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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

(Sept. 17, 2010) — Taking the lead from other despotic totalitarian leaders, their lackeys and adherents, The Obama and his minions have launched an all-out battle campaign against any–the majority of us–Americans (soon to be known and “Obama-ians” if the Marxists have their way) who believe the US Constitution should be followed by those who govern. Note: I suspect that as Obama & Co rules rather than governs, The Obama believes it doesn’t apply to him.

It is now “radical” and “crazy” to follow US law and not the emerging sinister ObamaLaw. A prime example of this is the Obama’s and his DOJ’s refusal to support US laws protecting US citizens and our country’s Southern border from foreign invaders and then suing the States (think Arizona) and Sheriffs (think Sheriff Joe Arpaio) who do so. Note: The ObamaLeft is again using lapdog Alan Colmes who appeared on Megyn Kelly’s FNC show 17 September and called Conservative candidate for Nevada Senator Sharron Angle “crazy,” “extreme,” and “paranoid.” Poor simple Alan hasn’t had a successful gig since Hannity & Colmes folded.

Even the Democrat plants and ruling elite within the Republican Party (aka “RINOs”) are now openly fighting against We-the-People who want to restore our Republic to its Constitutional and God given rights roots. The Delaware patently leftist RINO Mike Castle, who ran in that State’s primary for Senator against Christine O’Donnell, is still calling his opponent O’Donnell (who won the primary) almost every vile name in his playbook and even seemed to suggest she might be ‘unbalanced’. And instead of a congratulatory call to O’Donnell after she had won the primary, Castle talked with and cried to The Obama and VP Joe Biden! Castle then, in true bad-tempered Marxist style, made angry comments about O’Donnell and Delaware voters to the press. Did you know that Castle had promised, if elected Senator from Delaware, to vote AGAINST the repeal of ObamaCare and had already promised Harry Reid he would vote FOR Cap & Tax? Still, the “mentally unbalanced” theme for conservatives and TEA Party members either running for office or supporting Constitutionalists running for office has now become the general talking points that are playing with virtually all of the ObamaMedia; i.e. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN etc. The old adage of “if you can’t beat ‘em, call ‘em racist or CRAZY or both” is once again rearing its always ugly head.

Another down for the count but, still snapping at her Republican primary opponent and winner is soon to be former Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Lisa is another example of a Democrat plant and/or RINO who lost her race to the conservative TEA Party backed upstart Joe Miller. So, she came out viciously against the people who elected Miller and called the TEA Party “an outside extremist group.” Guess she meant outside of Europe or the old USSR. Heck, even former President G.W. Bush Advisor Karl Rove had a meltdown over O’Donnell!

However, one by one, the old leftist/Marxist ruling-elite guard–on BOTH sides of the aisle–are being forced out and a new pro-Constitution and pro-American group has emerged to take over and govern…not rule.

Get all of your family members, friends and neighbors to the polls on 2 November to vote for the survival and renewal of OUR county. And please continue to remember that our country’s survival and return to sanity requires the removal–from both sides of the aisle–of the US ruling elites and their replacement with true patriots. If the pro-American candidates lose, so do We-the-People and all of our freedoms, liberties and ability to earn a living may be lost…completely. It really is that dire.

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  1. Liberals/socialists/communists always go for the jugular of their opponents via ad hominem personal attacks. Hence the consistent use of slurs–like racist, extremist, fringe, birther, crazy–against patriots who favor constitutional governance. Name-calling, ridicule, and personal attacks are preferred by the leftists over reasoned argument. It is a deliberate tactic that has become an automatic reflex for the left.

  2. Right Maxine. For the first time I believe we have had a one party congress given the actions of Karl Rove.

    The behavior of Castle and Murkowski has awakened even more people and there will be a slaughter on Nov. 2.

  3. Seems the Alinsky method is at work again. Every American concerned about our country should remember a few items
    1. Congress and Presidents passing into laws that the MAJORITY of their employers(us) have repeatedly and loudly told them we do NOT want, then exempting themselves from the rules and consequences of those laws
    2.The media, which used to report the actual news, has for years been deteriorating to the point that they are FORMING and SHAPING what news they report to you, with their own political agendas in mind. EXAMPLE: Two years of reporting every rumor(most started by themselves), every snide and vile thought and remark about Palin, her husband and children. None of which were true, none of which were retracted or apologised for. Like her or not, the MEDIA had no business deliberately lying about her,trashing her reputation,insinuating anything that was untrue, etc. Those on the left hoping for her or her daughters rapes, or trying to sell her baby on Ebay,went so far into party hatred, they were insane with it. She has been called every name possible, the nicest being radical. The only thing radical she believes is smaller gov’t responsible to the people
    3. The self proclaimed ‘elitists” who think they have an inalienable right to decide the lives of all Americans, are determined to keep their power and positions at all costs and want no ‘average Americans’ messing it up.Sounds to me like a whole lot of folks in DC were spoiled rotten as kids with the firm assurance from their parents that they were so special, so intelligent, that they should rule the peasants
    Our elected officials all swear to protect and defend the Constitution, before taking office. Why do they consider it so ‘extreme’ and radical’ when the American people want them to keep that promise?

  4. Murkowski and Castle have given new meaning to the terms “sore loser” and “childish behavior.” Their supporters must be embarrassed that the candidates didn’t have enough class to gracefully acknowledge their loss – at least in public. Be thankful, Delaware and Alaska, that you learned the true character of the people you voted out of office – that should make your victory even sweeter. The reaction from other prominent national Republicans (RINO’s) is also very revealing, and I hope everyone is paying very close attention to them because character does matter. You made excellent choices, and I hope the rest of the nation follows your lead on November 2.