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Policy Analysis by JB Williams

In his book, Audacity of Hope, in the context of terrorism and 9/11 issues, Obama declared in reference to Muslims, "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

(Jan. 8, 2010) — So as not to offend any of his Muslim brethren who paid for his college education and much of his presidential campaign, Obama rejects “terror-profiling” the very common traits of Middle Eastern men most likely to travel with a bomb in their shorts in favor of the TSA treating everyone at an airport like a potential terrorist.

And although the intelligence community did its job, the fact is that it was Hillary Clinton’s State Department which sat on the knowledge that a Yemeni member of Al Qaeda was about to board a commercial flight for Detroit with a bomb in his underwear. Obama uses the Christmas Bomber opportunity to take another swipe at the CIA – a swipe that Leon Panetta was fast to rebuff.

Despite the fact that Abdulmutallab climbed aboard a US-bound plane at a foreign airport, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sees placing 300 new imaging machines at US airports as the solution. Three hundred imaging machines at US airports would not have stopped Abdulmutallab, who didn’t climb aboard that plane at a US airport. But Janet’s agency is far more concerned with “potential domestic terrorists” (AKA those opposed to Obama’s Marxism) than folks like Abdulmutallab; hence, 300 new scanners for US airports.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder has assured the Fruit of the Loom bomber his day in a US criminal court, complete with US civil rights and a taxpayer-funded dream team of lawyers that will surely get his charges reduced to jay-walking before this circus is over.

The clear increase in potential terror attacks from “the religion of peace” has given no pause to Obama’s intentions to release his friends from Club Gitmo and bring them to US soil where US lawyers paid for by US taxpayers can make certain that America, the DOD and the CIA pay for their crimes against the terrorists who have allegedly been abused (water-boarded) during their “unconstitutional” detention.

But just in case you think that Obama isn’t tough on terror, just look at how he is going after “domestic terrorists” caught doing their job within the US Military. Military courts are fine for our soldiers, but not for terrorists, if your last name is Obama or your first name is Osama.

That’s because according to Janet Napolitano, American soldiers (AKA potential domestic terrorists) present a greater threat to the Marxist agenda under way in DC. Foreign terrorists actually help the agenda by keeping the average citizen focused on the foreign enemy so that they hardly notice the enemy within…

Those who might “resist” Obamunism are far more dangerous than those willing to help Obamunism by keeping the American people engaged in self-defense, while the people responsible for providing a common defense train their guns upon “resisters of the revolution.”

What a country these days…huh!

Not too long ago, a white paper was declassified which contains the following warnings:

“Al Qida (sic) is not some narrow, little terrorist issue that needs to be included in broader regional policy. Rather, several of our regional policies need to address centrally the transnational challenge to the US and our interests posed by the Al Qida network.

Al Qida is the active, organized, major force that is using a distorted version of Islam as its vehicle to achieve two goals; 1) to drive the US out of countries from Morocco to Indonesia; 2) to replace moderate western regimes with extremist theocracies along the lines of the Taliban.”

This white paper was not written by the “warmongering” Bush administration to an incoming Obama administration. It was written on January 25, 2001 for the incoming Bush Administration, by none other than Clinton official, leftist anti-Bush hero, Richard A. Clarke.

Yet here we are in 2010, with an administration that refuses to recognize the very real fact that walking away from the “transnational” war on Islamic terror will not end the war on terror; it will only bring that war to our own planes and streets.

Clarke’s report went on to say: “Al Qida affects centrally our policies on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, North Africa and the GCC. Leaders in Jordan and Saudi Arabia see Al Qida as a direct threat to them.”

Less than nine months after this report was written, 3000 American citizens died on September 11, 2001. Like it or not, the Bush administration’s national security adjustments made in the wake of 9/11/01 kept the nation safe from further attack through the end of their term in office.

Nine years later, under a new “terror-friendly” Obama regime, we find average American citizens having to risk life and limb to thwart terror attacks on US planes under an administration that is more concerned with anti-Obama resisters than well-known Islamic terrorists.

