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News Analysis by Harry Hunter

Sen. John S. McCain (R-AZ)

(Feb. 25, 2010) — Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose weak-kneed 2008 campaign against Barack Obama could suggest complicity in election fraud, is now openly campaigning for re-election by attacking those who question Obama’s eligibility for office. In a move that entangles McCain more deeply than ever with the tar-baby of Obama’s eligibility, McCain has released a television ad that links his Republican primary opponent, Congressman J. D. Hayworth, with alleged “conspiracy theory” advocates Orly Taitz and Philip Berg.

The ad can be viewed in YouTube form here.  McCain’s message is that Taitz and Berg are obsessed with the “conspiracy theory” that Obama is not a natural born U. S. citizen because he was born a subject/citizen of Britain and that the “only difference” between Congressman Hayworth and the conspiracy-obsessed Taitz/Berg is that Hayworth is running for the U.S. Senate. In making this argument, McCain is, strangely enough, contradicting Obama’s open admission that his father was a British citizen and that British law governed Obama’s own birth status. Apparently it is OK for Obama to state the (partial) truth about his birth status, but if others do so, they are kind-of nutty—certainly not serious and responsible like McCain.

In fairness to McCain, his attack ad does claim some positive ground as well. The ad says the senator is “protecting our nation” and that “character matters.” However, McCain did nothing to protect our nation from the election farce that put a man born with foreign allegiance in the White House; indeed, McCain was part of that farce and is now campaigning by defending Obama’s fraudulent election. That sort of protection the nation could do without. As for character, yes, it matters, and one hopes Arizona Republicans will look McCain straight in the mouth before they robotically return him to the Senate.

Orly Taitz is up in arms over how she was used in McCain’s ad, and she is calling for McCain to meet her face-to-face in a televised forum. Since McCain has implied that wishing to uphold the Constitution is tantamount to a conspiracy theory, it would seem only fair to let Taitz reply to the accusation. Her website displays a headline for one post on Feb. 25 that suggests how she might reply:

Is McCain aiding and abetting Obama because he was born in the city of Colon, Panama, which was not a military base and not the zone of Panama canal, therefore McCain committed fraud by running for President?

It is not as though McCain is lacking in factual information about Barack Obama’s ineligibility for the presidency. Such data were even conveyed to him recently by one of Orly Taitz’s supporters, and on Jan. 13, 2010, McCain sent Orly a personal letter (“Dear Orly”) on the subject. The letter and Orly’s comments on it are found here. She sums up McCain’s position thus:

In his letter McCain tried to show himself sympathetic to the issue of Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency, but stated that his hands are tied by the issue of separation of powers, in that this issue needs to be decided by the courts without interference by Congress.

The courts have said they cannot do anything because this is a political matter for Congress to deal with, and now McCain says Congress cannot do anything because the courts are involved. How sweet it must be to have mutual cop-outs. But obviously McCain never had any intention of doing anything about the worst violation of our Constitution in the last century and a half, at least. Some demonstration of character that is.

Some suggest McCain might actually be committing political suicide by defending Obama’s eligibility, since the Arizona legislature is moving toward requiring candidates for the presidency to document their eligibility in 2012. The resolution to do just that is sponsored by 40 out of 90 state legislators, and the resolution has already been approved by a House committee. Yet McCain has, in effect, ridiculed his own state legislature as filled with “conspiracy-theory” advocates. So who is really out of touch in Arizona? Here is the heart of the pending Arizona HB 2441) :


That should be enough to keep both Barack Obama and John McCain out of the 2012 presidential election. But a number of court challenges to Obama’s eligibility are moving inexorably toward resolution, the 2010 elections are looming ever closer, and if the United States government wishes to claim any hope of legitimacy, Obama could be impeached or forced to resign well before 2012 ballots are printed.

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  1. For a source for Soros’ financial support for McCain see David Horowitz “Shadow Party”.
    His references are in the book. I’d guess the information is also on Horowitz’ news site Frontpage.com or his Discover the Networks. Try p143 of Horowitz’ book which lists Soros’ Open Society Institute, along with the ultra-left Tides Foundation, the Proteus Fund, Echosphere and the Educational Foundation. Soros also provided $3.3 million to the Brennen Center which provided much of the research used in the McCain Feingold case. Soros was very much the force behind McCain Feingold.

