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by Sharon Rondeau

Michelle Obama, who stated that Kenya was her husband's "home country" in August 2008

(Apr. 3, 2010) — Michelle Obama’s speech to the GLBT community from August 26, 2008 during which she referred to Kenya as her husband’s “home country” is missing that reference on Obama’s Facebook page.

The part of the transcript containing the reference reads:

“He also supported, in his career, full funding for the Ryan White Care Act and has pledged…(Applause) a national HIV/AIDS strategy to combat this continuing epidemic right here in the United States.  (Applause)

“He has also spoken out against the stigma surrounding HIV testing, which is still plaguing so many of our communities, which you all know—a lot of that is due to homophobia.  Barack has led by example.  When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test—-for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested.   We did it….. (Applause)”

The video, unearthed earlier today and rapidly distributed across the internet, is below.

Obama’s Facebook page contains the following transcript of Michelle Obama’s speech that day:

He has supported full funding for the Ryan White CARE Act and has pledged to implement a national HIV/AIDS strategy to combat the continuing epidemic in the United States. He has also spoken out against the stigma surrounding HIV testing, a stigma tied all too often to homophobia. And he’s led by example: On our trip to Kenya, we both took a public HIV test.

The Facebook transcript is taken from the full article published in “The Advocate,” a gay/lesbian newspaper,  in October 2008, prior to the presidential election.  That article is also missing the reference to Obama’s “home country of Kenya.”

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  1. The little dearheart of course is going to try to lie ……but alot of people kept that video …….

    And it shows his ‘home country in kenya’ ……

    In short the commie in chief was born in KENYA …….

    According to BO’s WIFE and Grand ma……..

  2. I think the remark by Michelle was off-script, but she thought telling her Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual and Transgender audience that Barry was from Kenya, a country with a very high HIV/AIDS rate, would impress them. She said what she meant to say, and would certainly not want to confuse that audience.

  3. It is interesting that this video has shown up on the web so near April Fools Day.

    Michelle did speak rather off the cuff and without considering the PR consequences of her comments during the campaign. Did she really make the statements on the video? The quality of the video on my machine is poor and any editing would not necessarily be detectable. Has anyone checked the voice prints of this video with a known Michelle sample?

    Remember the gotcha BC from Kenya? Before accepting the video as “proof,” carefully check it out with all the tools at your disposal.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I think the video is authentic. It has shown up in various shades of quality, but the words are the same, and the Obots are going crazy!

  4. I emailed Rush last night and sent him the articles. He played Michelle Obama’s speech from this article at the end of his show!!! YAY!!! I hope he keeps playing it over and over like he did with the Dingle tape…”You have to control the people”….

  5. Immediately after the November Mid Terms the very first order of business for the new Congress should be to see Mr. Obama impeached! Michelle Obama is openly mocking the Constitution by calling Kenya the pResident’s “home country!”

  6. Excellent catch! VERY telling, isn’t it?

    Has anyone sent a FOIA request for FBI files related to Madelyn, Stanley Ann, and Stanley Sr.? All are deceased. Therefore, all their files, if any, ought to be accessible.

    Given their associations, it would be difficult to believe if told there are no files on any of them at the FBI. Frank Marshall Davis ought to have quite the bodacious FBI file, too.

    FOIA should work for all of them. Anything in those files with regard to Obama would be redacted, of course; but the rest ought to be readily available.

    If they won’t release them, then that would be quite telling.

  7. Interesting how these videos are surfacing now. I saw two different videos of this same speech. Are there some gays angry that Obama hasn’t placated them and their agenda fast enough and now they are spilling the beans? I have both videos posted on my facebook accnt and youtube page.

    Hopefully, more people will be revealing the extremely damaging truth about Obama so we can get this stinking pro-radical Islam, commie butt out of our White House post haste.

    BTW, are you on Facebook? if not, you should be.

    1. I emailed the Fla AG last night with these two articles and the videos. He was given the Presentments last summer and I reminded him of that as well. All the work has been done for him. Here is the letter.

      Dear Sir,
      I am sending you two very important and compelling articles that were posted in The Post&Email yesterday WITH VIDEO at the end of the article. The editor, Mr. Charlton, is a very reliable and responsible man, and I depend on him.  I know that you received the Presentments last summer from the American Grand Jury about Obama.  The work done by that wonderful group of patriots and these two articles are the best evidence that we have so far. The military is being hung out to dry and what they are doing to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is unconscionable.  What was done to Major Cook is despicable.  Remember that the Pentagon rescinded his orders!  I am very concerned that there will be no fair elections…likely no elections at all in November.  Holder dropped the case against the Black Panthers who interfered with the Republican voters in Philadelphia!  I know you love this country as much as I do.  I love America with all my heart and soul and I will never stop fighting the good fight.   Please help us save our country and be a hero, not only for the citizens of Florida, but for the entire country!!!  Time is of the essence.  Please help us get rid of the Communist Regime in DC.   



      Thank you and God bless you.

      live oak, RN.

      I am waiting for my computer generated reply…. lol

    1. @Bob1943,
      You can save videos by taking screen shots. I don’t know how to do it either, but if you have any friends that knows computers, they can help you.