Grand Jury Indicts Nine Contractor Workers for Accessing Obama’s Student Loan Records

EACH FACES POSSIBLE ONE YEAR IN PRISON AND $100,000 FINE IF CONVICTED by Debra Mullins (May 13, 2010) — On Wednesday, May 12, 2010, nine former contract workers from the U.S Department of Education were indicted on charges they “intentionally exceeded authorized access to a computer” by accessing Mr. Obama’s student loan records without authorization […]

The Eligibility Question has been answered

KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! EXPANDED by Arnie Rosner (May 13, 2010) — There is no point in discussing or debating the eligibility issue further. The legal basis is well-established and requires no additional response. We must no longer permit ourselves to be victimized by divisive progressives who have been trained to employ the Alinsky strategy […]

Update on Columbia Trial

CITIZENS’ GRAND JURY TRIAL SCHEDULED FOR MAY 14-19, 2010 by Sharon Rondeau (May 13, 2010) — The Columbia Treason and Sedition Trial organized by Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH Ministries with support from American Grand Jury (AGJ) begins this Friday in Harlem, NY. Dr. Manning has stated that he has conclusive evidence that Barack […]