you offer audio as well as text versions of your interviews. Yes?? Maybe?? Perhaps??
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I can tell you from experience that a lot of reading is hard on the eyes! The answer is “perhaps.” I would have to look into the cost and technical expertise required to provide such a service, and we would need to raise the necessary funds. Thank you for the suggestion.

  6. I worry greatly about the Post & Email’s reputation. I believe that there are paid Obama operatives that will seek to tarnish P & E and try to discredit all those who question Obama’s eligibility. P & E must be on guard for these kinds of attacks.

    All reputable news and opinion publishers must have standards that protect their integrity. Stories should not contain any obvious racism or sexism. You also don’t want to fall into the Dan Rather trap where you prominently feature a document to indict someone and that document is later shown to be a forgery and you are shown to not have done due diligence in accepting it and drawing conclusions from it.

    Remember the liberal extremists who plan to carry racist and crackpot signs to Tea Party rallies so that the leftist media has something to use to discredit the Tea Party. That same thing can happen here. It won’t be obvious; it will be subtle. The recent interviews with Lucas Smith, Brent Bateman, and Jedi Pauly do worry me. I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I just find some of the answers given in the interviews and content of the opinion piece skating close to the edge if not outright crossing the boundary of respectability.

    All in all, the P & E and Sharon Rondeau do a great job of presenting very important information, and I appreciate the hard work you do. Just be careful.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Don’t worry, I will.

  7. For the record:

    1. My (Lucas Smith’s) intentions are honorable and patriotic just as I believe those of Brent Bateman are.

    2. What’s wrong with being a ‘Truther’?

    3. How does being a ‘Truther’ constitute an individual as being an ‘Obot’?

    3. I (Lucas Smith) tremendously and categorically dislike President Bush as well as his past on the job performance as President.

    4. I (Lucas) have talked with so many so called Patriots (a good number of them self-styled as being part of the Tea Party) individuals, face to face and on the telephone, that turn a blind eye (categorically) to the Constitution-shredding-actions of their beloved President Bush and his eight year reign as ‘King’ of the United States of America.

    5. I (Lucas) certainly do respect the opinions of other. We, as Americans, are certainly not expected to all hold the same views and opinions. Perhaps other ‘Patriots’ might come to terms with this simple truth. If not, then perhaps your ideal community of like-minded thinkers might be found in the past collective-thought of the Soviet Union.

    5. If it was up to me (which it’s not) I would seek the following relief from whoever could grant it:

    a. 2011 execution by hanging for President George Bush.

    b. 2011 deportation of de facto President Barack Obama to Kenya or Zanzibar.

    Thank you all.

    Postscript – In closing will add that I (Lucas) make an earnest effort to NOT discuss ‘Truther’ related topics while Barack Obama is in Office. I don’t want to cloud things and turn eligibility discussions and plans of attack into a hodgepodge of mysterious (yet accurate and newsworthy) topics such as ‘Truthers’.

    Whoever, there will come a time when Barack Obama is no longer President.

    1. Lucas, I disagree with 6-a re hanging GW, but I have long believed in your 6-b re deporting Obama. That would minimize the risk of rioting or other prolonged national agony. The Joint Chiefs could force Obama to resign and have him and his family out of here overnight. Otherwise we could have a long, painful period of congressional and/or court hearings with an indeterminate outcome.

    2. Credibility is a factor for public forum. Opinions formed by facts then posted on P&E are weighed in light of accuracy, plausibility, and common sense (or lack thereof). When refuting an opinion of another poster it may prove advantageous to count your points numerically with a degree of cogent succession. For example, the number 3 is followed by the number 4 to distinguish the various points of reply or refutation. I suppose all bloggers/ commentors in our haste to address an issue with vigor, remit typos occasionally. I certainly have.

      Can we have a clarification from Lucas Smith on dual# 3 points. And, while responding verify the results of :
      1. Kenyan trip (passport stamp, hotel receipts, airline tickets, etc.)
      2. Post online (by now returned) the signed registered mail receipts to Congress members with those letters and BC copies sent via USPS previously posted on P&E.

