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by jtx

Is Lt. Col. Terry Lakin the victim of a kangaroo military court by order of Obama? What does Judge Lind know about Obama's records that is "embarrassing?" Does the entire military command know that he is a liar?

(Sept. 4, 2010) — Certainly not LTC Lakin, whose defense you are totally denying by your pretense that “laws don’t matter” and ruling in your opinion that, in effect, a man who has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies may issue binding orders as though he were legally the Commander-in-Chief. The further ruling implicit in your order is that Obama is eligible and you make such a determination by judicial fiat and with no evidence to support that opinion.

In other words, you rule that everyone must assume that he is eligible and THEN we’ll go from there, regardless of the requirement in the United States Constitution that the man SHALL be a “natural born Citizen” since you believe that it might “embarrass” him to insist that he follow the laws of the very Constitution that not only he, but you yourself, took an oath to protect and defend from all enemies “foreign and domestic.” Perhaps, Colonel, it was so long ago that you no longer remember that your oath was:

“I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

How is it you know so clearly, Colonel Lind, that you can override the black-letter law of the United States Constitution with your ruling from the bench??? Are you so arrogant that you believe yourself to be superior to both the Constitution and the Supreme Court and can merely abrogate part of the Constitution with your pathetic decision??? Do you believe that you can do this when it is only a Constitutional Amendment that may legally do so??? Believe me, dear lady, that is above your pay grade…way above it.!!!

Your assumption that only Congress may take an action related to Presidential eligibility is also patent nonsense, and in fact, your court is being asked to make no such “removal” nor even an eligibility determination, but to issue the necessary orders to collect the information (factual evidence) that would allow a court of competent and proper jurisdiction to make such a determination if necessary. It would be properly heard in the United States Supreme Court and it would be that court which would make the eligibility determination, not yours. If the factual evidence gathered from your discovery rulings appear that they might, indeed, solve the eligibility conundrum, then the case would quickly be handled by the Supreme Court, which in our system of laws, is the final arbiter of Constitutional meaning and interpretation. It would be that court which would direct via a court order that Congress must remove the man since your ruling to that effect, even if you made it, would have no merit. And it would not necessarily be by impeachment as you suppose, so you are also incorrect on that promulgation as well.

The part your court would properly play would be in the discovery of evidentiary material, not in its interpretation and ruling thereon, since – clearly – no military court is vested with the ability to interpret the Constitution and make any binding ruling on its meaning, especially so in this matter. You perhaps are not aware of it, Judge Lind, but there are many, many millions of Americans who now realize that Obama is a usurper and that he cannot show himself to be eligible. There is far more evidence and information showing him to be ineligible than showing the contrary. In fact, the preponderance of those believing him ineligible consider him to be clearly a domestic enemy of America as his actions more and more clearly demonstrate. The clear belief is that the man is intentionally trying to destroy as much of our laws, economy, institutions, and culture as possible and do so as quickly as possible. You may not agree and that is your right, but is it also your right to make the unilateral determination that Obama is legally eligible under our laws (with absolutely no evidence), which is exactly what your decision has implicitly suffused into not only the defendant before you but the entire military machine of America?

THAT’S the EMBARRASSMENT, Judge Lind – and whether the President is “embarrassed” or not matters not a whit in view of the fact that your thoughtless ruling will quite likely automatically cause a multi-year prison term at hard labor for LTC Lakin…or perhaps you don’t think that’s an embarrassment??? It also by implication says that you “know” the man is eligible while neither seeing nor soliciting a shred of evidentiary material. You’ve made an ill-considered and shameful ruling completely unworthy of someone in your position.

If you would issue the requisite orders to obtain the discovery material sought (and that IS within your purview) and that evidence clearly shows the eligibility requirements are met, then fine; the case is finished. If not, then it MUST be your duty to refer it and the evidence gathered to the Supreme Court for proper Constitutional determination and action. Your court would play no further part in the matter. As it is, you overstep the bounds that by all reason should guide your court.

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  1. Don’t you think Obama could just have a fake long form birth certificate made if he wanted too? Something that looked real and could not be proven a forgery…..it would be the easiest thing in the world…..LTC Lakin is done…..the rules of military justice say you MUST FOLLOW AN ORDER UNLESS IN WOULD BE COMMITTING A CRIME, REGARDLESS OF WHO GIVES THE ORDER……since the order was simply to deploy to Iraq, which is not a crime, Lakin is done. Period. Obama’s elligilibility does not matter even if he is proven to be from Mars next week….that’s how the military works…….

