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Testimony Sought of “Custodian of Records” AND Production of all records relating to President
Decision to be made by Army Major General

(Jul. 29, 2010) — Washington, D.C. — The Army doctor who is facing a court martial for refusing to obey orders, including a deployment order for his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, has formally requested his Commanding General approve a deposition in Hawaii of the records-keeper of the State Department of Health—and the production of all of their records concerning Barack Obama.

The records Lakin seeks have been the subject of intense interest ever since the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign when a document appeared on the internet purporting to be a certification that Hawaii’s Dept. of Health had records showing he had been born in Honolulu.  Since then, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the head of that agency, has made public statements on the subject, but has refused all requests for copies of the actual records in the Department’s custody.  Recently, a former Hawaii elections clerk has come forward saying that he was told that the Department’s records showed Obama was NOT born in Hawaii.

The United States Constitution requires that a person be a “natural born citizen” to be elected to the presidency.  If Mr. Obama was not born in Honolulu as he has claimed, then he is unlikely to be a “natural born citizen”.  An examination of the records kept by the Hawaii Dept. of Health are an essential first step in ascertaining Mr. Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold the office to which he was elected in 2008.

While no civil litigant has obtained discovery of these records, and all the civil lawsuits seeking those records have been dismissed on procedural grounds, Lakin’s case is different because he is the subject of criminal prosecution, and upon conviction stands in jeopardy of being sentenced to years at hard labor in the penitentiary.

Lakin’s request was submitted by his counsel to the Commanding General of the Military District of Washington, Major General Karl R. Horst, under Rule 702(b) of the Rules for Courts-Martial, which provides that “A convening authority who has the charges for disposition or, after referral, the convening authority or the military judge may order that a deposition be taken on request of a party.”

Lakin’s civilian attorney has been provided to him by the American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit group incorporated in 2003 to foster appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution, which has established a fund for Lakin’s legal defense. Further details are available on the Foundation’s website, www.safeguardourconstitution.com.

for further information, contact Margaret Hemenway at (202) 725-7659

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    1. If you read Dr. Orly Taitz’s web site, you will
      see that she has submitted documents to
      the Supreme Court, numerous times,
      and the clerks there are lying to her,
      and withholding the documents from the
      judges by not placing them on the docket.

      She has called them only to receive
      no resolution. They are censoring
      whatever they do not want the judges
      to see/read/know.

      You can find this frustrating situation
      at her web site.

      1. Here is more info on what
        is happening at the Supreme Court
        with Dr. Taitz’s re-submission.


        There is much speculation as to how
        these clerks are able to do this.

        The chief clerk’s name is William
        Sutter and under him is clerk Danny Bickell
        from whom no help is forthcoming. She says
        he is the ‘gatekeeper’ and is thereby
        protecting Obama.

        In other words, the Supreme Court
        needs an overhaul in order to receive
        any justice.

  1. If Obama Sr. is the father listed on the long form b/c, it further validates the argument that Obama was dual citizen at birth. I reviewed the Nordyke twins long form and it contains the birthplaces of both parents. We know Obama Sr. was not citizen of the US nor was he granted permanent residence status as an alien. He came to the US on a student visa.

    I agree that the duel citizenship status is an automatic disqualifier. However, all we have at this point is O’s word that he was a dual citizen and we all know how reliable his word is. There is a saying: “When his lips are moving, he is lying.”

    The b/c is relevant as it also relates to the dual citizenship evidence. For all we know, his “father” was a citizen, and he meets the NBC requirements. That is doubtful though….

  2. Do you guys really believe that if Lakin’s atty, or any other atty, for that matter, tells a judge that Oilbama isn’t eligible because he’s not a NBC due his father’s British citizenship at birth, plus the British citizenship he inherited from his father at birth made him a dual citizen, that the judge is going to declare “Ineligible!” Then strike his/her gavel and that’s it, case closed? If it were that easy, why would Oilbama’s autobiography and his campaign web site state clearly that his father was a British citizen when Oilbama was born? Being determined ineligible due to his lack of NBC status is obviously not a concern to him and, if anything, that is a distraction, something to draw attention away from his foreign birth, and something thrown in to confuse the issue.