      After that particular interview and posting nothing has surfaced to indicate such a letter reached all Congressional members. That in no way discounts Lucas Smith’s claims. The hush of CONgress is always suspect. In addition, the lame stream media or FOX will not report it. Out of diligence to the growing citizens that desire truth to prevail of barry soetero’s occupation of the Oval Office at the very least Lucas Smith would confirm his trip and mailing efforts of the registered envelopes. Looking forward to the reply and public posting of items mentioned above by Lucas. The veracity of our input is paramount to the exposure of this usurping, fraudulent occupier as putative President.

      1. I also believe Mr. Smith should release some kind of records showing he was in Kenya at the time the Kenyan birth certificate was acquired.. …but I have no doubt that he actually sent the letters to Congress, just as he said he did. What Congress did with them I have no idea, though I got verification, after many phone calls, that the letters had been received in my Senators offices.

  8. If we are free to express ourselves… I’ll let it fly.

    Sharon, I’m very concerned that your post has been hijacked. I believe P&E is primarily about BHO’s birth location, the NBC issue, the truth, and exposing the fraud and all the corruption surrounding the 2008 election. That is why I come here for updates and to comment.

    When the discussion turns to 9/11, it completely distracts from the cause and the task at hand. There are plenty of web-sites available for those who wish to do research and post on “that” topic.

    I have followed your blog/website from the beginning and trust it as a reliable source of information, but honestly… I really don’t know what to make of Mr. Bateman. I can only imagine the efforts of behind-the-scenes BHO supporters, operatives, and even government agencies extremely hard at work to control, stonewall, obstruct, distract, and confuse folks following/investigating this travesty on our country.

    It’s not unreasonable for anyone reading your interview to question Mr. Bateman’s motives. I’ll give him the same lecture I gave LDS on another thread… Sir, if your intentions are honorable and patriotic, then God Speed. But if your working for the administration or the government to distract us from the real issue on our dime… shame on you.

    1. Trust me Mr. Morato, I’m doing this for the future of America. My family was the American Dream. My father Buddy Bateman created the local Bowl-A-Thon formula that raises nearly 15 million dollars each year for Junior Achievement alone. The figure is closer to 100 million dollars nationwide for local Bowl-A-Thons. I’m also the Founder of http://www.CookiesToCollege.com, an educational fundraising organization that will change the world for the better. My intentions with this film is to simply share the KNOWLEDGE I have gained, plain and simple. With all of these cynical comments, it’s a wonder this country is in the shape it’s in.

      I met Lucas Smith in Santa Ana in September 2009, before and after the crooked Birth Certificate hearing with that crooked Judge Carter. Let me just say this. I have interviewed more than 400 Citizens for the FRAUD film, and I was a Pit Boss in 9 casinos across America, touching more than 250 million dollars in cold hard cash. I dealt 12 different casino games, and I was one of the best CRAPS dealers in the world in the 1990’s. My job was to legally steal money in casinos. My job as a pit boss was to stop people from lying, cheating, and stealing, and I did that every day of my life for almost 8 years. Given I have covered a presidential election, I can say for 100% certain two things….Mr. Smith is the real deal, and that birth certificate he risked his life getting a hold of in Kenya is real. All we have to do is take a a footprint of that international counterfeit criminal felon Barry Soetoro, and it’s game over for this CULT.

      Te justify any of your suspicions about someone like me or Mr. Smith is just your own insecurity about the real TRUTH. And you are wrong Mr. Morato about the 9/11 references. If we are to rebuild this great nation with honest, hard working, TAX PAYING Citizens and communities, the OIL, DRUG, and WAR LORDS must be exposed and stopped.

      I pledge my full support and service to the Tea Party, who has already begun the unraveling of the FELON DEVILS commonly referred to as politicians from the fabric of a nation under fire.

      1. Bateman: “This is the first one; we titled it “Fraud” because it’s not just about the Obama cult; it’s really about him and the government and everybody who was complicit in the cover-up of getting someone elected who’s not legally able to hold office.”