    1. If he can present a passable counterfeit BC, then why hasn’t he?

      Bob1943 has provided the only reasonable response to my question (actually, the only response, although I’ve asked the question many time), and that is that entering the data into the 1961 list(s) of registration (registrars?) would be impossible or close to it at this late date. It would involve too many people at too many levels, too many lists, too many backups, too many printouts…just too many and too much.

      Having worked in the banknote industry for a number of years and so knowing something about security paper, I believe it could be impossible to obtain the security paper used in HI in 1961. Security paper isn’t produced on the fly and there is typically a large quantity of waste paper produced before getting the “recipe” right, so reproducing a small quantity of the security paper used in HI for BCs in 1961 wouldn’t be feasible. It would be very expensive and would bring even more people – security paper printers who produce nothing but custom orders and who’d surely become curious by the ratio of waste to usable paper produced to fill the order – into this humongous fraud. I could be wrong about this, but common sense dictates that security paper used almost 50 years ago is no longer available nor in production today.

  2. Judge Lind should immediately read: “OBAMA – INELIGIBLE TO SERVE – LIES, CRIMES AND DEADLY AMBITION” — wherein the legal facts are detailed as to why Obama will ultimately be removed from the Office of the President under the United States Constitution. (!) It can be ordered online @ Amazon and other sellers.

    The only “embarrassment” is how these weak, biased and incompotent judges get appointed and keep real justice away from obnoxious frauds like Obama.

  3. In the U.S., the view of the effect of permanent abode on nationality has been expressed this way-Justice Joseph Story, treating the subject as one of public law, said: ‘Persons who are born in a country are generally deemed to be citizens of that country. A reasonable qualification of the rule would seem to be that it should not apply to the children of parents who were in itinere in the country,or who were abiding there for temporary purposes’
    B.Obama Sr was a visitor to the U.S. abiding here for temporary purposes
    “Conflict of Laws” Joseph Story 34 yrs on the High Court
    Note: And this is just ‘citizen’ , folks

  4. Section 2. Part IV of the Manual for CourtsMartial, United States, is amended as follows:
    (a) Paragraph 13, Article 89, Disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer, paragraph c.(1) is amended to substitute the words “uniformed service” for “armed forces” everywhere the words “armed forces” appear in that paragraph. This change is made to clarify that the uniformed officers of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, when assigned to and serving with the armed forces, are included in the definition of a superior commissioned officer.

    Oh. Anyone connect this to past dots? “Public Health Service”? Hmmm.

  5. Perhaps LTC Lakin’s attorney, Mr. Jensen, will see Bob1943’s point above and file the military equivalent of a rebuttal or modification to the original complaint, simply stating, “obama eligibility issue solved: Not eligible. Request Summary Judgment for LTC Lakin.”

  6. Can someone on this discussion please summarize what, if anything, Judge Lind IS allowing Col Lakin to present in his defense? I realize that crucial evidence was disallowed. Did she allow anything that could be useful for his defense? Thanks!

  7. I was just thinking to myself, I wonder how many times Col. Lind yelled “Seig Heil”, to a bust of Obama before she made her idiotic ruling denying LTC Lakin his right to discovery and due process

  8. Do you realize Obama filed an executive order on August 31, 2010 effectively meddling with court martial proceedings? The link is here: http://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pdf/MCM_2010-EO.pdf .

    This is astonishing. The guy is acting extraordinarily guilty, doing everything he can to try to keep “embarrassing” revelations about him from surfacing. The changes go into effect so days from August 31, 2010, so Obama is obviously looking ahead to later court proceedings in the Lakin case or the appeals process.

    1. Interesting, does someone know how to look up the actual changes in the courts-martial proceedings imposed by Obama’s 8-31-2010 executive order?

