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by Sharon Rondeau

The two most convincing documents of Obama's birth in Kenya have been pulled from the internet today.

(Apr. 15, 2010) — Suddenly, the official website of the Kenyan Parliament has been completely redesigned and “updated,” revealing that the November 5, 2008 Hansard, or Minutes, of the Parliament meeting in which many references to Obama’s  Kenyan birth and roots were made, has been removed.  The Post & Email had just published an extensive dissemination of the document last night which can be read here.

Now when the link from The Post & Email article referenced above is selected, the following error message is displayed:

Not Found

The requested URL /parliament/downloads/Tenth Parl 1st Session/Hansard/5.11.08A.pdf was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.6 (Fedora) Server at www.parliament.go.ke Port 80

If a user requests a Hansard from 2008, the Parliament website shows that the Minutes are no longer on the server.

When this post was begun, the Minutes of the March 25, 2010 were available on the Parliament site.  Now they have been scrubbed also.

The Hansards from dates both before and after March 25, 2010 are still available by clicking on their respective links from the Kenyan Parliament website.  So why has the March 25, 2010 document been removed?

Shouldn’t this information be available to the Kenyan people for their review?  Isn’t it part of the public records of that country?

If Obama was born in Hawaii as he claims, why has this information been removed from the internet? If the information contained in those documents isn’t true, why doesn’t Obama refute it instead of hiding behind a COLB supposedly from Hawaii which has been debunked as a forgery?

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  1. For all that may have not obtained a personal copy of the relevant statement made by James Orengo, Minister of Lands, and Member of Parliament in Kenya on 25 March 20010, that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a native born American, here is a screen shot of that relevant statement found on page 31 of the National Assembly’s minutes/public record for the debate for that day:


    CDR Kerchner

  2. Megyn and Bill made light of the issue. No help there other than the extra pubicity. Either cluess or part of the effort to hide the truth. I already boycott the other LSM and I am having second thoughts about Fox too.

      1. syc1959,

        the document you linked to and the document I linked to are two separate documents.

        the document I linked to has the info there contained in thepostemail.com’s earlier posting:


        a simple search of keywords in thepostemail.com’s article (i.e., Kogelo) will show they do not appear in the document you provided. They do appear in the link I provided.

  3. What the Kenyan government did is make less years available and for the years that are still online, you now have to download the document to read them. Before they were loaded automatically as a web page when you clicked on them. Thus all the links spread far and wide no longer work and thus it slows down the spread of the statement. When the Obots can’t completely kill something then they do everything they can to slow it down and also will try to discredit it.

    CDR Kerchner

  4. Scrub all they want. Thousands have downloaded the pdf file already so what difference does it make? If any media source wants a copy of the full pdf file I can send them all they want.

  5. I e-mailed Megyn and set her straight that it’s Obama’s father that makes him ineligible to serve. I enlightened her to DeVattel’s Law of Nation’s, Book I, Chapter 19, Section 212 as well as where she can fine the “Law of Nations” referenced in the U.S. Constitution (Art. I Sect.8 Cl. 10). My closing comment was, “Do you really think that after fighting a seven year war with Britian, that our Founders would allow the son of a British citizen to serve as their president?”

    When will these people finally get it?

  6. Let’s not be too hasty. The March 25th document has been restored, and I don’t see anything about it that has been altered. It may just be a matter of a day or two before the Nov. 5th, 2008 information is restored.

    The site has probably been overwhelmed since the information contained in the March 25th record was discovered. This may have required an update, or the heavy load could have crashed the server.

    Be patient. I have copies of both the March 25th, 2010 and the Nov. 5th, 2008 record saved on my computer. If needed, I will make sure to make them available.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: But it is very strange that those documents disappeared whereas others are still available. The Parliament Minutes before and after March 25, 2010 are still available. I did notice, however, that the March 25 Minutes seemed to have been restored. The link from the article published last night did not work, the last I checked.

    1. I emailed Megyn all 5 letters available at http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility” so hopefully she will read them. They all have FACTS why BO isn’t eligible. They are all open letters, please feel free to use any or all of them however you wish…tons of contact info. including fax numbers available there too!

    2. Be interesting to see if Fox does a hit piece on LTC Lakin and the “birthers”. I hope Megyn ask O’Reilly to tell her exactly what the “proof” is he has seen that conviences him Obama is a natural born citizen.

      I don’t think I can watch….

  7. Thug, dictatorial politics is alive and well in Kenya.. What can you expect from a country who spawned the most evil gangster Usurper?

  8. I just went to the Kenyan site, clicked on the “Hansard” tab, and found that the 2008 documents are no longer listed. However, when I clicked on 2010, I was able to find and download the March 25 minutes, and saw the page with the discussion on Obama.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, I also found that to work after publishing today’s article. It’s interesting, though, that the link in the story we published last night is inactive.

  9. If the information contained in those documents isn’t true…
    …why aren’t the documents plus document(s) that highlight and correct the errors available? That would make the most sense to me.