        I’m on board with your film Mr. Bateman… I just recommend you keep the 9/11 and “other” side issues out of your “FRAUD” film. I have my own personal opinions about the subject matter your referring to and have already viewed very damaging documentaries which are NOT very favorable to the US government. Compartmentalize your subject matter and release separate films that stand on their own. IMHO, your not going to pick up any new supporters by clouding the eligibility issue…. most American’s have already made up their minds on the 9/11 issue.

        As far as LDS is concerned, yes… It is overwhelming evidence that someone would risk prison time sending a document that could be forged to every member of Congress. But there are key pieces of information LDS should have added that would significantly increase his credibility, i.e. certified copies of his passport, hotel receipts and any other documents that could at least put him in Kenya during the time he claims he obtained it. LDS could have also had the document authenticated by a reputable specialist and attached the report with the BC.

        The only evidence BHO has provided he is a natural born citizen is an electronic image of a “Certification of Live Birth” posted online. In what world do we live that a legal question can be answered in this way? If the federal government will not investigate what is on its face clearly a fraudulent document posted by BHO’s campaign…. LDS would easily get a pass for sending a fraudulent document to Congress if he is part of a propaganda campaign and working for the US government.

        There is a simple saying I picked up while serving 22 years for our country… “Trust, but verify.” With all due respect Mr. Bateman, I do find it odd that both you and Lucas have responded to me directly, but neither of you have addressed my suspicion and EMPHATICALLY denied working directly or indirectly for the federal government.

        Good luck with your project, Sir.

  9. In this part 1 of the Brent Bateman interview, the last paragraph says “What I want people to realize through my film is not only is Barack Obama a complete and utter fraud, but he’s an international counterfeit criminal felon fraud, and he has committed treason . . . .” This man is not an Obot. He is on our side.

    But Bateman’s comment 9-27 at 3:50 p.m. suggests a much broader scope to the fraud he wants to expose: ” . . . we must expose all of the CRIMES against our people. and that includes the OIL and WAR Lords, the Bush regime.” Hmmm. Now maybe he should make two films–I hope he does–but if he packs everything into one, do we want to throw out the baby with the bath water? And who knows, we may learn some things about 9-11 that warrant consideration. Like why did WTC Bldg. 7 collapse?

    I’m still waiting for the whole truth about John Kennedy’s assassination, so it may be awhile before the full truth about 9-11 is known, if ever. But first things first, and that means having our government acknowledge that we have an ineligible resident in the White House.

  10. Dear Mrs. Rondeau,
    I was also reminded of the interview with Lucas Smith and of what nature the comments quickly became.
    Mr. Smith and Mr. Bateman are both people who actually DID something about the eligibility question, and both get attacked on a personal level.
    Thank You, Mrs. Rondeau, for remaining objective.

    p.s.: read some of the comments and replace 911 with birth certificate. (!)
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, I feel there is no need to become contentious. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment in accordance with our comment policy, but I think it’s important for us to focus on what people are doing to expose corruption. That is the whole mission of this e-newspaper.

  11. Sharon, I think you’ve been duped again, just like the story with the Lucas Kenya BC. The Obots are trying very hard to paint those questioning Obama’s eligibilty as a bunch of crackpots.

    Mr. Batement states “Anyone in this country who does not believe that the Bush regime and the CIA together carried out 9/11 is just fooling themselves.” This is a crackpot statement. We cannot allow Obama to tie together the rational legal issue of his eligibility with nonsensical far-out political rhetoric that is already recognized as a theory espoused by fringe crackpots.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: With all due respect, I have not been duped. The report on Lucas Smith was just that: a report that stated that a letter had been sent, with the alleged Kenyan birth certificate, to all members of Congress. Is that not what happened? That is what a news report is. The fact that an event is reported does not mean that The Post & Email is authenticating the birth certificate or anything else about the story. However, the fact that the letter was sent to each member of Congress was verifiable. It is as simple as that. The Post & Email takes no position on anyone’s private thoughts, intent, opinions, or motives. We simply report the news. And as I said in response to a previous commenter, Mr. Bateman is entitled to express his opinions freely. As a filmmaker, he can produce a film about any topic he wishes. Should a free press not allow the free expression of opinions? It does not mean everyone must agree with everyone else’s opinions. I personally respect Mr. Bateman for the creation of his film and the fact that he has obtained a producer for it, which must have been a monumental task. I also respect each person’s contribution toward exposing Obama. It’s as simple as that.

