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by Sharon Rondeau

Zanzibar comprises the two former countries of Zanzibar and Tanganyika

(Jul. 13, 2010) — An online newspaper based in Tanzania is reporting that “Barack Abdallah Husein Obama,” the “first black US president,” was born outside of the United States.

Written in broken English, the article notes that the President of the United States has historically been required to be born on U.S. soil but that “This might have been the result of racism or belief that a person other than ‘original’ US citizen was capable of effectively leading the powerful nation and help it to maintain its values.”

The writers go on to say that “We witnessed last year a senator with his origins from east Africa, Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, becoming the first black US president. He won the race on Democrat ticket and was sworn on January 20, 2009 as US president.”

The article then compares the events of the 2008 U.S. presidential election to the upcoming election to be held in Tanzania later this year in which a candidate from “Pemba” could win.

The publication contains other articles mentioning Obama, one of which was covered the G20 summit in Toronto and was dated June 28, 2010.

The authors state that Zanzibar, which consists of two islands, Pemba and Unguja, has never elected a president from the island of Pemba.   The two islands of Zanzibar located in the Indian Ocean are part of  Tanzania in East Africa, with the country of Kenya just north of Tanzania.

Members of the Kenyan Parliament have stated that Obama was born in Kenya.  A map of the region shows the close proximity of Pemba Island, Kenya and Tanzania.

There is evidence that the citizens of Zanzibar were watching the U.S. presidential election closely, and an organization called “Zanzibar for Obama” manufactured a “Barack Obama cloth.”

A comment on a blog following Obama’s “victory” in November 2008 states:

Barack obama is the US president elect!!! Delaware Senator Joe Biden will be the vice president. God is kind! Africans, and especially us from East Africa have to be proud!

A blog entry from July 18, 2009 stated that “Tanzania has more obama than Kenya.”

Tanzania obtained independence from British rule in two stages:  the mainland in 1961 followed by the islands two years later in 1963.

The Citizen is part of a news organization called “Mwananchi Communications” which is based in Tanzania and was founded in 1999 under the name Media Communications Ltd.

July 14, 2010 Update:  The following email was sent to the editor of The Citizen yesterday:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 12:17 AM
To: TheCitizen Editor

Hello, I am the editor of The Post & Email (www.thepostemail.com<http://www.thepostemail.com>), an electronic newspaper which is covering the Obama eligibility issue. Your article here:
http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/magazines/32-political-platform/2708-zanzibar-could-reverse-trend-to-have-president-from-pemba.html states that Obama was born outside of the U.S. While many of us here have
suspected that to be the case, Obama refuses to offer proof of where he was born, and insists that he was born in Hawaii.

Can you tell me how you know for a fact that Obama was born in East Africa?

Thank you.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

The editor of The Citizen replied:

Dear Editor,
What our writers in the story you refer to meant to highlight is Barack Obama’s ancestry. There is no doubt that the President’s father, Barack Obama Sr, was a Kenyan, who went to study in the United States and met his mother at university. Surely, the people in the US, the most sophisticated country on earth, have all the research capability to put these rubbish claims to rest. President Obama was born in Hawaii. Isn’t that part of the US? To us in Africa, the increasing lies about Mr Obama’s birthplace are proof of the racism that is so ingrained in American society. Why don’t you send a team to Kenya to scour the records in the birth registry in Nairobi and Kisumu to see if there is any shred of evidence that Barack Obama Jr was born in Kenya? You have made great scientific breakthroughs, including landing a man on the moon, confirming that President Obama was, indeed, born in the US shouldn’t be that difficult.

The Post & Email’s open reply to the editor of The Citizen is:

In my email to you, I did not make a claim of where Obama was born, nor did I mention Kenya.  I was asking how you came to the conclusion that he was born in East Africa, as stated in your article.  The writers did not mention Obama’s father, whose foreign birth and allegiance automatically disqualify him from holding the office of president.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states:

“No person…except a natural born Citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of President…” The definition of “natural born Citizen” is “not only birth on U.S. soil but also birth to parents who are both U.S. citizens by birth or naturalization. This unity of jus soli (soil) and jus sanguinis (descent) in the child at the time of birth assures that the child is born with sole allegiance (obligation of fidelity and obedience to government in consideration for protection that government gives (U.S. v. Kuhn, 49 F.Supp.407, 414 (D.C.N.Y)) and loyalty to the United States and that no other nation can lay any claim to the child’s (later an adult) allegiance and loyalty.”  That alone disqualifies Obama, regardless of where he was born.  Editor’s Note: Thank you to Atty. Mario Apuzzo for the research.

