A Letter to the British

THE POST & EMAIL SEEKS TO EXPAND TO THE U.K. by John Charlton, Founder (Jan. 4, 2009) — This is an open letter to our readers from the British Isles.  The Post & Email is seeking to expand its coverage to the United Kingdom, by means of setting up a UK Edition of The Post […]

Newsweek Setting up Defeat for GOP

ARTICLES DISPARAGE  SARAH PALIN AND MITT ROMNEY News Summary by Harry Hunter   (Jan. 4, 2010)  —  In its Jan. 11 issue and at its website, the ever-liberal magazine Newsweek is setting up the Republican presidential nominee, whomever that might be, for defeat in 2012.   Judging from its slant, Newsweek apparently wants the GOP to […]

Executive Order 12425

IS THE U.S. NOW SUBSERVIENT TO A GLOBAL POLICE ORGANIZATION? News Analysis by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 3, 2009) — On December 17, 2009, an amendment to Executive Order #12425 was issued by the White House. The original version, signed on June 16, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, reads: Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983 […]

When Habeas Corpus means your liberty

DRY RUN TEST OF PLANNED DICTATORSHIP VIA CHANGE OF A FEW WORDS PERTAINING TO ARTICLE 1, SECTION 9 OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION by Doug Cook (Jan. 4, 2010) — In a pattern of assault on liberties perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama, an executive order has been issued which effectively eliminates the centuries-old instrument of liberty, […]

Possible Bank Fraud? — Follow-up to “Obama’s America”

BACKROOM DEALS, HOLDING COMPANIES, PROFITS AND FRAUD Guest Editorial (Jan. 4, 2010) — Having done some investigating after relinquishing our interest in two investment properties on December 23, 2009, it appears that we did not sign a deed in lieu at all. The properties were not returned to the bank. Instead, a company called “Windham […]

How to win the revolution

A CALL TO TAKE-OVER THE GRAND OLD PARTY Political Analysis by Doug Cook (Jan. 4, 2010) – There is much talk and action taking place among conservative and libertarian people about running a third party. This is certainly a noble and patriotic endeavor by rightfully frustrated and angry citizens. After considering it carefully these last […]

Hawaii Petition Campaign Launched!

Hawaii Petition Campaign Launched!

NOW YOU CAN DEMAND HI GOVT. TO RELEASE OBAMA’S “BIRTH CERTIFICATES” PRESS RELEASE — FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION (Jan. 4, 2010) —  The Post & Email announces today that it has launched a Campaign to demand from the Hawaiian Government the release of the vital records of the man who goes by the name “Barack Hussein […]