  12. I would have been interested in the movie, but the movie but the 9/11 Truther part ruined it for me & everyone I know that also saw the trailer. We consider that mixing those 2 things hurts the cause of the eligibility movement greatly.

    1. Exactly ER.
      No administration, excluding this one, would be that evil to be complicit in the 9/11
      dirty deeds.
      That is my position and I’m sticking to it.
      Call it total denial if you will.
      It certainly appears to be someone’s agenda largese to spread around that crapola largese.
      If it were truly about OIL and WAR, we would be sitting in a vanquished Saudi Arabia now, discussing how to destroy Iran and the rest of the crazied Jihadists

  13. “But I will say this, too: I don’t know if you know anything about Factcheck.org and how they debunked the whole Larry Sinclair story and the birth certificate and everything.”

    MRS. RONDEAU: Yes, I’ve read the Factcheck article and tried to contact them, but they failed to answer.”

    “MR. BATEMAN: Factcheck.org is owned by the Annenberg Society, which gave $150,000,000 in the ’90s as grant money: $50,000,000 a year for three years. Barack Obama and Bill Ayers sat on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. That’s who got the money, and he was the financier, which means he directed where the money went. Instead of taking the $150,000,000 which the Chicago Annenberg Foundation gave them.”

    This caught my eye and I have to respond to it. I’m sure there are other errors that Bateman made, but this will suffice for now.

    My questions for Mr. Bateman are, “Where have you been for the last two years, and what kind of credibility is projected by someone who:”

    (a) gets his facts wrong by calling the Annenberg Foundation the Annenberg Society in one place and the Chicago Annenberg Foundation in another. The grant was called, CHICAGO ANNENBERG CHALLENGE and it was funded by the ANNENBERG FOUNDATION.

    (b) doesn’t know that Factcheck is operated by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the U of Penn. It is primary funded by the ANNENBERG FOUNDATION.

    (c) gets the amount of the CAC grant wrong – it was $50 million total and spread over five years, 1995 – 1999, not $150 million.

    (d) has done no research on the fabricated COLB scan posted by Factcheck or on the fabricated COLB “document” that Factcheck photographed.

    (e) doesn’t know that a majority of people know who is Bill Ayers and what he did “when Obama was eight years old” (**cough**).

    Bateman is way behind the bell curve on what Obama and his criminal enterrpise have done.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I am not sure, but the difference in the “Annenberg” appellation might have been a transcription error on my part.

    1. As far as “Ayers” is concerned –his group (The Weather Underground) was still “active” -killing and stealing in the 1980’s with his full support while The Usurper in waiting was in his 20’s

    2. OK, Sharon. One minus point off his score, but seriously, if it were me listening to his story, and I head him say,

      “I don’t know if you know anything about Factcheck.org and how they debunked the whole Larry Sinclair story and the birth certificate and everything,”

      I would have asked him, “What planet you been on?”

  14. I think everyone here has read many different theories about 9/11. I am not stating that a second investigation into 9/11 is not warranted, I am stating that proposing “9/11 inside job” theories should not be part of this film if the intention of the filmaker is to bring light upon the “eligiblity” issue.

    For every action, you should expect an equal and opposite reaction. So we have to ask ourselves objectively, “What is the anticipated reaction the filmmaker hopes to achieve with this film if the film lumps Birthers with Truthers? If you don’t know…..just think about what you have seen over the last 2 years and try hard to think of the most likely reactions. Here are some that I came up with.

