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by Doug Cook

(Jan. 4, 2010) — In a pattern of assault on liberties perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama, an executive order has been issued which effectively eliminates the centuries-old instrument of liberty, habeas corpus, from our charters of freedom.

Obama has committed a long line of transgressions pertaining to liberties and freedoms in the United States, a pattern that in all cases removes or diminishes,  but never promotes or increases, liberties and/or self-determination.

Habeas corpus is an extremely crucial writ and most important governing tenet written into the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

At the time the original 13 American Colonies’ declared independence and became a constitutional republic in which the people were sovereign, any person, in the name of the people, could acquire the authority to initiate such writs. To this day, habeas corpus has remained an inviolate writ of law.

By this act, Executive Order 13524, enacted by presidential writ, the singular bulwark protecting people from tyranny, which requires due process, and places the burden of proof pertaining to legal search and seizure, detention and prosecution squarely on the federal and state governments has been circumvented.

By executive order from the White House, the heinous act of amending a sentence in President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 original Executive Order 12425, has resulted in removing a vital safeguard against tyranny and police state.

The result of this executive order 13524 allows for arrest, detention, search and seizure and a slew of other acts of authoritarian and arbitrary action against persons at any time and any place for any reason without just cause or burden of proof.  A most suspicious aspect portrayed as reason for executive order 13524 is to permit a foreign police organization to function and operate within US sovereign borders and territory, free of oversight and justification. It is in the most simple terms a complete breakdown and usurpation of natural and constitutional law.

Barry Soreoto, also known as Barack Hussien Obama the foreign born illegally elected President of The United States of America, has fundamentally undermined arguably the single most important protective law of our land. He has stated on numerous occasions publicly that the US Constitution is what is wrong with the Amerika he knows.


Habeas Corpus is a century’s old law instrumental in the 12th century English creation of the Magna Carter;  the predecessor to the US Constitution.

Habeas corpus is of English origin, has profound historical importance as an instrument used for the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary state action. (Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press. pg. 849.)

Note that this executive order 13524 originates from the one person in the United States of America that has the sole singular duty of protecting the people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Removing this instrument of Liberty is contradictory to every tenet, natural and governing law guaranteeing our most cherished freedoms and securing our way of life.

The United States Constitution specifically included the English common law procedure in the Suspension Clause, Article 1, Section 9. It states:

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.

Note again the intent in Article 1, Section 9;  “habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion”, if public safety is in danger.

What cases of rebellion or invasion?

If one takes the possibility for suspending habeas corpus to another level, one could reason with logical results that a person who holds the power to change such laws has ulterior motives to do such. If there is no justifiable, evident cause for suspension as per constitutional and natural law, it gives reason to assume that Barrack Hussein Obama plans on instituting either marshal law, a police state, or establishing a dictatorship.

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There can be no other lawful reason for suspension; why should there be? The United States of America is a free law abiding God fearing nation full of decent hard working caring folks who have no ill will or ulterior motives against any body, entity or other nation.

It is from others who originate from outside our borders who bear ill will and malice against us. Singular enemies have invaded our borders, but this does not constitute an invasion. We have the finest law enforcement organizations in the world that if required is more than capable of protecting public safety. It is performed by brave steadfast people in uniform gallantly 24/7.

We have the finest fighting force in our military the world has ever known; what could possibly motivate a sitting President of The United States to by-pass these aforementioned protectors of the people?

There are a few who originate within our borders who wish for usurpation of our Republic, who are known to be working towards these goals. Our governing articles of law and freedom safeguard us from overthrow from within. The very same laws that allow for freedoms of speech, thought, religion and right to seek redress of wrongs against these tenets of Liberty.

Any person who violates these governing tenets of liberty and law by clandestine methods, without due and proper process of open clear intent and amendment is guilty of treason.

No more, no less.

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  1. Why do you think the Democrats are so blasee about countering the will of Americans?

    It’s because they know they will never lose
    another election!
    They have the stimulus money, over $1 trillion, aka election slush funds for ACORN and SEIU to only help their candidates.
    They have “universal voter registration” so ANYTHING can be used for a registration, even if redundant, like home ownership, license, tax forms, etc. to expand their voter base.
    They have 30 million illegals to vote Democrat with amnesty.
    They have 100% Democrat Secretaries of State in charge of vote-counts.
    They have Obamacare and can effectively kill of older conservatives or withhold care if you don’t vote Democrat.


    That’s over a $trillion the democrats have to win their elections. Of tax money.

    They also totally control the census.

  2. I’m with you, MeJane! We definitely MUST do something about this USURPER! There is a Continental Congress 2009 who had their convention back in November to send serveral statements of Constitutional infringements on this President and his Congress and his administration. What they’ll (the President) does with those infringement statements is another question. But this latest one, his EO 13524 will most likely erupt to a “Coup de Etat”, if not a revolution to arrest this moron Usurper who has done just about enough of attempting to disrupt, dismantle, and dissary this entire country! I’ve had enough of it! I hope the rest of the general public has had enough of it! I’ve forwarded this article on to many of my email contacts, and if anyone else is reading this article, they should, too. I’ll also post this up and send it to the Continental Congress in hopes that they’ll have another meeting to address this Usurper’s edict! This is NOT America as we know it now! We’ve already been in a Socialistic State since the Demon-crats took over the House and Senate 8 years ago….now we’re into tyranny and an oligarchy government control with the passage of both House and Senate Healthcare bills! If I’m arrested for posting this, I pray to God for the sanctity of this Nation and to our Republic of the United States of America! I’m a veteran who believes in our Constitutional rights and I stand with my flag, the Red, White, and Blue, forever. I have no respect for a President who hates his own country and doing what he’s done so far, I hope he gets his “day in court” for all America to see and hear! He won’t be re-elected in 2012, I’ll guarantee that!

  3. I found the following on Dr. Kates Blog. If this is true, it truly is HUGE!!! FYI-TD Blog is back up.



    I’ve also come to learn that Geithner and Kissinger have been tagged. Kissinger is under house arrest and Geithner is wearing an ankle monitor according to my sources. Paulson is now being held under arrest by the Brits.

    Mr. Charlton replies: There is a fictional writer out there who is writing a fictional account of present history. Unfortunately a lot of folks think he is writing history. If Kissinger was under house arrest, I assure you it would be on every front page in the world. Its not, because he is not. Nor is Geithner, for the same reason.

    Folks, always check sources; you can trace these back to a novelist…not a journalist…not even a citizen-journalist…and the originator gives no sources other than his own fancies…

    1. You are probably right, but I don’t believe much of anything out of the main stream media any more. You would think that the fact he acknowledges his father was Kenyan, which means that he is not a natural born citizen, would be front page news as well, with a major call for his removal from office, but no.

  4. The Coup de Etat of our Country continues while we stand idly by. Are we men and women or are we all mice? The time has come to DO something, we owe it our children and grandchildren. The sacrifice for our Nation by our Founders and soldiers, should not ever be forgotten. Their souls cry out for JUSTICE AND RIGHT. Arrest this usurper who means to destroy our Republic!!!