Others from Obama’s Democrat Party have agreed that citizenship is determined through the father.

Since you never mentioned Hawaii in your article, how do you know Obama was born there?  What proof have you seen that Americans have not? If you have proof of that, we in the United States would greatly appreciate seeing it.

Why do you mention racism when in your original article you said:

For more than 200 years US citizen could not pick a president who has roots outside the country. This might have been the result of racism or belief that a person other than ‘original’ US citizen was capable of effectively leading the powerful nation and help it to maintain its values.

But after political changes globally, and strengthening of democracy, things have changed in the US. We witnessed last year a senator with his origins from east Africa, Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, becoming the first black US president. He won the race on Democrat ticket and was sworn on January 20, 2009 as US president.

So first “racism” prohibited someone with foreign ties from becoming president, then according to your article, this hurdle was overcome, only to now reappear since I have asked a question?

When someone seals all of his records, it is difficult to find the truth.  With so many accounts of where Obama might have been born (Kenya, East Africa, Hawaii, Canada, Washington State), and his refusal to release any personal information with the collusion of the courts, U.S. Congress and the governors of every state, it is impossible for us to know.  Even Obama himself has admitted that there is controversy over his “citizenship” but refuses to put the matter to rest by releasing his birth certificate and other relevant information.

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  1. Sharon,

    I suggest you write back and ask how they got the idea that Obama’s middle name is “Abdallah”. Even assuming Obama was born in Hawaii and his COLB is valid, the COLB does not list his middle name as “Abdallah”. Where did that come from? Further, you should ask what they mean when state Obama was not a “original” US Citizen. Do they mean that Obama’s ancestary roots are not in America which be common for many of our presidents or are they implying that Obama’s parent was an alien. I would like to see their responses.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Already done! http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/07/15/response-received-from-editor-of-the-citizen-of-tanzania/

  2. If The Citizen was not stating that Oilbama was not born in the US, then bringing up his election in 2008 for POTUS had no place in their article about a candidate from “Pemba” running in Tanzania. They’re either poor writers or poor liars.

  3. The reply sounds contrived Sharon. You should ask where they got the idea that Obama’s middle name is ” Abdallah”. That has never mentioned by anyone until now. The response also make no sense regarding the following passage:

    “For more than 200 years US citizen could not pick a president who has roots outside the country. This might have been the result of racism or belief that a person other than ‘original’ US citizen was capable of effectively leading the powerful nation and help it to maintain its values.”

    It is well-known that many many past Presidents have had their roots or ancestry outside the country. (JFK for example; he was Irish.) Of course, the parents of our past presidents have always been naturalized as US Citizens at the time of the president’s birth. We know that Obama’s father was clearly an alien and never naturalized. But, I doubt that this article was attempting to state that Obama’s father was alien. Even if we are to assume the Obots claim that NBC means simply being born in this country, I have feeling that Kenya might assume that fact as well. But, they clearly state that Obama was not an “original” citizen which in the most liberal sense would mean that he was NOT born in the US.

    I think the plain meaning of the article is establish that Obama wasn NOT born in the US rather than to establish that Obama was born to an alien.

  4. Unless I missed it, it has not been mentioned that Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution is in place to hopefully insure that the POTUS has no alliegence to any country other than the United States of America, where he was/is born, of legal American citizens. Plain and simple. Seems those who bring race into the factor, forget there were black men and women also involved in the founding of America.

    1. Yes, Bob. and these journalist clowns bragging about having seen the COLB don’t even question the Senior’s race stated as “African”.

      (It’s a Continent, you fools.) Yet, they put it out there that Sarah Palin “didn’t even know Africa was a Continent” back during the campaign when they were studying the phony COLB.

      They are in on it.

  5. The Citizen article says “For more than 200 years US citizen could not pick a president who has roots outside the country.” All US citizens have “roots outside the country.” if you are just talking about where their ancestors came from. If, instead, you are talking about a naturalized citizen, then this statement by the article makes sense. The Citizens response that they were talking about Obama’s ancestry is nonsense. If “roots outside the country” refers to ancestry, then all of our Presidents that we’ve elected have “roots outside the country.” The only sensible reading of the article is that they meant the Obama was not born in the US.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That was my impression as well. Let’s see if they answer my latest query!