    Likely Probable Reactions to a Birther/Truther film:
    1. The Teaparty will be irate and may be damaged if the public views them as Truthers (questions are one thing, inside job theories are another)
    2. The information presented regarding BHO’s eligiblity will be overshadowed by the 9/11 truther theories and therefore will not be taken seriously by average people that are unaware of BHO’s citizenship status.
    3. The LEFT will be feverish with new ammunition to portray the Teaparty and anyone that questions BHO’s eligiblity as crazy, racist and a conspiracy theorist.
    4. The MSM will jump on the bandwagon and push both the eligiblity issue and the 9/11 issue further into the politically incorrect underground.
    5. The cases that are currently pending regarding BHO’s eligiblity may be damaged by the negative press
    6. Congress will avoid anything having to do with the eligiblity issue like the plague, which means no investigations, subpeonas, etc.
    7. State legislators will think twice about introducing tougher restrictions on candidate eligiblity and all “prove you’re eligible for office” type of legislation will never make it past committee.
    8. Anyone who brings up the eligiblity issue will be laughed at and ridiculed, more than they are now.
    9. Nothing will ever change and our Country will continue to remain vulnerable to foreigners seeking power.
    10. It will really tick off a large portion of the filmakers target audience.

    As far as the last point, It seems like the filmmaker could care less, but as far as the other points go, I think we ALL should care.

    So ask yourself, what would be the top 10 results if ONLY the eligiblity issue was discussed in the film? Would the exact same reaction occur?

    I don’t think so. Would people still talk and laugh? Yes. But would other people who know very little about the eligiblity issue start thinking that the Birthers are asking legitament questions? I think they would.

    So, clearly, the probable reaction 1-10 has already been calculated by this filmaker, which in my opinion, will be detrimental to the Teaparty, the Birthers, the TRUTH and to our County. It will be a divisive film.

    Therefore, I have to go with my gut which tells me that this film is clearly a Cloward-Piven production. Any one of you that can honestly state it will be beneficial to lump the “truthers” with the “birthers” is either naive or kidding themselves.

    Wouldn’t it be better to expose the Usurper and then Reinvestigate 9/11 later, for those of you (and me) that still have questions? Why do we have to do everything at once and cloud the issues. If the Usurper was exposed, wouldn’t the public be more receptive to reinvestigating 9/11? I think so.

    Clearly the filmaker is not a Birther at heart, if he was, he would exercise some restraint in regards to presenting too many issues at once. Why not make 9/11 a sequel? Why not concentrate on the eligiblity issue FIRST?

    It just doesn’t make sense to use this strategy considering the probable reaction. It only makes sense if the real strategy is not to INFORM, but to CONFUSE. Sounds like Cloward Piven to me.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I think Mr. Bateman is entitled to his opinions about 9/11 and other issues. In speaking with him, I was completely convinced that his goal is to expose Obama’s fraud due to his ineligibility. Has everyone here watched the trailer and visited the Quad City Pictures website?

    1. I think Mr. Bateman is working for Obama and is trying to grab the stearing wheel of the eligibility issue and drive it off a cliff. By the way, where did all of those new comment posters come from that are enthusiastically supporting this truther/birther film?

    2. Sharon, I respect your opinion. You are absolutely correct in that Mr. Bateman is entitled to his own opinions about 9/11, George Bush, etc. Mr. Bateman can make any film he wishes. However, I do not agree that the “best way” for Mr. Bateman to reach his goal of exposing BHO’s eligiblity is to lump the 9/11 truthers with the birthers. I think I have made my point and argument regarding this clear. We can agree to disagree and keep our fingers crossed that a film like this doesn’t do more damage than it does good. : )

  15. This dude(“film-maker”) also plays fast & loose with the facts which is also not a good thing.
    eg The EO that B.O. Jr signed into law is not directed at, nor does it cover/protect his “records” while/as a private citizen –those that we are most ardently coveting. Now , may certainly, be utilizing every mechanism at his disposal while occupying this office and without to stonewall but he will not be able to rely strictly on this order to avoid disclosure of–for example–the almighty “birth certificate”
    While I understand the tendency to gravitate towards people like this This battle must be dominated by level-headed appeal

    1. I agree Tom. The E.O. should be examined objectively. The conclusion should NOT automatically be that BHO was trying to hide his Birth Certificate by signing the E.O. This raised some red flags with me. I’m glad I was not the only one that was concerned by the filmakers “matter of fact” statements.