    1. I agree, the Obots are way more concerned about proof of Bema NOT being born in Hawaii than they are of him not being a natural born citizen. His own website disqualifies him from being a natural born citizen…. and that seems OK by the Bots…. but, if it is proven he was not born in Hawaii and lied when he said he was, that’s a bigger problem for him than not being a NBC, especially with all the evidence that he was born in Kenya. Go for both NBC and the BC, but the BC could end his fake presidency quicker than not being a NBC.

      1. Not sure why I called Barry “Bema”…but I guess it could be another of his many aliases. lol
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: His mother certainly had a lot of them…if she was his mother!

    2. Auntie, I agree its not the military court’s job to decide the Obama eligibility issue. Its sole job is to determine whether Lakin’s refusal to obey orders was justifiable. Lakin could, in his defense, present 1) the fact that Obama was a “foreigner” (a foreign citizen) at birth — a fact which Obama himself has verified, and 2) the fact that, in early American writings, the sole purpose of the natural born citizen requirement was to exclude, from the presidency, persons who were foreigners at birth. Based on these facts, and a host of other facts which he could present, Lakin could argue that the only rational conclusion one can draw is that Obama’s presidency is illegitimate and so are any orders that flow from it. If the military thinks it can refute that logic, let them try. The intent here is not to prove Obama’s ineligibility or get him kicked out of office. The intent to give Lakin a chance to put up a credible defense.

  3. Mick makes some valid points. The Press Release contains two curiously-worded sentences:

    “If Mr. Obama was not born in Honolulu as he has claimed, then he is unlikely to be a “natural born citizen”. An examination of the records kept by the Hawaii Dept. of Health [is] an essential first step in ascertaining Mr. Obama’s constitutional eligibility…”

    These sentences give me the impression that Lakin’s team is now (finally) beginning to realize that Obama’s original birth document, if disclosed, will almost certainly not help Lakin’s case. Under the laws in effect in 1961, there was no way the Heath Department would have issued an original (non-adoption-related) birth certificate to a baby, knowing that the baby was born outside of Hawaii. It is almost certain that Obama’s original birth document states that he was born in Hawaii.

    The only unanswered question is whether or not Obama’s birth in Hawaii was independently confirmed by a doctor, midwife or hospital. If Obama’s birth registration was based solely on a family member’s uncorroborated statement, it is possible that Obama might have been foreign-born and his birth registration was fraudulent. In any case, Obama’s birth certificate, when released, will either establish conclusively his birth in Hawaii, or will leave us in the exact same limbo we are in now.

    Which leads me to four points…

    1) When he disobeyed orders, Lakin did not have any verified fact that directly impugned the President’s birth in Hawaii. He had plenty of reasons to suspect Obama might have been foreign born, but suspicions are not facts.

    2) The military court does not need to, and therefore will not, decide Obama’s eligibility. It only needs to decide whether Lakin’s disobedience was justified, based on what he knew at the time.

    3) There is no way the military will consider a non-fact-based reason to be justification for anything, even if the reason later turns out to be correct.

    4) Given that the birth certificate route is clearly a dead end, Ltc. Lakin’s only hope is to assert, as his reason for disobeying orders, the verified fact of Obama’s dual citizenship at birth. This might be a much longer and more difficult path to take, but it’s the only viable choice he has at this point.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: It is possible that Obama has a “late registration” birth certificate, which would probably indicate where he was really born. Late registrations are accepted under certain conditions. Obama also could have done that: walked in with the birth announcements as an adult (say, in about 2007) and asked for a birth registration. He would not have been given the long form, which could be why Tim Adams has said he doesn’t have one.

    1. I agree with you Mrs. Rondeau. I don’t believe the Hawaii Department of Health is in possession of a birth certificate that states Obama was born in Hawaii, long form or short form. If it existed we would have seen it by now……it does not exist, just as Tim Adams said.

      1. There’s a possibility the baby was listed as born on a plane or ship. Standard procedure is to list the baby as being born at the place of arrival, so assuming SAD had the baby outside of Hawaii and reported the baby born en route, the baby could be listed as born in Hawaii. An original certificate would show Obama was not born in a hospital, which is why Obama would rather show an alleged June 2007 COLB than the original birth certificate.

