Son of Media Mogul, director at Swine Flu Vaccine Manufacturer

HOW’S THAT FOR A “FREE PRESS” ! by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — The Main Stream Media has berated the opposition to the swine flu vaccine as conspiracy theorists and uninformed members of a fringe public.  But the truth of the matter is that the swine flue is being marketed with direct collaboration and […]

How the Health Care Bill introduces Dictatorship

SUSANANNE HILLER SPELLS IT OUT IN DETAIL by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — For the U.S. Citizen concerned with Obama’s unending desire for power, power, and more power, the public debate over the proposed socialized medicine plan called the Health Care bill has included many claims and counter claims. But for the honest citizen […]

Major Cook appeals to the 11th Circuit in Atlanta

DR. TAITZ’S BRIEF EXPLAINS INJUSTICE OF CLAY D. LAND’S RULING by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 9, 2009) — On December 7, 2009, Dr. Orly Taitz, attorney for Major Stefan Cook, has filed an appeal to her case Cook v. Good with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia. The briefs were received by the […]

750,000 signatures against Health Care Bill

GRASSFIRE.ORG TO DELIVER PETITION TO CONGRESS TOMORROW by Doug Cook (Dec. 8, 2009) —  The grass-roots patriotic organization known as “Grassfire Nation” is the hub of Internet based petitioning of our elected representatives on issues of the day. Currently highest on the menu of Grassfires list of to-doe’s, is a petition drive goal of 750,000 […]

World-wide media bias

MEDIA BIAS ON DEMAND: CONTROL THE MASSES, PROPAGANDA THROUGH “NEWS” AGENDA News Analysis by Doug Cook (Dec. 9, 2009) — In what can only be described as “controlled information release via media collusion,” is  the revealing program of propaganda dressed up as a “social responsibility.”  In an open and shameless display of media bias on […]

Chalice demands Illinois Grand Jury to begin investigation of Election Fraud

SHARON ANN MERONI & 20 FELLOW PATRIOTS TAKE DECISIVE ACTION by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — The famous Blogger Radio host, known around the country as “Chalice Jackson,” appeared before the McHenry Country grand jury, demanding an investigation into the massive 2008 Election fraud in the State of Illinois. According to the report by […]

Sean Hannity says Obama should show real Birth Certificate

AS POLITICAL INSIDERS AWAIT OBAMA’S RESPONSE TO NATHAN DEAL by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — Last night Sean Hannity affirmed that the desire of millions of U.S. Citizens to see the real birth certification of Barack Hussein Obama was legitimate. His argument was, that if Obama was bold enough to vaunt an electronic image […]