  6. Abdallah. Yes. Could someone please ask where they came up with THAT name? Have these reporters seen Obama’s original birth certificate?

    We don’t know for sure that our POTUS had British citizenship (or Kenyan, or whatever) because nobody knows FOR SURE who his parents were. Does anyone accept at face value that unprovenanced, photoshopped, digital image on a partisan blog taken from a campaign advertisement?

    Here’s what they wrote: “For more than 200 years US citizen [sic] could not pick a president who has roots outside the country.”

    This is completely untrue. Other presidents had “roots” outside the country. What we couldn’t do, which is banned by the Constitution, is to “pick a president” who is not a “natural born citizen,” meaning not born in this country to two US citizen parents. So long as the parents were naturalized US citizens prior to the birth of the candidate in the US, they could have been born in Zanzibar, for all the Constitution cares.

    They wrote, “This might have been the result of racism or [a] belief that a person other than [an] ‘original’ US citizen was capable of effectively leading the powerful nation and help [sic] it to maintain its values.”

    Boy, nice TWO choices there. Racism or (in effect) xenophobia. No thought given at all to national security, which requires absolute allegiance from the person who holds the most powerful office in the land–exactly the reason for the “natural born citizen” requirement.

    So are they admitting that Obama is not an “original US citizen?” If he had any citizenship at birth other than US citizenship, he’s NOT an original US citizen, so he cannot lead this nation. Not legally.

    But nothing has changed in the US other than an apparent willingness by some to flout the clear requirements spelled out in OUR Constitution.

    btw, while this editor throws around unfounded charges of racism, I wonder if he would welcome as a Zanzibari candidate, say, a mixed-race woman born in California to a Zanzibari mother and a US citizen father. Hmmm? I wonder what requirements their Constitution places upon candidates. And why.

    Then they wrote, “We witnessed last year a senator with his origins from east Africa, Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, becoming the first black US president.”

    What exactly does “origins from east Africa” mean?

    Interesting that the editor seems much more literate and precise than his writers, although more sarcastic. Is he on the list for WH talking points?

    Yes, most certainly if somebody did search the records in Africa, there would be no “shred of evidence” that “Barack Obama Jr.” was born there. Not now. But let’s play the name game. How about Barack Hussein Obama II? Or “Barack Abdallah Husein Obama”? Or Barrack Hussein Obama? How many names does this guy have? Or are we talking about several different persons?

    1. Sapphire, these are my points as well. I agree with you. There have been several articles which used the vague term “origins” which could mean anything. That’s my point.

      A little bit of truth needs to come out regarding who he really is. No one really knows. I agree.

  7. TexomaEd, Abdullah is super common, means “slave of Allah,” & was name of “prophet” Muhammad’s father, which is interesting since Muhammad invented this allegedly monotheistic (not!) religion/ideology but yet this Allah that his dad’s name refers to already existed as one of many pagan gods in the Kaaba

  8. Joseph – is this ambiguous?

    Kenyan Ministers their General Assembly debate say that Obama is “born in Kenya”, “not a native born American”, and should “repatriate”.


    Here is a Catalog of Evidence prepared by Attorney Mario Apuzzo showing dozens of statements indicating Obama was not born in Hawaii but instead was born in Kenya.


    Put this evidence before a convened Federal Grand Jury showing what Obama proffers as evidence he was born in Hawaii and what evidence pointing to his being born in Kenya, and I am sure they will vote to further investigate the possibility that a crime and fraud has been committed with the fraudulent birth registration of Obama as being born in Hawaii done in 1961 by his maternal grandmother.

    1. There are plenty of headlines (again, from nebulous people or sources) that are bold. There are several that are vague.

      If they are saying all that in Parliamentary minutes, why should it be so hard for one of them to produce the smoking gun?

      If you noticed who I am and what I’ve said up to this point, you’ll realize that I know he can’t prove he was born in Hawaii. Beyond that, the biggest lie out there and the most obvious one is that HE WAS NOT BORN AT KAPIOLANI. Guaranteed.

  9. Addressing Rick’s comment at the top. We suspect his mother is Jewish, not white. There is a big difference there.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Would you be willing to share your research with The Post & Email?