  4. Lakin and his inept attorney are plants, inserted to continue the “search fo the BC” farce that continues to hide the real issue of dual citizenship at birth. He has certainly been made aware that Obama has admitted to dual citizenship at birth, and that admission can lead to discovery of the BC in order to prove that Obama Sr. is indeed his father, yet they still pursue the “Not born in HI” angle. Why would they ask a question that they don’t know the answer to? No good attorney does that. The question in my mind is whether Lakin is in on it or just not that smart.

  5. The Lakin case all boils down to Lakin’s God Sworn Oath to Constitution. Even though Obama is not issuing the orders to Lakin, all military orders derive their constitutional authority for the Commander in Chief which is Obama. This means it does not matter if Obama gives the order or not, if he is ineligible, Lakin’s orders are indeed lacking in constitutional authority. Obots tout the De Facto Officer doctrine which in practice protects against eligibility problems. However, there is no way the De Facto Officer doctrine can unsurp or subvert Lakin’s Constitutional Oath. Lakin has duty to protect the constitution and if Obama ineligible, Lakin has duty to refuse those orders since they lacking in constitutional authority. Lakin can only follow orders from an eligible Commander in Chief to uphold his oath.

    1. The oath of enlistment into the United States Armed Forces:

      “I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      Note that the part about defending the Constitution comes first, and it comes before obeying the orders of the President.

      1. The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and oath for commissioned officers are as follows:

        “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

        “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

        NOTE: The oath is different for commissioned officers than enlisted personnel in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. They DO NOT swear allegiance to the President, only to the Constitution, because they are expected to have the brains to think for themselves and recognize that the U.S. Constitution takes precedence over everything! MacPUBLIUS

  6. It is time for a few good men (line officers) to step up to the plate. I’m not talking about Medical Corps., JAG Corps. or Reserve or Retired Officer Corps. and you know exactly why I am saying this. I’m talking about you active duty REGULAR Officers and if you’re one of the thousands of them reading this you should be ashamed of yourselves; ALL OF YOU! Eric Holder should be so proud of you because “basically, we have become a nation of cowards”. DO YOUR DUTY!

    1. Senior Defense Officials’ Mailing Addresses:

      Office of the Secretary
      of Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates
      Secretary of Defense
      1000 Defense Pentagon
      Washington, DC 20301-1000

      William J. Lynn, III
      Deputy Secretary of Defense
      1010 Defense Pentagon
      Washington, DC 20301-1010

      The Chairman and Vice
      Chairman of the
      Joint Chiefs of StaffAdmiral Michael G. Mullen
      Chairman of the
      Joint Chiefs of Staff
      9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
      Washington, DC 20318-9999

      The Chiefs of Staff
      General George W. Casey, Jr.
      Army Chief of Staff
      200 Army Pentagon
      Washington, DC 20310-0200

      Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst, Commander, JFHQ National
      Capital Region and Military District of Washington
      (websites specific to Gen Horst were not accessible)

      We need the Military Brass to put pressure on Congress to act on impeachment hearings. Congress is responsible for overseeing the Executive Branch. Remove the usurper.
      Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is a patriot.

  7. Many thanks to William for his correct view that The One is ineligible from the get-go based on his father’s citizenship as non-U.S. However, confining the research into his status to the citizenship of his father and the “natural born” question would lead to years of legal wrangling and obstruction regarding the legal nuances (real and manufactured) of “natural bornism”. The entire litigation would consume endless courts, have endless delays and appeals, become a means of deflecting the (easily deflected) attention of the American public onto various side tracks, and meantime The One would continue his swath of destruction unimpeded. On the other hand, the absence of a bona fide contemporaneous birth certificate would be immediately understood by the American public for the fraud that has been committed, and would be extremely hard to flim-flam. On that basis, I do support a full-out effort to open those records. I used to be afraid that there would be a legitimate document there which would be used to charge us all with racism. I am no longer concerned with that likelihood. Other far more threatening forces are being brought to bear on the nation, and we cannot have a 5-year chit-chat on the meaning of “natural born.” I agree that the birth certificate issue will ultimately be data in connection with his citizenship (i.e., is he an illegal alien or not), but for myself, I am in complete support of the approach of heroic Lt. Col. Lakin.

