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by John Charlton

The original Tea Party was an act of political defiance and economic liberty. Now is the time for the same American values.

(Feb. 18, 2010) — The time has come for Americans to support an American party comprising Americans, inspired by Americans, and for the interests of Americans.

The major parties have shown themselves to be completely inimical to the American way of life (Democrats) or completely inept in defending it (Republicans).

Recent polls suggest that 60% of voters want a new third party and would support it.

A third party also, rightly formed, can use its political force not only to run its own candidates but also to deny or support candidates who are solid constitutionalists who might also be endorsed by other parties.

And reliable sources indicate that leaders in the Tea Party Movement are about to betray America by uniting against the formation of a Tea Party — illogical as that may seem!

For this reason, as editor of The Post & Email, I am personally calling for the formation of the American Tea Party, as the solution for the National Crisis.  And I believe that if it takes a principled stance, and comprises common, natural born citizens, of which this nation is 98% composed, it can succeed.

Objections easily rebutted

Objectors there will be, but their objections are minimal and aimed more at eviscerating a populist movement which cannot be controlled by the political elites than in advocating our best interests.

Their nay-saying script goes like this:  If you split the conservative or liberal vote, you will cause the liberal or conservative to win instead.

This argument has validity only under certain conditions:  when both major parties have viable candidates, and when the third party does not work with one of them to get a mutually endorsed candidate.

If you consider what happened in Massachusetts, Scott Brown won because independents and Republicans and even some Democrats banded together for the sake of political liberty from the Kennedy Machine.

Likewise, a third party which would garner support from these same groups, but work to get candidates who fit their platform to also be on the ticket of one of the major parties, can provide a viable alternative to guarantee the win in a close election to a man or woman of their choice.

So a third party can win and promote winners, especially in times like this.  It can do so in closely contested races and in races where there are no viable, populist candidates offered by the major parties.

The Platform of the American Tea Party

The platform of the American Tea Party should be consistent with its name and proactive to the needs of the Nation in this, her darkest hour.

As such, I propose the following platform:

1) Upholding the U.S. Constitution in its original meaning:

a) Specifically, to enforce the requirements for eligibility of the U.S. President as a natural born U.S. Citizen, 14 year resident, 35 years of age; prosecution of criminals involved in the usurpation of the presidency by Barack Hussein Obama, himself and his co-conspirators, and all government officials and judges which aided or abetted the usurpation;

b) Guard the limitation on powers of Federal Government to prevent intrusion into individuals and states’ rights, whether on matters of health care or gun control, or whatever.

i) Abolition of privileges of Federal Officials to pensions and health care.

ii) Term limits on Congressmen, by new Federal Amendment;

iii) Establishment of Federal District Attorneys General, elected by the People, not appointed by President or Congress;

c) Affirm the Rights of We the People as sovereign, so that every citizen has standing to take legal action to uphold the observance of the U.S. Constitution or laws of the nation;

To be achieved by Federal Court Reform and sweeping replacements of Federal Prosecutors and Judges, who hold the originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and the passing of a Constitutional amendment requiring originalist interpretation of the Constitution, along with serious reassessment of the historical approval or denial of proposed amendments.

2) Upholding the rights of the individual as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights: From Free Speech, Gun ownership, to trial by Grand Jury, and the key rights of due process, and all those not enumerated in the Constitution which are of common law right or natural right.

a) To  be achieved by a specialized Congressional Bill which would repeal all previous laws which infringe upon the same.

b) Reform of the Tax Code, abolition of the IRS, re-assumption of Federal Control of tax collection and the Federal Reserve Bank, with consequent rights to issue money, etc.

c) Amendment to the Constitution to remove the authority of Congress to spend into debt, outside wartime.

3) Defense of America from enemies, foreign and domestic.

a) Strict enforcement of borders and immigration law

i) Deportation of all illegal immigrants

ii) Readjustment of quotas to encourage law-abiding individuals who uphold our values, and discourage those who don’t;

iii) Enforcement of borders with military patrols.

b) Constitutional Amendment outlawing Sharia law and reaffirming Christian character of nation and form of government.

c) Reorganization of Immigration and Nationalization laws

i) Abolish anchor baby law

ii) Abolish statutory citizenship grants for children of non-naturalized foreigners, even if born in America.

iii) Affirm by Congressional Bill the inalienable right of U.S. Citizens to oppose illegal immigration, and of states’ rights to expel foreigners who are here illegally.

4) Affirmation and defense of fundamental Natural Laws, without which the American way of life cannot persist:

a) Right to be born, regardless of the circumstances of one’s conception;

b) Exclusion of all forms of marriage which are not coherent with monogamy; so as to uphold the right of every individual not to be sexually exploited by another gender; and of children not to be psychologically exploited by homosexuals for their political agenda.

c) The right not to be onerously taxed, since the government exists for the people, not the people for the government: taxes should be kept at a minimum.

5) Exclusion of Foreign Interests from control of Government and Economy:

a) To be achieved by affirmation of the original 13th  Amendment;

b) Criminalization of political contributions from non-U.S. Citizens and foreign corporations or entities;

c) Limitation of foreign investment in key American industries, including Media;

d) Defense of American jobs and businesses against undue foreign competition; abolition of NAFTA.

e) Abolition of all treaty obligations which limit or infringe upon US Sovereignty.

This list is by no means exhaustive and is put out as a suggestion.

Organizing this Party

This party is not one which will wait for the elites to lead us. This is a party where everyone is called to help and participate.  If you agree with this platform, declare yourself the party leader in your neighborhood and begin to canvass for support; found a PAC and organize members. Establish an organization in your town, country and state. Let this principled platform be the unifying force; recruit tea partiers who are loyal to these ideals and all citizens from all walks of life, whatever their previous affiliations were.

The political moment is at hand.  This is a doable project in the next three months. Contact your local officials and get the list of all positions open for election in your town, country and state, recruit candidates and work with others in your state to gather signatures.  Make a commitment to build the party as your job of saving the nation and taking it back for yourself, your children and your grandchildren.

I do not propose to be a leader; I propose each of you who read this article to be a leader and a candidate.

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  1. Why not promote the Libertarian party and its ideas so the average person understands them?


    Mr. Charlton replies: What libertarians have spoke out on the Eligibility issue.

    It’s my understanding that the Libertarians are not in favor of supporthing the Christian character of our national history, defending us against Shaira law, and think nothing much of the usurpation of the presidency.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    They also have a reputation merely for being infavor of license than liberty.

    1. Sorry, my puter mis-fired!!!

      My proposal was well received all over.
      Why not? I say.
      The upper-class and lower-class have had their turns, and as long as
      we are the majority we should rule. IT IS SURELY OUR MANIFEST DESTINY.
      Anyone with shared interests can join the party
      Connections can be made with the Middle-Classes in other nations to promote the common good and goals.
      Let’s say, a NEW WORLD ORDER of Middle-Class interests.
      With, of course, ALL of John’s proposals incorporated.