  9. In observation of the Col. Lind’s remark that “it could be embarrassing”, that in itself reveals knowledge of hidden facts. That knowledge could be taken two ways, embarrassing the court or embarrassing to barry soetero. Regardless of which way it may reveal embarrassment, the comment already suggests knowledge of facts to support the claim. In addition, if it is embarrassing so what?
    The military will denounce the Constitution for the sake of an embarrassing moment? One step further, then, the oath of each officer in commitment to the defense of country under the authoritative document the Constitution is now relegated to a subjective military judge determining the fate of Lt.Col.Lakin. Wow! How sick is that? This issue is now the explosive spark that will ignite the country and thousands of military personnel DEMANDING
    the REMOVAL of the fake CIC. I will be sending emails to all overseas military and stateside reserves. The non-violent but FORCEFUL revolution as begun. Thousands can now refuse orders. Why? Col.Lind said so. How?
    She declared the chain of command dead due to embarrassing information that cannot be admitted in a military court. Therefore, the court itself is unauthorized to make the court martial since the commander in chief doesn’t exist.

    1. There are probably thousands, if not millions, of litigants, down through history, who were embarrassed by something that came to light during discovery. Is this judge suggesting that some persons are not equal under the law? That some, unlike others, have a “right” to be free from embarrassment?

      Amazing, when you consider the stakes: That we may have a Constitutionally ineligible president–one who may have deliberately and with full knowledge of the facts, hidden his ineligibility from the people of the United States, who ARE HIS EMPLOYERS and who he is SWORN by solemn oath to SERVE.

      Nearly as important: the fact that Lt. Col. Lakin’s career and freedom are being weighed against someone else’s “embarrassment”.

      IF, as this judge seems to believe, the buck stops with the Pentagon and/or with Congress, then perhaps those entities ought to be the subject of the discovery process: Request from Congress any and all evidence they used to determine that Obama is eligible to be POTUS. Request from the Pentagon any and all evidence they used to determine that Obama is eligible to issue orders to them that they are then bound to obey, in accordance with their own oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

  10. The problem is more a matter of discovery; Judge Denise Lind will not allow Lakin to argue Obama’s eligibility, period. I think the only way to save Lakin now is to find Judge Lind’s contact information so it can be plastered on every blog in cyberspace and have 50,000 persons email her, phone her and mail her. It would be hoped that this action would result in a complete mistrial. In any event, we have right to petition the government for grievances and we pay this Judge Denise Lind’s salary.

  11. Is it possible that Lind made this ruling to allow Lakin a direct appeal path to the Supreme Court? She can’t be as stupid as the ruling, on its face, seems to indicate.

    Her ‘defense’ of her erroneous ruling might be that she knows that the CIC is ineligible and that she too, therefore, has no existing authority as a judge. As a result, anything she says has no authority other than the perceived authority of the various participants.

    Even though the Court is acting under the participants perception of her authority, if it results in the 7 Justices with real authority on the Supreme Court to accept the case on direct appeal from the Defense, then it gets to the right place for a decision to be made. If they don’t take it then SCOTUS is clearly continuing 100 years of Chief Justice John Marshall’s treason To the Constitution.

    I certainly hope the treason is a treason due to deficient reason as a result of their educational indoctrination, because, if so, there is hope for an awakening. If they know they are engaged in Marshall’s treason, there is still hope, but along a different path.

    1. Two on the Supreme Court, Kagan and Sotomeyer, have as much existing authority as a judge as Lind does. What a mess that’s been created by this fraud!

  12. Everyone who continues to excuse or deny the criminal activity of the person posing as President, who is knowingly Constitutionally ineligible is complicit in those crimes. Those people are contributing to and have an active hand in the deaths of those brave men and women who are dying in combat in his name.

  13. The point is that the evidence to establish that Obama is not eligible (as a natural born citizen) is already in the public domain (dual citizen/Obama Sr. as Kenyan). I believe that the persons who are representing Lakin have been advised of this and hopefully at trial they will present this argument-as it is really all they are left with.

    1. The point is that the “evidence” that’s in the public domain is not the “evidence.”

      By fighting these lawsuits and doing everything possible to prevent revealing ANY personal records, including the HDoH vital records, Obama, his lawyers, and all his minions are ADMITTING that what IS in the public domain is FALSE.

      What they entered into the public domain isn’t embarrassing; it’s laudable (although a fable).

      The point is that IF what’s in the public domain is TRUE, then there’s nothing to prevent the judge from granting discovery.

      That they FIGHT discovery with everything they’ve got and that the judge won’t grant discovery, PROVES that what we think we “know” about his background is totally FALSE. FICTIONAL. A FABLE.

      It’s entirely possible that he is a natural born citizen, yet that would require that his father be a US citizen. It would require that his mother be a US citizen. It would require that he be born on US soil.

