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by Sharon Rondeau

The Tupolev-154 destined for Smolensk, Russia, was a Soviet-built aircraft from the 1960s

(Apr. 30, 2010) — A report in an Azerbaijani online newspaper is vouching for the authenticity of a video  identified as the immediate aftermath of the Polish airline crash on April 10 which killed 96 Polish government, banking and other officials, including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife.

The article states that the Polish Military Prosecutor’s Office has affirmed that “The video made several minutes after the crash of Polish president’s plane in Russia is true.”

Kaczynski had been an outspoken critic of Russia and had warned against what he perceived as its expansionist intent into formerly eastern-bloc countries.  He had also opposed the purchase of gas from Russia, which the current prime minister, Donald Tusk, apparently favors.  Investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister provides a video report here.

An article dated today refers to Tusk as “Russia-friendly.”

After the crash, one writer referred to Kaczynski as the U.S.’s “strongest European ally.”

The Azerbaijani news service began reporting on a 24-hour/day basis on January 25, 2010 and boasts publication in five languages.  It states that “The agency was accredited at the Council of Europe, State Department and Russian foreign ministry. It is working with many analytical centers of the world, including Stratfor Global Intelligence Company.” A news report in French from the APA website today discusses the Armenian genocide of 1918.

The video of the Polish air crash has been widely disseminated on the internet and can be viewed here.

A website which predicts “the resurrection of the USSR”  is reporting that the videographer who had allegedly filmed and uploaded the video to the internet was stabbed in Kiev, Ukraine five days afterward.  The same report states that he was hospitalized but removed from life support equipment and murdered while in the hospital.

The site links to what is identified as the story in Polish:

Film, który zepewne już wszyscy widzeli, autor
tego filmu Adrij Mendierej , któremu wbito noż w
okolicach Kijowa 15 Kw.2010 roku został
przewieżony w tragicznym stanie do szpitala w
Kijowie , gdzie 16 kwietnia dwóch nieznanych ludzi
odłączyło mu respirator. J po raz kolejny wbito mu
3 razy nóż. Andrij zmarł po południu o15.03 czasu
Moskiewskiego 16 kwietnia 2010 roku. Ale
oczywiście jest to przypadek wg ROSYJSKIEGO RZĄDU

The translation of which is provided as:

Author of the video seen by everyone by now has been stabbed near Kijow on 4.15 and transported in critical condition to the hospital in Kijow. On 4.16 three unidentified individuals unplugged him from life support system and stabbed him 3 more times. Andrij was pronounced dead that afternoon. Russian government claims it was a coincidence.

The Polish Parliament is discussing the plane crash today.

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  1. Such a tragic loss for democracy. I suspected foul play immediately when the Russians insisted on investigating the crash. My heavens to think there were survivors and to just shoot them in cold blood. Horriffic.
    And equally sad is the videographer’s brutal death.

  2. As soon as I heard about the crash of the Polish officials plane, I said it was definitely Putin. He is a Communist thug and these Polish officials called him out on many issues, with much courage. Putin is dangerous and a complete thug. I also saw the news feed of Putin walking among the wreckage just after the crash. He was trying to make sure they were all dead. I hope his own arrogance will expose him for the complete tyrannical thug that he is.

    1. I agree with everything you have written here, True Patriot. Putin’s murderous thugs could have drugged or brainwashed the Polish pilot. They are totally unscrupulous.