  2. McCain is so pathetic. He should have retired, and I doubt the good citizens of Arizona will elect him again. If they do elect him, they will have absolutely no right to complain. Perhaps he will be charged with aiding and abetting treason with the others. No amount of money or gold or silver will save them.
    GO ORLY!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. Correction on my last post (I hit send before proof reading) I meant if obama in office illegal !!!!!! Fat fingers typing to fast can sometimes get a person in trouble. Sorry!!!!!

  4. Could Senator McCain be stonewalling on the brither issue due to the fact he is also involved in wanting the NWO?
    If he is guilty and facts come out proving Obama legally in office then he is guilty of treason also, in other words he wants to shut us up before the scandal hits the fan and he comes out stinking also!

  5. Excellent article and excellent, well-thought and factual replies. We can give McCain the most generous benefit of doubt and say he was unaware of Obama’s ineligibility during the 2008 elections. That would excuse him then but not now. He has admitted he is now aware of the issue and has either not bothered to look into it or is condoning Obama’s actions. Either way he is now part of the conspiracy, and the more he says the deeper the hole he is digging himself into. His self-proclaimed label of “Maverick” means nobody can count on him – he is an equal opportunity backstabber. If he would have gotten out of the way and let a decent candidate run in 2008 we might not have a usurper in the White House now. McCain has to go – either into retirement or prison!

  6. J.D. Hayworth Publicly Throws Birthers Under the Bus:


    (h/t Linda from NY at Citizen Wells)

    Too bad, but not really a surprise. Guess where Hayworth did it? Why on our old friend Bill O’Reilly’s show. What a surprise.

    I’ll still take eligibility being talked about by these jokers since it probably causes (some) people to investigate further. Anyway, it won’t be the MSM (like BO’R) and politicians that will bring the eligibility issue to a head, it will be pressure and investigation from the new media of the internet (like P&E, etc.) with concerned citizens.

    We’re making progress and we have numbers, our critics wouldn’t be bringing eligibility up this much if it weren’t so. Consider the name calling and obfuscation a wind (so much hot air) that causes us to work harder to push on to the goal.

  7. “On every question of construction[of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed”
    Thomas Jefferson June 12, 1823-letter to Judge William Johnson

    Pretty much says it all.

  8. The “Vice” Presidential candidate MUST also be made to prove that he is “Natural-Born” given the fact that he is first in line should the POTUS die or is unable by law to continue as POTUS. No ONE should attain to the office oif POTUS who is NOT a Natural-Born American.

  9. Mystery solved…charge McCain and Obama with treason..McCain has ridden that POW horse all his life. Time for him to be exposed as well and to be a Prisoner once more.

  10. I’m convinced now more than ever McCain is a RINO. I have blame for him not demanding Obama’s documents when he should have. Orly,I’m proud of you i would love to see you take him on. Since you’ve made that challenge public and he has used YOU in his campaign,if he runs from it he is chicken s%$#! Push him Orly-

  11. Panama-born near Annapolis drop-out, one-time North Vietnam and USSR Military Intelligence Adviser and (five US aircraft destroyed) effective North Vietnam air “ace and life-time RINO,” Mr McRainman, is, for his serial treasons, owned by the Billy-Bubbah Blythe (“Cli’ton”) “Democratic”-potty-activist-stacked CIA — and, not a Natural Born American, by the similarly “staffed” and run FEC.

    Mr McRainman will stop propping the sail-eared simpleton about the time the latter publishes his own kindergarten records, releases his student-alien (he was then an Indonesian) college records, owns up to being a sleeper Muslim, to loving every word the reverend Wright and his pal Calypso Louis ever spewed and to being an intimate of his terrorist ghostwriter. And explains his travels to Taliban-over-run Pakistan at a time when our government prohibited Americans from traveling to Pakistan.

  12. Since there apparently is strong AZ state legislative support for stricter eligibility proofs, I suspect there is also good popular support in AZ for the same. Thus it may be that McCain’s ad will work against him, or at least not harm his opponent.

    William Jacobson at his blog Legal Insurrection, certainly no supporter of the eligibility cause in regard to BO, nevertheless has pointed out that the “birther” strategy has been a losing one for Democrats:


    I would also disagree with Prof. Jacobson that the “birther” label is on its face toxic (even if he thinks it’s unwise for an opponent to focus on it). A large number of people think it is reasonable that BO must still demonstrate that he was ever eligible, whether in relation to place of birth, or regarding questions of foreign adoption or natural born citizenship. Substantial support for the eligibility issue by average citizens can be demonstrated in a number of ways, but quickly in the huge numbers of signatures (over 500,000) that World Net Daily was able to generate for its petition to disclose the birth certificate. I recall few issues that could generate those numbers. If people are asking for eligibility proof from BO more so than previous candidates, it is because there are three glaring issues related to BO that have not been properly investigated/resolved and he has been suspiciously secretive in keeping relevant records sealed.