      What could possibly be so embarrassing that he has to continue to hide it? That he’s illegitimate? Not in this century. He already admitted to that possibility in his “biography”.

      That one or both of his parents are not who he claimed them to be, while both, whoever they are, were US citizens at the time of his birth? That would be embarrassing, but it would also be far beyond embarrassing. If so, he was elected by fraud–by pulling a fast one on the people of the US, most especially upon certain segments of the population.

      There’s one possibility that would be so monumentally “embarrassing” that he MUST continue to hide it: That he’s NOT African-American. Not of African ancestry at all. While he may be a “natural born American citizen,” he may not be of the ancestry that he has claimed. Not of the ancestry that he blatantly used to get himself elected first “African-American president”.

      If he’s not African-American, that would be an embarrassment that would haunt him down through history.

      Perhaps, in the Hawaiian tradition of hanai adoption, his “legal father” was Barack Hussein Obama, Kenyan citizen. When he claimed BHO Sr. as his father, perhaps that was technically true. However, if he was adopted, then perhaps he is not biologically African at all.

      It would seem that whatever this embarrassing item of information is, the judges and probably Congress and perhaps most in the media know it already. If it’s something along the lines that I suspect, they also know that he may have perpetrated a FRAUD upon the American people. That this judge mentioned impeachment is interesting.

      What would one expect Congress to do if it is shown without doubt that such a fraud has occured? Impeachment. It must be so. For their own sake, if the embarrassing information is what I suspect and if it comes out, the Democratic Party MUST impeach or they will be done as a party.

      1. Perhaps, because this issue won’t just go away, something he and his co-conspirators must have believed they could make happen, Axelrod and the gang have come up with a new spin. There will “finally” be an admittance that the COLB(s) posted on the ‘Net is/are fake and the actual birth certificate has been withheld from the public, almost $2 million fighting court cases and all, because the truth of his paternity is “embarassing.” The “embarassing truth” will be either that his parents weren’t married when he was born or, better yet, his biological daddy will be a black American – not Davis or Malcolm X – just some nobody who has since, of course, died. The story will be that his baby-daddy didn’t claim him so Barrack Sr, being so in love with the baby-mama, claimed him as his own after his birth and the filing and registering of his birth certificate. His last name at birth will have been Dunham, his first name probably Barry or Steve or Steven Barry.

        When I was much younger and very stupid, I was in a long term relationship with a liar and I can tell you that this type of “disclosure” – to “come clean” with yet another fabrication when the one before falls apart – isn’t unusual at all. So, as far-fetched as a scheme like this may seem to a normal, honest person, it’s just another day in the life of a liar.

  14. Another corrupt judge…. what’s new, really?

    Obama certainly has helped to wake a lot of people up to the truth about the system.
    And it ain’t pretty.

    November will be big and the questions about eligibility will never stop. In fact their house of cards is falling. Wait and see.

  15. Can you summarize for me what discovery, if any, Judge Lind IS allowing Lt Col Lakin to demand and present in his defense? I realize that the key information has been barred, and I am as infuriated as everyone else. Has Lind allowed any discovery of any usefulness whatsoever? THANKS as always!!

  16. Superb comments jtx.

    I think that Lt Col Lakin should immediately refer Judge Lind’s ruling to The Supreme Court on the grounds that this ruling denies him the right of a fair trial.

  17. If we know Judge Lind’s contact information, you can email this or mail her and even phone her. If anyone can get Lind’s email, phone and mailing, please post.

  18. I am sure someone has mentioned this before, but why, again, does LTC Lakin need discovery to prove Obama is not a natural born citizen when Obama’s online COLB already does that by naming his father as Barack Obama Sr.? Obama’s own website list him as a “dual citizen”. Don’t these already “discovered” violations of the Constitution mean ANYTHING to the military? Is LTC Lakin being told that not only can he not use any evidence that has not yet be seen, but that he also cannot use evidence that even Col. Lind can see if someone helps her use a computer.

    1. Excellent point. I have not followed LTC Lakin’s case that closely but I get the impression that he is focusing on the birth certificate issue alone.

      With the information in the public domain that Obama was a dual citizen at birth, that should be sufficient evidience, along with well documented supporting arguments, that there is reasonable doubt that Obama is eligible for the office of President.