    1. Mrs. Rondeau:

      Good job … sic ’em. If you communicate again you might ask where the got the name “Abdallah” to go along with the B, H, &O
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I had planned that to be my next question!

    2. Ruth Nidesand, now known as Mrs. Ndesandjo. A Jewish woman from New York and a teacher involved with Obama Sr right around the time of the “marriage” of Stanley Ann. She also had a child in the early 60s and went straight to Africa where she still lives. She bore three sons, two by Obama Sr.: Mark (China) and David (deceased at 18 – they claim in a motorcycle accident) and another son, by a mysterious Tanzanian coincidentally named Ndesandjo. Joseph who lives in Texas owns a surveillance company and received some award. Though he is not related to Barky by blood, he is his spitting image…I’ll post his picture. I wonder if the president is David. I really do. I do not see an iota of resemblance of the current president with any of the childhood and preteen pictures that are out there. I often wonder why no one has yet done an age progression on the various pictures. They claim this man is not related to The One.


      I find it intriguing. I wonder if the new barky came to Hawaii in his teens.

      Here’s Ruth. hmmmmm


      Mark Ndesandjo wrote an autobiography but refused to divulge his age. What’s up with that?

  10. Forget the “birth place” . We know he wasn’t born here and so do “they.” That is not the only thing which makes Barry S ineligible! His father was a British Subject and THAT makes him ineligible to be potus. Don’t need to worry about where he was born. ps: What are all those bleeding heart liberals and the black caucus gonna do when they find out the “annointed one” isn’t even black? Mommy was a white girl and daddy was an ARAB.

    1. You and I thoroughly agree. I don’t understand why THIS is not the issue. So easy to prove that it’s staring everyone in the face. His father was a British subject . . . .END OF STORY!!

      1. And because his father was a British subject, Obama was born a British subject (by descent)and born subject to a foreign power. Naturalized citizens are also persons who were born subject to a foreign power, and we know that they are not eligible to be President. Therefore, Obama is ineligible for the same reason that naturalized citizens are ineligible — they were both born subject to a foreign power. A natural born citizen of the US is born subject only to the power of the US.

      2. Agree, why don’t they just kick him out of the WH because his father was a British subject? Why? Because “they” want to bust him really bad, but they don’t have the nerve. So they use the stupid excuse that they need to see his birth certificate and know where he was born! And now, they’ve glommed onto those 2 things for so long, that it’s hard for them to change the focus onto the British subject issue. It’s like they don’t have the balls to go after the thing that the easiest and staring them in the face. They have to dick around with the other issues!

  11. On Foxnews Greta show, they just showed the new computer tool, e-verify. They’ve checked if George Washington would be eligible for employment. I wonder what would they find if they checked the credentials of Barack Abdallah Hussein Obama?

  12. Let’s be honest, it seems all these reports just say the ambiguous, “Obama has origins in East Africa.”

    You and I both know that that does NOT mean he was born there. It’s just a tease. I’m not saying he wasn’t but it doesn’t seem like many of these sites actually say outright that he was born there, anymore.

  13. It would be interesting to know where these two writers got their facts. Do they have evidence or a testimonial, or is it all just common knowledge in that part of the world?

    The name Abdallah should be researched. Maybe it leads to a person or persons with that family name who might know something.

  14. Wow! To think that most of that region of Africa knows more about the birthplace of barry soetero than the actual citizens of America is staggering. This places many government officials as violators of MISPRISION OF FELONY: U.S. CODE, TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 1, SECTION 4:
    ‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

    Think of the sloppy non-vetting process this liar-in-chief via the DNC election fraud was confirmed by. More people know of his origins outside the country than most voters do. Amazing! This is beyond comprehension. And to think, no media will discuss it. Lets see, that puts thousands of people at possible indictment for the cover up in usurping the White House.

    1. Good observation. Is this even a Tanzanian interest? Why would so many articles be about obama? This warrants further investigation. In the broader scope of suspicion why promote a further source of confirming his foreign birth from a neighboring country?

    1. I thought I’d take a look at their meeting mintues since March 25, 2010 and see if they’ve made anymore “Oilbama born in Kenya” comments. I’ve only looked at a couple and haven’t found any. What I have found, however, is that the Kenyan Ministers seem to know more about the writing of our Constitution and our Founding Fathers (the remark that they were all slave owners excluded) than do most Americans! Look at the meeting minutes of March 31, 2010 to see for yourself.