  16. First, L Smith and now this clown. It is not looking good folks.
    A note: When I posted some material- very clear, concise, arguments made in favor of B.O. Jr’s ineligible status–this guy removed them from one of his video comments sections while leaving all sorts of other nonsense, unmolested

    WILL SUDDENLY GROW A SPINE AND LOOK PAST THEIR FAT PAY-CHECKS to stand up and defend the Constitution

  17. No one who is seriously trying to establish Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility to be POTUS would try to link that genuine, factual and legal issue with the wild 9/11 ‘truther’ theories.

    1. Correct, only if the intent of what they were doing was to discredit those who are asking, “Who is Barack Hussein Obama” and why is he above the law and the Constitution?

  18. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-SC: “For sure, I do NOT (emphasis mine) believe that we’re going to lose control of the House or the Senate.”

    “You’ve got people like [Republican Rep. Darrell] Issa from California who is a ranking member on the government oversight committee. He has already said publicly that if he gets the gavel he will be issuing subpoenas everywhere. That will define the next two years of the president’s administration. The White House will be full-time responding to subpoenas about where the president may or may not have been born, whether his mother and father were ever married, and whether his wife’s family is from Georgetown or Sampit.”


    This is proof that Congress knows full well the ineligible issue surrounding BHO and are running scared. Momentum is growing (not subsiding) to resolve the NBC issue and out BHO as a fraud. Thanks to P&E’s efforts, Lakin’s and everyone involved in keeping this issue forefront to save our nation and more importantly, our Constitution.

    I know that everyone plans to… but bring a friend or two with you. Get out the vote in November! It’s not “yes we can,” but more clearly “Yes, WE WILL!”

    1. I keep saying what we are doing on the eligibility issue is working, even if they never admit it. Now is the time to send even more email, faxes and snail mail letters. Make more phone call to your Congress people….post more often everywhere you get a chance. Do not let up, they are running scared and that makes the biggest fraud/scam in history more likely to break wide open….keep up the pressure


  19. I am sick of the whole 9/11 insider garbage, but lately I have been thinking that maybe they SHOULD do an investigation about it.

    Let’s get an investigation going and we know it will come out that the government had nothing to do with it…. Since the government wasn’t involved, it will finally be settled and maybe they will shut up about it.

    1. I think there’s already been a good investigation about 9/11, but it’s my honest opinion, many just don’t want to hear. It’s that way with anything. If you don’t want the truth of the matter, it doesn’t matter what you do.

    2. Yes it should be done…A REAL investigation, not one driven by globalists and washed up politicians. I mean when Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean two members of that phony commission questioned their own commission’s report…there is REALLY something rotten in Denmark here.

  20. Awesome interview and can’t wait for this movie to come out. I only wish it were sooner!

    Thank you Mr. Bateman! Hopefully these NWO thugs won’t squash it.

  21. Com’on, Lets get this film on prime time TV for the enitre USA to view. This is taking much too long for the people of the USA to finally make BO produce his papers. I am sick of his lies and arrogrance, I am convinced hes is a fraud, he has committed treason according to the US Constitution and we the people must unite and pressure Washington to impeach him, Now!