    1. You’re right, mifouf, if you ask me. Eventually, the NBC issue would be escalated to the SCOTUS to be finally and officially addressed and defined. In the meantime, Oilbama will continue to stack the SCOTUS with his fellow socialists who will, without doubt, define NBC in Oilbama’s favor, making the ineligible usurper eligible. At that point, demanding proof of his place of birth becomes a no-no, a demand made only by desparate racists. If you think “birthers” are treated with contempt and ridicule by the lamestream media and the Obamatons now, imagine how they’d treat those who would dare to demand proof of Oilbama’s Hawaiian birth after Oilbama’s socialist-packed SCOTUS defined NBC to include him. I’ve no doubt the treatment would be so brutal and vicious as to make the current treatment of “birthers” seem fair and right in comparison.

  8. But Obama’s own wife has stated he from Kenya, more then once. You’d think a wife would know. So how does a supposed to be well educated person confuse Hawaii with a foreign country? This is not like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, just across the hills there, or the mountain ranges in Afghanistan to Pakistan, there is a big ocean and a few thousand miles between them.
    The fact remains that it was only after one speech at the Democratic Party Convention in 2004, that Barack Hussein Obama came onto the scene. Till that time as a Senator his place of birth did not matter, just like others that have been documented as Mel Martinez, former US Senator born in Cuba.

    As a junior State Senator from Illinois is when he traveled to Africa, it was these newspaper references that have been posted and noted state that he was born in Kenya, even the AP wires.

    Until he was running for the Presidency, He had only 130+ days as a US Senator before starting to campaign for the Presidency and as such not much outside contact that afforded him a cover story of being born in Hawaii.

    Lakin is correct. Obama is an illegal undocumented foreigner.

  9. The Army will drop the charges. Just like the Court withdrew its Show Cause hearing for Sanctions in the Kerchner case. The fix is in-big-time. Its getting down to the nitty-gritty. The “Rulers” are intent on keeping up the sham so that the party for the “Club” will continue in Washington for both parties. They can’t admit this situation exists; otherwise they are all criminals. It is in their own best interest to look the other way-for all of them-which makes every one of them at the very least a HYPOCRITE! (not to mention…………)

  10. It seems to me, as an ordinary layperson, that Ltc. Lakin’s defense is barking up the wrong tree. If you are going to disobey an order, your reason for doing so had better be based on fact. If you have a fact that directly impugns the legitimacy of an order, you might have a valid reason for disobeying that order.

    But if your reason for disobeying an order had no factual basis, that is, if your reason was based on nothing more than your own conjecture and speculation, then your disobedience was ill-considered and ill-advised.

    There is no verified fact that directly impugns Obama’s birth in Hawaii. There are reasons for suspicion and doubt regarding the President’s place of birth, but suspicion and doubt are not valid reasons for disobeying an order.

    If Ltc.Lakin disobeyed orders solely because of the Obama birthplace issue, he made a mistake, because his reason for doing so was not fact-based. Even if he discovers new information showing conclusively that Obama was foreign-born, it doesn’t change the fact that, at the time of his disobedience, he did not have a factual justification for his action. He acted solely on the basis of his own speculation. Even if his speculation is later shown to be correct, it was still nothing more than speculation at the time.

    The only information that is relevant to his case is the information that Ltc. Lakin had in his possession at the time of his disobedience. The discovery of new information that he didn’t have at the time is an utter waste of time, because whatever information he didn’t have is irrelevant.

    However, Ltc.Lakin did have a verified fact that directly impugns Obama’s eligibility to serve as president — Obama’s British/Kenyan citizenship at birth, which is a fact that Obama himself has verified in his book and on his website. According to John Jay’s letter to George Washington (25 July 1787), the reason for the “natural born citizen” provision was to exclude “foreigners” from the presidency. Since natural born citizenship is established only at birth, the only plausible meaning of “foreigner” in Jay’s letter is a person who was a “foreigner” (a citizen of subject of a foreign country) at birth. It seems to me that Ltc.Lakin has a powerfully compelling factual basis for concluding that Obama’s presidency, hence any order that he issued as president, is not legitimate.

