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News Analysis by John Charlton

Soldiers in Afghanistan
Soldiers in Afghanistan

(Dec. 7, 2009) — On the 68th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy — infamy not only because of the treacherous attack of the United States of America by the forces of Imperial Japan, but infamous in more recent years as it has become known that the U.S. Government and the President were warned by British Intelligence of the Impending Attack — Lew Rockwell has published an essay by Michael Gaddy, entitled, “Critical Decision”, which cites the ominous rumor published by the European Times, that Obama is moving 20,000 troops to Northcom to forestall the outbreak of Civil War by the end of winter.

The article by Gaddy calls for U.S. Military personnel to choose sides.

However the article by the European Times is unsigned and closely follows sources in Russian Intelligence, who would be more than glad to foster and see civil war in the United States.

When rumors cite rumors, then there is a loss of the authentic chain of information.

The Post & Email sees no evidence yet that Obama has taken these steps.  When we see resignations of top brass in all branches of the military, then one will be able to infer indirectly that the word is out, that the White House plans to use troops against civilians; for then, some principled officers will see that the only choice is resignation; even though many might remain to lead their troops in defense of the citizenry and Constitution.

The rumor also is not very self-consistent, since 20,000 troops assigned to Northcom was a decision made in the summer; it is not news.  Also, it does not appear how 20,000 U.S. Military with any manner of equipment could even maintain order in one metropolitan area, let alone withstand 200 million armed civilians.

About all 20,000 could do, perhaps, is guard Washington, D.C..

No, the disparity of support and opposition is too great.  If it comes to armed conflict, Obama’s only hope will be to flee to another country.

What American citizens have more to fear is the use of media outlets to spread unwarranted fear and confusion, to demoralize and subdue them.  The same big money is behind the Republican and Democratic Parties, and all of the major media outlets.  It is in interest to spread disinformation of all kinds.

True patriots should neither desire civil war nor Obama’s continuance in power, ineligbile as he is to hold office.  Civil war is not necessary when the method of so called people’s revolutions or orange revolutions has shown to be very effective in other countries.

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  1. Just a technical but highly important historical quibble with you, John: yesterday was the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor not the 48th! I was in Berlin for the 48th anniversary (1989) as the wall was coming down and that was definitely 20 years ago….and I had never heard of Lew Rockwell back then….and I don’t think he was writing although he might have been. Apparently lots of folks are confused about the date of Pearl Harbor, though. Someone who should know better said it happened in 1940….. on another website. My (educated) friends in Latin America and Europe all marvel at how historically unaware even the most educated Americans are….. It is part of our national disease, I fear….. and you suffer from a much milder version than 99.9%, even with the two decade error…. My dad was at Pearl Harbor when he was 18, and he just died last summer at 86, so there’s no mistaking the date….

    Mr. Charlton replies: Actually, when I type too fast one left finger sometimes attempts to do what the other should so, and so you get typos of this magnitude…God willing I will soon have a copy editor to chase my errant letters round the site and sweep up after me…

  2. That’s a shame John. I think it may be important information for you to make your readership aware of. This man seems to know what he is talking about. He also has a website that can be found at http://www.theheartlandusa.com/ in case you want to check it out. Thanks for getting back to me and for what you are doing in getting the word of truth out to people through this site.

  3. Thanks for reporting on this John. I would tend to agree with your analysis except that this report that you use as a reference is not standing alone as the only source of the information. This audio recording of an interview between some radio show host, Steve, and Greg Everson, a former Kansas State Trooper makes a clarion call in the same direction as the article to which you refer. Would you mind listening to it, and letting me know what your thoughts are about its authenticity? It is less than 10 minutes in length. It was posted on December 4th, 09. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson: ‘U.S. Forces Plan DIRECT ACTION AGAINST American Citizens’

    Toni K, As I use dialup: to watch a 10 minute video would take 3 hours of my time, and I don’t have that much free time.