  22. It seems to me that if he is eventually tried that it would probably have to be done in a US District court. The reason why I say this is that if he was ineligible to hold the office in the first place,and if he never re instated his birth name then he isn’t even the LEGAL POTUS. He ran on the name Barack Obama. So far there has been no solid evidence brought to light that he is not still Barry Soetoro. If he still legally retains the Soetoro name then he is a USURPER of the WH,and will probably need to be removed via the courts,which by the way,are all in his hip pocket. I personally believe that if this is all accurate then the DC sherriff armed with the correct warrant,and about 100 deputies need to pay a visit to the WH,and physically remove the common criminal who is occupying the WH

    1. Doesn’t matter what his name is, he is an illegal potus even if he was born in Hawaii. His father was kenyan, british and so is Obama. He can never be a natural born citizen elgible for potus. He should be hand cuffed and put in prision and I wrote and told Admiral Mullen this too!

    2. What would the sheriff put on the warrant. The case is not getting into the courts. But we do have citizen grand jury warrants which are perfectly legal. How do we get the sheriffs to go in using the citizen grand jury indictments.

  23. treason needs to be included as part of the movie also.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, Mr. Bateman stated the charge of “treason” over and over in his interview with me. I am sure it will appear somewhere in the movie.

    1. I hope the director Brent Bateman who is a former reporter will please definitely include the video filming of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire, Lt. Col. Dr. Terrence Lakin, CDR. Charles Kerchner, (Ret.), Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Esquire, Lt. Com. Walter Fitzpatrick III, Major General Paul Vallely (Ret.), U.S. Army Reserve Major Stefan Frederick Cook, and others who have put all of their hearts, souls, spirits, lives, futures, & hard work into trying to get legal courts to order discovery on Soetoro/Obama to save the USA, and to try to get Congress to do their obvious job to 100% investigate the 100% Highest Level Most Urgent Emergency, Immediate, Extremely Dangerous National Security Disaster that is happening in the USA, and the Highest Level Most Extremely Dangerous National Security Breach that has ever happened in the USA to the USA American Citizens!

      A Foreign Born Domestic Enemy Terrorist is sitting in our White House as a Foreign Terrorist Imposter who is a Radical Islamic Muslim Jihadist Terrorist who is a Kenyan Born Communist/Fascist/Marxist Terrrorist Enemy Combatant who is Waging A Coup D’Etat Foreign War on ALL 310 + Million USA American citizens and on the USA to literally Destroy and to Overthrow the USA Government and make the USA into a Radical Islamic Muslim Sharia Law, New World Order/One World Government, Communist/Fascist/Marxist Terrorist Totalitarian Dictatorship where the Constitutional Republic of the Free United States Of America stands today!! Wake Up Quickly Americans!! IMMEDIATELY ARREST & STOP the 100% Foreign Usurper Barry Soetoro Soebarkah Alias Barack Hussein Obama II who is a Daily Serial Criminal on a Daily Massive Serial Crime Spree in the USA!!

  24. Are the random interviews shown in the trailer suppose to be members of the teaparty movement? If so, why does the uncensored “teasor trailer” show interviews with people that are stating 9/11 was an inside job? I don’t think this adds any credibility to the film or the teaparty movement. Why portray anyone as a 9/11 truther or a birther?

    Why not just state the facts and the questions and let people know why its important to find out the truth. What good does it do to show a bunch of people that clearly hate obama and think he is a Manchurian Candidate?

    If the filmaker wants to shed some light on the “eligibility” controversy, why not present the the facts surrounding why BHO is not eligible (e.g. His father was not a citizen at the time of his birth) and let the audience decide?

    IMHO, the filmaker should present the evidence and let the viewer make up his/her own mind. Don’t cloud the film with interviews of disgruntled citizens that are clearly anti-obama and then throw in interviews of 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

    This film will do more damage to the Teaparty movement and the eligiblity issue then it will do to bring light on the legitament questions citizens are asking. Once average people who have not been following the “eligiblity” issue hear 9/11 truthers interviewed, any one with an open mind will be completely turned off.

    Does this filmaker work for the Obots? It seams like this is a classic Cloward Piven strategy to totally destroy the credibility of the Teaparty (TEA is all over this guy’s site) and completely detract from BHO’s elibililty issue when things are just beginning to heat up. Lumping 9/11 truthers in with the birthers is a bad, bad, bad idea.