    Please advise Ltc.Lakin that, among his supporters, there is utter exasperation and profound bewilderment that he would pursue a patently dubious defense — based solely on conjecture and speculation regarding Obama’s place of birth — when he could be pursuing a much stronger and more compelling defense, based on the verified fact of Obama’s foreign citizenship at birth.

    1. Well said. Obama was born subject to a foreign power, which is the same reason why the child of two US citizens born abroad and US naturalized citizens are ineligible — all were born subject to a foreign power. Only the US-born child of US citizen parents is born not subject to any foreign power — this child is born subject only to the US.

    2. SteveT,
      I am not a lawyer, never been in the military. I am told that the United States Marine code is different than the other branches of the military. Specifically, if a Marine believes he has been given an unlawful order is OBLIGATED to not follow it. Ltc. Lakin is undoubtably convinced that Obama is an Ursuper, that is well supported by the new releases and his statements.

      The catch is, Lakin IS NOT UNDER THE COMMAND of OBAMA technically (this is what I have been told by military) until he is deployed. On US soil, he is under the jurisdiction of the govenor of the state that he serves, once deployed this all changes. When deployed he is accepting an order from Obama, whom he believes is not a legal POTUS, which makes Ltc Lakin a WAR CRIMINAL by the World Court. Again I am not a lawyer, this is what I have been told by active military, and retired military.

      Your question is that he doesn’t have proof that Obama isn’t a legal POTUS. Yes, he does have proof. That proof comes from Obama himself when he said, and his father claimed, that he was the son of Obama Sr.—-A British Citizen and Subject. No matter where Obama was born, the British Government claimed Jurisdiction over his birth, and Obama has publically claimed that he recognized this jurisdiction and British Citizenship. Thus, He was NEVER a Natural Born Citizen, because he has claimed, and other governments have claimed, jurisdiction over his birth.


    3. It is a fact that Obama has not shown himself to be constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. That is a fact. Lt. Col. Lakin is contending that he cannot obey orders from the chain of command with that factual uncertainty. No military personnel should obey any orders from the chain of command until the Commander in Chief proves to them and to the nation that he is constitutionally eligible – i.e. a natural born citizen. Lt. Col. Lakin should not have to prove that he is not.

  11. Just a little more food for thought . The Globe Magazine this week has on their front cover …..Obama Born in Africa ! Seems even the liberals are finding out that they have been had !

    1. I have posted pictures of the front pages of the last two issues, July 12, 2010 and August 2, 2010, of Globe magazine at the bottom of almost every page of my http://einhornpress.com/ Web site, and quoted The Post & Email on several of my political pages discussing the Obama birth certificate issue. Most of my Rare History and Ancient Technology does not deal with political issues like Obama’s ineligibility to occupy the Oval Office and the plight of the brave American hero Lt. Col. Lakin, and many researchers consider the Globe as just questionable tabloid news; but even the common reader—who is interested in the variety of other subjects covered on my Web site—inadvertently gets perhaps an unwanted a glimpse of the truth anyway. If so, then my objective has been attained. His or her vote will count just the same as mine in November.

      1. It’s a shame that the same people who believe the Globe is “questionable tabloid news” probably think they are getting the truth from the main stream media, which includes Fox News. The media refusal to discuss Obama’s ineligibility…at all just screams “GUILTY AS CHARGED” for the usurper and his enablers. The media has either been paid off or scared off the eligibility issue. It is not possible for the entire MSM to all believe, with mountains of evidence to the contrary, that the Cracker Jack box, no signatures, no hospital name and no traceable information COLB displayed on the Internet is actually PROOF of anything regarding Obama’s eligibility or lack thereof. A thorough, independent investigation into, “who is Barack Hussine Obama” is way past do.

        The cover-up at this point is as much to cover the rears of the many enablers of the charade, as it is to cover THE ONE himself.

        The “misprision of felony” comment I have heard a lot lately seems appropriate for a lot of people. Those who are not directly involved in the cover-up should start thinking about coming clean with what they know…now. Time will not change the seriousness of what is occurring, but early confession might lessen the charges for some.

