Prosecuting Obama

PATRIOTS START FUNDRAISER TO HIRE LAWYER TO BRING CITIZENS’ PRESENTMENTS TO TRIAL by Sharon Rondeau (Nov. 22, 2009) — A new initiative has been launched by Bob Campbell, founder of American Grand Jury ( An offshoot of the grand jury movement, the new website,, was officially launched on Thursday, November 19, 2009. Its goal […]

Editorial: Nov. 22, 2009 — Sarah Palin: Perspective in a coal mine

Or one man’s view below ground level from fly-over land of Tea and Liberty by Doug Cook No matter what your view, Sarah Palin is one of a hell of an emotional subject where ever it pops up. Talk about divisive, or maybe derisive, depending on ones political perspective. The range of emotionally charged pros […]

Death certificate of Jesus Christ found on Shroud of Turin

MIND BOGGLING DISCOVERY OF SCIENCE VERIFIES CHRISTIAN FAITH by John Charlton (Nov. 21, 2009) — Richard Owen of the Timesonline made known to the world today one of the most stunning confirmations of the historical truth of the Christian faith, when he reported that a Vatican scholar has discovered the death certificate of Jesus Christ, […]

Swine Flu mutating into killer plague?

ALTERATIONS IN GENOME OF VIRUS IN 5 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES MAKE IT IMMUNE TO ONLY KNOWN CURE by John Charlton (Nov. 21, 2009, 12:30 PM EST) —  The world may be about to see hundreds of millions die of the same virus which killed more than 20 million in the waning months of the First World […] Pontificates on The Post & Email's AP Story

PROVIDES NO REASONABLE BASIS TO DOUBT REPORT News commentary by John Charlton (Nov. 21, 2009) — Shortly before it was reported that The Post & Email and other sites received harassing blog comments from an IP number just a few miles from the registered address of the domain name, “,” published a critique of […]

British Research Institute exposed as promoter of Global Warming Fraud

AFTER RUSSIAN COMPUTER HACKERS DUMPED CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS ON WEB by John Charlton & Doug Cook (Nov. 20, 2009, 11:30 PM) — The BBC is reporting that an unidentified group of Russian computer hackers has attacked the computers of a leading British Research Institute which has argued for dire changes to human behavior on the basis […]

Rules in Madison County explain Election Fraud

INDEPENDENTS EXCLUDED FROM BEING ELECTION INSPECTORS New Analysis & Commentary by John Charlton (Nov. 20, 2009) — There used to be the saying, “It’s a one party State!”, to signify that one of the major parties, Democrats or Republicans, controlled the entire state government.  Usually this was applied to states controlled by the Democrats, like […]

Virus introduced into Sequoia voting machines in NY-23

COMPANY WITH TIES TO CHAVEZ UPDATED SOFTWARE DAYS BEFORE ELECTION TO “FIX” THE PROBLEM by John Charlton (Nov. 19, 2009, 7:00 PM ET) — Nathan Barker of The Gouverner Times has reported a series of facts which seemingly support Dough Hoffman’s allegations that there was massive Election fraud in the special election for the NY-23 […]

Tsukiyama got promoted, big time

APPOINTED A VICE-PRESIDENT & DIRECTOR AT QUASI-GOVERNMENT ENTITY by John Charlton (Nov. 18, 2009; 9:30 PM ET) — Mr. Paul T. Tsukiyama, ex-Director of the Office of Information Practices (OIP) in Hawaii has been appointed Vice-President & Director of Human Resources at Hawaii Health Systems Corporation. The Post & Email broke the story on Nov. […]

Palin disses RNC machine & says a 3rd Party wouldn't work

REVEALING COMMENTS MADE IN RUSH LIMBAUGH INTERVIEW by John Charlton (Nov. 17, 2009) — A good number of American voters, Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats have been looking to Sarah Palin for the past year as a sign of hope and inspiration for continued decency and normality in American politics. For this reason Rush Limbaugh […]

Nov. 6 was a day for Resignations

WASHINGTON PROWLER SPECULATES THAT OBAMA IS RUNNING SCARED by John Charlton (Nov. 17, 2009) — Yesterday, The Post & Email reported that Mr. Paul Tsukiyama, Director of the Office of Information Practices — the very office overseeing public complaints regarding the Hawaii Department of Health’s refusal to release public documents or information regarding Obama’s alleged […]

Taitz argues Berg’s Dismissal supports her Motion for Reconsideration

FOR POLITICAL CANDIDATES AFTER ELECTIONS, AND MILITARY PLAINTIFFS IN IMMINENT DANGER OF BEING IN HARMS WAY by John Charlton (Nov. 17, 2009) —  Last week Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., filed a Judicial Notice before Judge David O. Carter in support of her Motion for reconsideration in the case Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., […]

Dr. Wiley Drake & Markham Robinson appeal to the 9th Circuit

NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED TODAY by John Charlton (Nov. 17, 2009) — Today Attorney Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation filed a notice of appeal in the case of Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Barack Hussein Obama et al., for his clients Dr. Wiley Drake and Mr. Markham Robinson. This appeal follows […]