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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 23, 2010) — Due to the change in hosting services, any mail which has been sent to editor@thepostemail.com might have been returned to the sender or otherwise not delivered.  Thank you to several readers who brought this to our attention.

Please resend any important news tips in the event that you received a returned email or did not hear back from us.

Thank you all for your readership, opinions and continued news tips and support, and many thanks to a loyal reader who has helped us to resolve this problem.

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  1. This could be important. Tonight on Michael Savage radio, he kept saying that Bloomberg has to be supporting the Mosque at ground zero for a reason. sure enough, a listener called in and said she found documentation on the web that Bloomberg was expanding his business in Dubai and other eastern country. “this began in 2008. Obama has to be behind this because and it is a long shot but I distinctly remember that Obama met with Bloomberg for a breakfast meeting in 2008 in Manhattan. It was very secretive. I was born and raised in Westchester County, NY but I live in CT now. I follow what goes on in NY. This just came out a little while ago so I haven’t had time to check. But the breakfast meeting was before O took office, I know that.

    Bloomberg is in it for the money, not his convictions about allowing the Mosque. We need to call him on it and make the connection with Obama at that time.

  2. This is not an important news tip, but if any readers wish to see how rabidly in denial and utterly devoid of rational argument Obots can be, visit the Seattle Post Intelligencer on-line forum and look for the following topic:

    “How doth Obama deceive thee? Let me count the ways.”


    It’s found in “Local / Forums / General News” if the link doesn’t work.

    PS: I am glad to report that the print version of this leftist rag died over a year ago.