    I think the only FRAUD that may have been perpetrated is by the filmaker himself. And, that fraud may be on US. This is only a theory, of course, but we must beware of wolves in sheeps bearing gifts.

    1. Thanks Jean,

      I also viewed the “teasor trailer” and had the same “oh no!” feeling you describe. If the movie is going to link 9-11 conspiracy theorist with those who just want article 2 section 1 of the Constitition upheld, (linking the two is something the Obama regime has long been trying to do), then the filmmaker is either an Obot himself, or he is employed by the Obots.

      Maybe he will post a clarification here…….

      1. I’m not an OVOMIT Obot, and I support the Tea Party 100%. Anyone in this country who does not believe that the Bush regime and the CIA together carried out 9/11 is just fooling themselves in understanding the depths of what these DEVILS in Washington are capable of. Like it or not, if we are to see and experience a TRUE REVOLUTION in America, we must expose all of the CRIMES against our people. and that includes the OIL and WAR Lords, the Bush regime.

        Brent Bateman

      2. Anyone in this country who does not believe that the Bush regime and the CIA together carried out 9/11 is just fooling themselves in understanding the depths of what these DEVILS in Washington are capable of.

        It’s funny that Brent Bateman would say that because I was just thinking that anyone who doesn’t believe that followers of Islam, which have carried out more than 16,132 deadly terror attacks since Sept 11, 2001 http://thereligionofpeace.com/ and who is currently threatening to bomb several sites in Europe, including the Eiffel Tower http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/09/29/world/main6910041.shtml?tag=stack , carried out 9/11 is just fooling themselves in understanding the depths of what these DEVILS in Islam are capable of.

        Show me the list of the other terrorist attacks committed by Bush and Cheney and I’ll reconsider.

  25. Faux Presidents do not enjoy the protocol protections afforded to them by the Impeachment process. These folks must be ARRESTED and tried in a Court,not the Senate.In Obama’s case he must be tried in the US District Court for the US District of DC.

  26. perpetua— i have been of the impression that quo warranto is a legal process for the courts to resolve not congress. i am not sure it will be as easy as you define. but i hope you are correct. remember congress will stonewall and run from the race factor especially the republicans. i remind you of what happened with bill clinton. the republicans wimped out. the senate let him go.

    1. I understand your concern about QUO WARRANTO, but the question would then remain:

      How could one commence IMPEACHMENT without FIRST ASCERTAINING if it is APPLICABLE?

      In other words, why WASTE TIME on IMPEACHMENT if OBAMA is NOT ELIGIBLE?

      Impeachment is for “LEGITIMATE” presidents.

      Impeachment would almost give him the imprimatur of legitimacy which he does not deserve.

      Hence, whoever begins the impeachment should DEMAND Quo Warranto, first.

      Perhaps the LTC LAKIN debacle will accelerate the process? It is all such new territory that we are left to speculate, but the Congress seems about to be “de-Wimped” so there IS HOPE!

  27. Johnny, that is a good point! However, the first step in the “impeachment” hearing will be QUO WARRANTO, which OBAMA will fail!

    Then he will be declared SIMPLY INELIGIBLE.

    His orders, legislation, nominations, etc will be VOIDED and NULLIFIED.

    It will all work out fine and IS going to happen! :)

    1. Prior to 1898, there were two cases in which an elected Federal official was found to be constitutionally ineligible to the office he was holding: Senator Albert Gallatin (1793), and Senator James Shields (1849). In both cases, the ineligible official was removed from office, and every official action that he took while in office was nullified and erased.

  28. according to the 17th amendment….who will impeach?? the u s senators… the executive branch? ..read the 17th amendment..then tell me who represents whom…………………besides the 17th amendment was never acquired legally ..in the first place..can YOU SEE THE FOREST behind the trees?

  29. here we go with impeachment talk again. obama is not a legal sitting president therefore he cannot be impeached. and once again the senate has to remove him from office or impeachment amounts to just a reprimand, so many people have the wrong idea about impeachment. thank you sir.