NH Rep. Laurence Rappaport speaks with The Post & Email about Eligibility, the Constitution, and State Sovereignty

STATE REP.  BROUGHT EVIDENCE OF OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO TO HIS SECRETARY OF STATE AND ATTORNEY GENERAL by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 19, 2010) — In September 2008, New Hampshire State Rep. Laurence Rappaport and another member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rep. Carol Vita, brought a complaint of possible election fraud […]

Islam moves to take over U.S. neighborhoods

“HUMANITARIANISM” IN BIG CITIES FUNDED BY ISLAMIC ORGANIZATIONS, SOME WITH RADICAL TIES, AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 18, 2010) — A scouting program for boys and young men in which the enrollees dress in paramilitary uniforms is active in the state of Pennsylvania and based in Philadelphia.  According to its website, boys […]