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by Sharon Rondeau

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Philadelphia, PA

(Feb. 23, 2010) — In an order dated February 22, 2010, the Hon. Judge Michael A. Chagares has granted the motion from Mario Apuzzo, Esq. to file an over-length appellant brief, thereby moving the case forward.

The limit normally allowed in such filings is 14,000 words, but Apuzzo’s contains 20, 477 words. According to Apuzzo’s statement on his website, the additional length was necessary due to “the extraordinary nature and complexity of the question of whether putative President Barack Obama is an Article II ‘natural born Citizen’ and therefore eligible to be President.”

The judge’s order granting the request  is here.  Apuzzo’s request can be read here.

Judge Chagares, a Bush appointee who began his commission in 2006 after Michael Chertoff vacated the seat, had previously worked as an assistant U.S. attorney and in private practice.  He was the dissenting voice on the Third Circuit’s three-judge panel which ruled on whether or not schools can discipline students for internet postings and communications involving school personnel which occur outside of school.  In his opinion, Chagares wrote, “”Neither the Supreme Court nor this Court has ever allowed schools to punish students for off-campus speech that is not school sponsored and that caused no substantial disruption at school.”

The Post & Email covered the ramifications of this case extensively here.

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  1. While the men in robes calculate and cautiously make their moves the people prepare for their turn. History has yet to prove they don’t get one especially when they get cheated and know it. One would think the learned would not continue to risk for mere pleasures but yield before fate played its hand reducing all to pain.

  2. Like Einstein’s theory of Relativity, E=MC*2, a simple equation expresses a complex process of ‘natural circumstances’.

    NBC=NCP*2 (natural citizen parent*2)

    But unlike all the Theories and Reviews and Books that were generated by Einstein’s work, the Book’s on NBC’s, Natural Law, the Laws of Nature were all written generations ago extending to Aristotle’s Book III on Politics, 350 B.C.

    Learn history or suffer the consequences.

    KERCHNER represented by Apuzzo is trying to explain the history of US Citizenship in as little as 24,000 words to a Court that should already KNOW.

    This MUST be the result of putting ‘education’ in the hands of ‘progressives’.