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by John Charlton

(Jan. 19, 2010) — The Post & Email launched perhaps the most important Petition Drive in 2010 just two weeks ago aimed at cajoling the government of the State of Hawaii to releasing the original vital records of Obama. The Petition Campaign enables each petitioner to send 90+ letters, one to each of the 90 elected officials who govern the State of Hawaii (Governor, Lt. Governor, and House and Senate Members).

So far about 60 persons have signed on to this Petition.  Signatures are being collected electronically, because that is the cheapest way to print the letters.

However, even though signatures are entered in electronically through this URL:


that does not mean that we cannot gather signatures the Old Fashioned Way.

Indeed, if even our most avid readers printed out a copy of the Petition from:


and began to ask their family, friends, relatives, and co-workers to sign on, many, many signatures could be gathered in a short time.

For those who wish to do this, The Post & Email has compiled a handy packet which includes a PDF file of the full text of the Petition, the Short text, and a Blank, Signature gathering page, where your contacts can print their name and address.

Click here to download a copy of this Petition Gathering Packet.

The Signature Petition Gathering form explains that this Petition Campaign is being conducted by The Post & Email, and that for the fee of $10, The Post & Email will send the short form petition letter to the 90+ leaders of the Hawaii Government in the name of the person who signs the petition.

Then, those of you who manage to gather signatures and money can use our online form to add the signatures and transfer the funds:


Please note that we are not retaining the personal information of the signer’s addresses or names, nor that of the Paypal accounts or credit cards used to pay for the signers’ signing on to the petition through our electronic interface; after the petitions are printed, this information will be destroyed.

One of the practical goals to get this petition before the eyes of 1,000,000 Americans is to put an ad about it on The Drudge Report.  The Drudge Report’s advertising agency has agreed to take the ad.


If we can raise the $7,500 to put it up, we will do that.  Donations for that part of our campaign can be sent through this online form:


As of the posting of this report, $205 has been donated to the Drudge Ad Initiative.

I encourage everyone to talk about this Petition Drive: America is ripe to heed this important and decisive initiative, but we must do our work to make the public aware of it and of its unique importance to America.

There is a brief but pointed explanation of why this Petition Campaign is important at:


Here is a recapitulation of informative links about this Petition Campaign.

Links about the Petition Campaign

You can read the petition through this link:


You can sign the petition through this link:


You can read the press release about it through this link:


You can read our recent appeal to raise $7,500 so that we can advertise this petition on the Drudge Report with a top banner ad, so as to garner tens of thousands of signatures on it.


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  1. Hawaii launches defense to Obama birth queries
    Posts ‘vital records’ Web page saying responses ‘not’ required


    Come on folks…pony up! Let’s get this show on the road. You know that Obama’s obfuscation is a tacit admission of guilt. He said he wants a fight. By God let’s give to him.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I am glad WND is reporting this, but I have to point out that the Hawaii Department of Health published this page of excuses back on Dec. 17/18th, as The Post & Email reported more than a month ago:


    Since the DoH has taken a public position that they cannot or will not release the Original Vital Records, and since there is much evidence that they running cover for Obama’s inverted policy of “transparency”:


    The Hawaii Petition Campaign is all the more important.

  2. Have you heard anything about the following case of Leo & Steve’s? There is no update on Leo’s blog.

    Responses to our Rule 60 Motion (docket number 6132) are due January 15, 2010.


    Mr. Charlton replies: When we do, we will publish what we hear. Yesterday was the deadline for them to file a response to the opposition’s brief.