        The truth is going to emerge into the daylight….soon.

      2. Well, Bob1943, the Globe is questionable tabloid news. On the other hand, the Globe was the first publication to break the story of John Edwards’ affair, after which, Edwards finally admitted to the affair publicly and then all the other lamestream news publications finally ran stories on it, too.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe it was the National Enquirer which broke the Edwards story; however, the point is still the same: that which used to be considered sleaze and simply “tabloid” news could now be real news that the major news media will not cover. And we know they won’t cover Obama’s ineligibility!

  12. Let’s hope that Lt. Col. Lakin’s civilian attorney is aware that criminal document fraud has ALREADY been involved in the handling birth information of Obama and that some of those record-keepers being petitioned in HI were intimately involved in this process.

    For exceedingly pertinent and definitive information about the paperwork (“BC” etc.) in the eligibility matter and how it all came about, just follow up on the videos by Dr. Ron J. Polland. You’re in for a REAL eye-opener!!!

    Suggested sequence for watching Dr. Polland’s YouTube “FRAUD IN THE USA” video clips; enter the channel using the #0 link below and then

    immediately pause the displayed video and open the videos noted in the #1 – #9 sequence:

    #0 http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrRJP#p/c/C2281523DF8C0230/1/BWciae2HFKc YouTube channel entry; then select and view …


    #1 “FRAUD IN THE USA (Chapter 1, Part 1)”

    #2 “FRAUD IN THE USA (Chapter 1, Part 2)”

    #3 “FRAUD IN THE USA (Chapter 1, Part 3)”

    #4 “FRAUD IN THE USA (Chapter 1, Part 4)”

    $5 “It’s the conspiracy, Stupid!”


    #7 “BLUE HAWAII”


    #9 “FRAUD IN THE USA: “MAKE A DATE WITH A SEAL” (Chapter 2-2)”

  13. Wait. Why the wishywashy language “If Mr. Obama was not born in Honolulu as he has claimed, then he is unlikely to be a “natural born citizen”. ”

    Look if Mr. Obama was not born in Hawaii he’s an illegal alien because he never naturalized. And in no case is he a natural born citizen because his father being Kenyan, even if he were born in Hawaii, would only make him a statutory citizen, and Article II precludes statutory citizens from being POTUS, though they can be in Congress.

    I don’t understand this focus on needing to examine his records to determine whether he’s a natural born citizen, when the records could not possibly make him a natural born citizen since his father was Kenyan. All the records could do is prove he’s an illegal alien. This seems to be more deliberate obfuscation attempts. There’s no pot-of-gold in seeing those records. This effort is of as much use as cauterizing a vein on an amputated leg; Mr. Obama is already ineligible. The BC quest is diversion, we all know Holder will scurry defense and prevent Lakin from seeing anything at Hawaii.
    Proving Obama was not born in Hawaii only proves he is a usurper, which all of DC knows anyway. They’re not going to want their heads to roll with misprison of felony charges or treason. They’re going to stop at absolutely nothing to perpetuate this charade. It’s up to we the people NOW to rectify matters, the data is already clear!

    1. With this deliberate distraction and obfuscation I’m afraid I have to call out the b.s., whoever ran this “press release” is nothing more than a controlled opposition operative, just as bad as what’s in the White House
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: We received it directly from the spokesperson for the American Patriot Foundation.

      1. I’d like to know “who” is behind this, it fits in perfectly with the long running obfuscatory distractions that have kept the usurper safe and sound for going on 2 years.

    2. That is spot on ! In 2008, the US Senate (because of DNC opposition to John McCain’s eligibility) determined the requirements that define “natural born citizen.” They clearly stated that BOTH parents MUST BE American Citizens! Obama’s father NEVER was an American citizen, making Obama INELIGIBLE. Keep in mind, Harry Reid was the Senate majority leader at that time, meaning the Dems had the Senate and they also had the House. It was the Democrats whom determined the definition of “natural born Citizen.” They really can’t argue the point at all.