    All this to say that again, as the eligibility issue continues to surface, even when it is portrayed negatively, it has such power based on a few key facts that, once people learn those facts, they often do not react with derision, but with the view that this issue still needs to be dealt with. So go ahead John McCain, let’s talk about eligibility issues in public, we’re glad you brought it up.

  13. I think you have hit on the answer as to why it wasn’t brought up in the campaign by either side. Neither candidate satisfied the requirements of Article 2, so the Campaigns agreed to “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. They may have even solicited the complicity of the “Free” press “For the good of the country”- and let the best man win. It may be McCain doesn’t want to let go of the dream quite yet so he continues the charade.

  14. McCain needs to stay clear. I expect that his attorneys would prevent him from making any statements about eligibility. McCain himself was and is ineligible. It’s hard not to wonder if his candidacy was designed to provide cover for Obama. McCain has watched while constitutional lawyers did his bidding for ten years or more, trying to justify the political ambitions of the politician/POW.

    Four congressional hearings and two law suits, dozens of briefs later to make the case for a Constitutional Amendment, there is no rational case that McCain was eligible. McCain was born in Colon, not in the Canal Zone. McCain did provide his birth certificate. But, if Professor Gabriel Chin, “Why John McCain cannot be president …” is correct, having been born in the Canal Zone would have made no difference. Panama was one of few countries in 1936 where the U.S. had a military base but had not consolidate legal jurisdiction for its Canal Zone. This ommission was addressed in 1937, the year after McCain was born.

    The real question, one which may never be addressed, is whether McCain, who received funds from George Soros, was part of a conspiracy to get a usurper into The White House? If McCain says anything, and some judge allows discovery, McCain will have put himself at risk. He can’t talk unless he takes a road he hasn’t taken before, that of putting his nation ahead of his personal ambition.

    Orly knows this only too well, having clarified what Berg didn’t say in their 2008 press conference in Washington (that event inspired me to learn something about our history and Consititution), that Obama was ineligible because his father was an alien. Orly probably learned that eligibility was a political issue requiring the support of citizens since federal judges are political appointees and, sadly, are susceptable to political pressure. She has, perhaps unavoidably, become vulnerable to the trap set by Obama when he concealed his documents. WND has helped, by making the issue one of unavailable documents rather than one of the certainty of the intent of our founders.

    It doesn’t matter where Obama was born, which passports he held or holds, whether or not he accepted foreign student aid at Occidental, Columbia or Harvard because he was born of an alien father. Look at what Obama is doing to our country. Does anyone think Obama holds allegiance to our Constitution or our founder’s principles? His father certainly didn’t, and that is the simple human principle enunciated by our founders from what used to be called The Law of Nature, which resulted in John Jay and George Washington including the term ‘natural born citizen’ in Article II of our Constitution.

    The Law of Nature and of Nations is the title of the course inaugurated by Thomas Jefferson at William and Mary College in 1779 for which the text was Vattel’s Law of Nations. Vattel remained the text until 1841. It was used at most other colleges, including the course by founder, principal author of the Constitution with Madison, and supreme court justice James Wilson in his 1790 course at The College of Philadelphia to elucidate the principles used replace British Common law. It is the text cited by Chief Justice John Marshall in the landmark citizenship case The Venus 12 U.S. 253 at paragraph 289 in which Marshall, perhaps the simplist and most concise writer of the supreme court, who attended William and Mary in 1880, said a natural born citizen is “born in the country of citizen parents.”

    Beck and Levine ignore these unarguable facts, possibly because once citizens know the truth some action must follow or we acquiesce to their truth that our Constitution is no longer the foundation of our laws. From Andy Stern, our laws are now determined by power, “the power of pursuasion, or the pursuasion of power.” Obama is ineligle to be president and knows it perfectly well. His constitutionl law professor at Harvard, Larry Tribe, wrote one of the briefs trying to cover for McCain’s ineligibility. Obama may be Larry’s last chance (he is 69) at a supreme court appointment. He will argue that original intent is passe. That is really what is behind Obama’s ineligibility. Neither McCain nor Obama claimed that he was a natural born citizen. Obama, probably truthfully, said he was a ‘native born U.S. Citizen.’ McCain let other’s argue that we must turn the other way because he was a POW.