Treating American soldiers and Tea Party-goers like “enemies of the state,” while affording known enemies of the state common criminal benefits of the doubt, is no accident. Even Obama, Pelosi and Reid are not that ignorant of reality. Even common leftists know that turning the other cheek with Islamic terrorists will simply get more innocent civilians killed.

So, we are left to ponder what the real purpose of a pro-terror security plan is really all about – what purpose it serves – who benefits from a spineless US security policy which lets terrorists roam free while keeping a close eye on domestic resisters of the Obama regime?

Rather than making any assumptions myself, I leave the answer to this question up to you.

But one thing is certain: Obama’s policy decisions will get more American citizens killed, and when they do, Obama won’t be able to blame it on the Bush administration. It’s the Obama administration now and Obama will own the results of his policy decisions, all by himself.

Obama is a big boy playing a big boy’s game in a big boy world. Whatever happens from this moment forward, it is Obama’s legacy being written. Where’s Richard Clarke now?

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  1. Terrorism is just one tactic among many that the Muslims are using to spread Sharia law across the globe. It is the spread of Sharia law that is the real threat to Democracy’s across the globe.

    In addition Congress should either declare war against Al-Queda under Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution or the U.S. should get out of Afghanistan, Iraq and all Muslim countries where Al-Queda exists.

  2. The following comment is key to the post: Obama declared in reference to Muslims, “I will ALWAYS stand by them!” — “Always” is the operative word… Can you provide a source? If not why post it, believe me I would love it to be true, searched all over can’t find it, have always considered your site credible, asked if I could cross link. Jim


    Mr. Charlton replies: It’s an oft quoted line from one of Obama’s books, there are links to it from 2008. I found it in just 15 seconds of searching at Google…here is just one of many links:


    However, I note that I misquoted Obama, he says something much worse, according to the blogger:

    “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans … have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging,” he laments. “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    That is what Barack Obama wrote in his book, “Audacity.”


    Much worse, I say, because he says this in the context of terrorism and antiterrorism issues…so I have correct the quote and put the whole thing in…

    Here is one of those situations where critics focus on a popular misattribution, which nevertheless captures correctly the sense of what the quoted speaker has said. Its part of the nominalistic malaise that has infected the minds of many, a malaise that has been spread by socialist activists. You could have searched and found the quote, but you were trained by this mentality to question me.

    As for the caption under the photo, being a comment which is key to the post, it is neither a comment nor a key to the post. It is a caption and it is peripheral to the post, both logically and artistically. So I will admit that I erred in remembering Obama’s quote, if you admit you erred in mischaracterizing its importance.

    Oh, and if an Obama supporter says that Obama is not speaking of Muslims but of Americans in that quote; I say in retort, that I have several Arab American firends who are Christians, and they don’t feel alienated and never did after 9/11, because they advocate the profiling of Muslims, of whateve ethnic background, because they say that that religion is intrinsically prone to that sort of, “I can do whatever I like to non-believer” attitude. Profiling is not a crime; hiding bombs in your underwear to kill hundreds, is a crime. The liberals will twist language until you think just the opposite, because they have a tacit accord with all anti-Christian and anti-Western forces, to overthrow American society and install tyranny…which is why they support religiously, as if with the devotion of an Islamic fanatic, a usurper who professed Islam and is friendly to it.

    1. Wow thanks for clearing that up for me. Looks like we both learned something in the process. I used the quote and tried all the search engines couldn’t find zip, thanks for getting it for me. Your site is great, If I haven’t already I’ll add you to my blog roll. J.C.

    2. Joseph Farah the founder and head of World Net Daily is a Lebanese Christian Arab and is about as American as they come.

      Where’s the birth certificate?

  3. This administration definitely is not looking at protecting our country from terrorists outside this country. As a participant of several Tea Parties, I can say that the only threat they pose is their love for this country and wanting to spread the word that we are quickly approaching Socialism. What this Country needs is protection from this Administration!