      1. Folks, we all know that all the demorats and most of the republicants are in on this. They will fight this tooth and nail. Yes, it sure is up to We The People. PRAY like your country’s life depended on it–because it does!

        Thanks to all our military folks out there–and to all the real (not lame stream) media–for helping us fight the good fight!

    3. Agreed. The birth certificate cannot prove his eligibility. It can only further disprove it should it show a foreign birth. Furthermore, does anyone think that the most powerful man on the planet, with the backing of billionaires, would be unable to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth? What Obama cannot produce is any document that will show Obama Senior to have been a US citizen.

      1. Folks, he even admitted as much in one of “his” own books–that his father was NOT a US citizen; just a Kenyan student.

        Course, if his dad was Malcolm X, then we have more work to do!!

      2. This has been brought up before…a fake long-form birth certificate might appear eventually, but I don’t think so. Not only would the fake have to be perfect, the many traceable items it contains would have to be perfect also. Drs. name and signature…check Drs. records, friends and co-workers of Dr., and perhaps even ask the Dr. himself. Hospital name?…..check hospital records…..name of witness to birth?…..question witness and/or check records of witness. Names and signatures of registrars, check there records and possibly even talk to them. Parent occupation listed, talk to fellow employees that might remember the birth, check employment record…so on and so forth. A lot more than just producing a birth certificate is required if it is one that contains traceable information. That is why we only see the fake COLB with no traceable information,,,and I think that is all we are going to see.

      3. Texomaed, every time you ask that question, I respond with this question, “If he could do that, why hasn’t he?”

        You’ve never responded with an answer, but Bob1943 has and I think his answer could be the right one, with the only other possible answer being that a believable, passable forgery simply can’t be produced.

    4. Exactly! I am scratching my head why on earth would they go after the stinking bc when it is in bright daylight that he is ineligible on acount of his not born to 2 US citizen parents! Just ask him to cough up a US citizen father. Can’t? then out he goes!

      1. AMEN!!!! You got that right! We all know this, but the left (green meanies, and others known as, “watermelons”–green on the outside, commie red on the inside) doesn’t want this to be true. Heck, they don’t want God to be true! But He is!

    5. “If Mr. Obama was not born in Honolulu as he has claimed, then he is unlikely to be a “natural born citizen”.

      William, All evidence points to his having been born in Kenya, but with the Liar In Chief, anything’s possible. So, with the wording they used (above), they’re just covering their rears in the event that Oilbama wasn’t born in HI but, instead, was born in Seattle, WA, or Death Valley or somewhere else within the US.

      1. PS: Regarding the “natural born citizen” part of the statement, as opposed to his being a native citizen of the US born somewhere within the US other than Honolulu, HI: If it’s not due to ignorance of the US Constitution, or to misunderstanding the meaning of “natural born citizen,” I suspect Lakin’s atty may be avoiding arguing Oilbama’s ineligibility due to his lack of status as a NBC because 1) It makes the argument and therefore the one presenting the argument appear schizophrenic and to be grasping when arguing a foreign birth, followed by, “Even if he was born in HI…” and 2) See the comment posted by mifouf at 9:29pm, July 29.

    6. General what’s-his-name is not going to grant anything. William is correct, this is BS.

      LTC Lakin made a big mistake and now is going to do time for listening to these idiots. He should change his plea to temporary insanity.

      Obama is a British subject/not American NBC, no matter where he was born.

      The courts need to resolve this. We can’t have are military heroes led astray anymore.

  14. It will be monumental if Col. Lakin’s request is granted, but given the pattern of previous litigation, Gen. Horst may simply deny the request, saying it is frivolous. The U.S. Army is aiming to bury Col. Lakin, not to give him a fair hearing. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal in the human breast.

    1. That will be the most likely outcome in this case. If Gen. Horst gives in to Col. Lakin’s request, then the Anointed One will put pressure on the Pentagon to give Gen. Horst the waterboarding treatment. I seriously doubt Col. Lakin has any chance of defeating the entrenched military bureaucracy.

      1. Folks, keep PRAYING!! That’s the ONLY way.

        If this gets the cr*p we think it’s going to get, then I think Tony is right. I put Horst’s name in on Muckety.com, and it came up empty. So here we go!!!