    Our founders had good reason for Article II and Obama is their poster boy. Accepting Obama means we accept a son or daughter of Bin Laden, of Castro, of Ortega, born to a citizen or non-citizen wife in the U.S., and who was returned to the U.S., perhaps to attend Columbia and Harvard, fourteen years before the run for president. Our founders had anticipated risks with children of secret royalists. Royalist, Islamists, or communists, Article II was written to protect our freedoms. Polls taken in 2004 suggested that about 30% of the public supported a change in Article II (Chicago Tribune, 2004). I doubt polls today would be any different. Our common law is clear, frequently used and cited, and comes from the most popular legal reference between 1789 and 1821, Vattel’s Law of Nations (Grotrian Society Papers, 1972).

    1. This excellent article, together with the three excellent replies, should ‘go viral’. It is all here.

      I did not realize, at the time of the last Presidential election, that John McCain, was not Constitutionally eligible to be President of The United States, because of his foreign birth in Colon, Panama. I campaigned for John McCain, in the Presidential election, mainly because of his strong stand on National defense, including his bold stand on advocating a ‘surge’ of troops in Iraq, to defeat the insurgency. This was at a time, when the insurgency was at its most deadly and most widespread. Many political commentators said that this stand by McCain amounted to political suicide. John McCain deserves full credit for this selfless, bold stand.

      The traitor, Obama, on the other hand, was calling for a withdrawal of US troops “within 16 months”. This populist ploy by the opportunist Obama, gave enormous comfort and support to the murderous enemy at a time of WAR. It encouraged the insurgents to go out and MURDER even more brave American men and women, serving in Iraq. THIS WAS TREASON. Obama’s narcissistic ambition had no bounds.

      Obama is also a ‘Trojan Horse’ for all of those people who want to destroy The Constitution in order to progress their Political agendas. This includes Socialists, Communists and extreme Islamists from around the World, and within The USA, who realize that The Constitution is the barrier that is preventing them from achieving their objectives.

      There is another, much smaller group of people, the ‘New World Order’ capitalists, who want to destroy The Constitution. These people know that in order to control and enslave the American people, they must first destroy the supreme law of The USA, that guarantees our Freedom.

      We are in a life or death struggle for the survival of Liberty on our planet. John McCain, despite his service to his Country, during the Viet-nam war, and despite his strong and correct stand on defeating terrorism, is now ON THE WRONG SIDE, in this battle for the survival of Liberty.

      McCain, therefore deserves to lose the US Senate seat that he has occupied for so many years. It is not his seat. It’s The People’s seat. We The People will have our Country back. The best way to re-instate our suspended Constitution is to defeat John McCain and for the whole Country to see that his tacit support for the Constitutionally ineligible Usurper, Barack Obama, is the reason for his defeat.

      In the Presidential election, the Constitutionally ineligible McCain, gave cover for the Constitutionally ineligible Obama. McCain is continuing to cover for Obama, because to do otherwise would admit his culpability in the ineligibility scandal. If McCain admitted this, he would have to pay back the millions of dollars of public money that he accepted for his campaign funds. He would also face the possibility of jail time for election fraud.

      John McCain, if you were a true Patriot, you would now do the honorable thing and admit your election fraud and beg forgiveness from the American people. You are now a quisling, giving support to The Usurper, Obama. You will lose this US Senate election, because the people of Arizona must choose – ‘LIBERTY or McCain’. You don’t stand a chance.

      1. If you think the “murderous enemy” is some barefoot peasant in Iraq or Afghanistan you’ve really fallen down the rabbit hole. Obama, Bush, et al and their Illuminati / Zionist masters are the real murderers. As for the Iraqis and Afghans ask yourself what you would do if a foreign invader entered your country and dropped bombs on wedding parties and slaughtered your women and children.

      1. Nick, to clarify the quote that McCain received funds from Soros, that quote came not from my article above but from the Feb. 25 comment by Spaulding.

        And thanks, Mr. Chagouris, for the link to your article in Canada Free Press, which effectively replies to the ignorant, infantile ridicule that Glenn Beck heaps on those who rightly question Obama’s eligibility. It is especially appropriate to identify the propaganda technique–false dilemma–that Beck and O’Reilly have used to give false importance to two newspaper notices of a baby born in Hawaii. Interestingly, if the un-named baby was our president, some have noted that his parents never lived at the address cited in those birth notices. Besides, those newspaper blurbs would have automatically followed if Ann Dunham’s mother had simply filled out a Health Dept. form stating whatever she wanted to about her grandson. Hawaii had very lax policies on birth registration.