  4. The illegal and criminal ascension of Barack Hussein Obama, a foreigner hiding in America, exhibiting absolute servitude around the globe to those who funnelled money to him and made certain the American elections were usurped. It is all about Muslim oil money which Obama is paying off in favors.
    British Obama puts Muslim terrorists in civilian courts not to offend the oil Muslims who funded his college education and illegally funded his 2008 campaign.$300 million dollars for the 2008 Obama campaign came from overseas. 2 of his main fund raisers were Pakistanis with whom he lived whilst bopping between NYC and Pakistan between 1980-83. Obama never attended Columbia, his diploma was bought by Saudi money; nobody knows him there.
    Obama gained admission to Harvard from Malcolm X’s attorney who wrote a letter on his behalf from a black American Muslim being funded by the Warren Buffett of Saudi Arabian finance. 2 diplomas bought with Saudi money.
    Obama owes numerous terrorist sponsors and narco counterfeiting terrorists favors=blackmail.

    The culprits are evident:
    LIBYA got their Lockerbie Bomber released which Obama could have stopped and did not. Khadaffi calls Obama a Muslim son. Obama gave Khadaffi $2.5million. Obama campaigned for Khadaffi-backed Odinga.
    SYRIA gets an ambassador with full diplomatic rights and Boeing contracts which stunned the diplomatic community as it appears Obama did all this for “nothing”, when it was all payback.
    Obama bows to the Saudi King as another clue.
    HAMAS: Obama negotiates with terrorists in Hamas, gives Hamas $.9 Billion, and calls Jews disgusting, and setting up a Palestinian state.
    IRAN: Obama allows Iran to develop its weapons unfettered. He set up the Twitter Revolution allowing Ahmadinejad’s butchering Iranian Patriots with Twitter data. Obama tipped Iran off in French President Sarkozy, who now loathes him, outing the Persian communists in their nuclear weapons plant.
    SAUDIS: Flight 253/Yemen war to benefit Saudis, GITMO shut down per Saudi instruction, why Obama is paying 1 million dollars a head to free Gitmo terrorists to island vacation retreats, why Obama is bowing to the Saudi King. 9 11 terrorists are being rubbed in the faces of New York Citizens given American rights, why he wants the rest of the Gitmo terrorists with American rights at Thomson Correctional in Illinois, Nidal Hasan was allowed to proceed to murder due to PC, CAIR being coddled…

    CHINA: Obama dumps human rights of Chinese Patriots just as long as Hillary Clinton gets the Peking girls to sign the debt checks Obama is creating.
    Rashid Khalidi is the face of this Muslim oil mafia which has a leash on Barack Hussein Obama.

    (summation from lamecherry)

  5. Anyone can see that Obama and his gang are much more afraid of americans who might vanquish him from office than terrorists who might kill the “little” people, the “flyover” people, however you want to characterize them.

    Just ask yourself; are castro, chavez, amenutjob, etc, more afraid of their own citizens or someone outside their country? Well, so is obama.

  6. Obama’s plan is the ‘Terrorize Americans’ plan.
    It is mind-boggling why Republican Congress and We the people tolerate this outright war on the Americans by the usurper Obama!
    Operation BO has to Go (OBOGO)!
    OBOGO Petition – The Petition to your Senator that gets to the ROOT OF THE OBAMA “plant”

    This is what every single American can do that will put the House and the Senate on Notice for a “specific” remedy, without further delay. A Senate Trial takes 30 days..the courts can take years. So.. this is given to empower the People with a specific set and very specialized focus relating facts that are not ” alleged” but already proven.
    Anyone can copy paste and print this out..and Take A Stand for the Constitution with some authority as an American!




    Mr. Charlton replies: What most Americans do not understand is that Muslims and those raised with their prejudices, cannever admit that a Muslim is at fault, in any conflict which includes Muslims and non-Muslims; its a deep seated bigotry taught in the Koran. Having an ex-Muslim president that has not only not repudiated this bigotry, but affirmed it, is a National Security Threat, esp. during a war against Islamofacist terrorists…

    It will only get worse unless Obama is removed. But the Marxists supermajority in Congress is not going to try Obama for diddly…because they know that if he goes down, they go down, and the entire Democratic Party goes down forever…

    1. If the Republicans, I know the Republican Party includes those damn RINO’s, take control of both houses of Congress in 2010, the first order of business in 2011 should be to impeach Obama. There probably won’t be enough votes there to successfully do it but it should be done anyway.