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by John Charlton

(Jan. 12, 2010) — The Post & Email predicts that an Orange Revolution will break out in the United States by July 2011 seeking the ousting of Barack Hussein Obama from power and sweeping his Democrat supporters in the federal government into prison.

Since his unconstitutional inauguration, more and more U.S. citizens have become aware of his ineligibility to hold the office, and outrage and anger have spread throughout the nation and all social classes at Obama’s numerous decisions which have demeaned, denigrated, and dishonored the nation on the world stage.

As part of its coverage of the Obama regime, The Post & Email has been featuring regular reports on the impending Orange Revolution.  As a thematic device we are predicting a non-violent revolution in the manner of the non-violent revolutions of the Ukrainian and Georgian Republics; however, The Post & Email has no actual knowledge that such a revolution is being planned.

In the last 12 months, Obama’s presidential tracking poll for January 11, published by Rasmussen yesterday, has indicated that those who strongly support him have fallen from 41% of the general population to 26%, a decline of 15%.  At that rate, his support should erode by July of 2011.  Rasmussen has seemingly been putting out polls since mid-December reversing Obama’s declines, even though the passage of the Health Care “Reform” Bill has incited widespread unrest throughout the country.

In the same period, however, Rasmussen indicates that those who strongly oppose Obama have risen from 16% to 41%, an increase of 25%.  At that rate, those who strongly oppose Obama should reach levels equivalent to a revolution in about 18 months.

Therefore, The Post & Email concludes that such a revolution will break out spontaneously by July of 2011.

Since Obama does not hold the office constitutionally and his installation in said office was a collaborative effort of the entire U.S. Congress and Supreme Court, it follows that the American people are no longer obliged in law to either show allegiance or pay taxes to the federal government, which has thereby cut all ties it had to its own legitimacy.

An Orange Revolution, it must be noted, is a peaceful act whereby the citizens of their country restore constitutional governance following an illegal or fraudulent election.

Obama is a usurper in the office of president because he is not a natural born citizen, according to the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition; as such, he does not meet the requirements for the office of President as laid out by the U.S. Constitution in Article II, Section i, Clause 5.

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  1. Obama your discusting us more each day! Does he believe his lawyers, the race card or other parents would position him to be untouchable? He once stated about his race saying “that’s what they say I am”… WHO ARE THEY????? Your Mom, Gramps, Gram, your Dad your Sister? What is your race?
    Is he not African? his father not from Kenya?
    Tell us, our EARS are WIDE OPEN OBAMA!
    Putting us in “YOUR FEAR MODE” won’t work.
    Barack Obama you don’t have a clue who we really are… Are backbones are unbreakable and can dance around your small minded Entourage of Czars if and when we get ready….and we are very close to being past ready…..
    We have not fought this hard to get the TRUTH….so let’s get to it! OBAMA needs to be asked with cameras rolling…. “SHOW US YOUR PROOF…
    mr. BHO “… BY THE END OF THE WEEK!….
    JUST GET IT IN OUR FACES ….. up close and personal. We can take it!
    AND DEMAND BHO SHOWS US THE GOODS!!!!! Your not our pres. and must be taken out of “our White House” you have cunningly USURPERED, since you will not leave we must force you to. The last ELECTION was and will always be a SHAM! What a MESS the silly …..
    DEMOCRATS JOKERS have make of our world in the most FRAGILE of time….
    We want OUR a$$’$ saved MORE than YOURS!
    GET IT? WE the People have had ENOUGH!
    the fat lady has sung long and hard!
    WE want you OUT!!!!! OBAMA!

  2. I agree with BobNC. The polls in my opinion will move exponentially rather than in a straight line. It amazes me that a man with such huge ears doesn’t seem to be able to hear. I predict Sept. 2010.