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by John Charlton

(Nov. 29, 2009) — The latest Presidential Approval Poll by Rasmussen shows a -15 index, between those who strongly approve less those who strongly agree, the lowest rating yet for the Obama tenure.  The index adds the percent of the population which says that it strongly approves Obama and subtracts those who say that they strongly disapprove.

If Obama is good at one thing besides lying, its undermining his own support.
If Obama is good at one thing besides lying, it's undermining his own support.

Since entering into power the percentage of those surveyed, which indicate that they strongly-approve Obama’s regime, has fallen from 41-45% to 25%; and the percentage of those suveyed, which indicate that they strongly-disapprove of the Obama regime has risen from 16% to 42%.

At an annual rate that is approximately a loss of 20% in the category of strong approvers, and a gain of 26% of strong disapprovers.

If that rate of change continues, then by July of 2011 — in approximately 1.5 years, you’d expect to see a strong approval rating of 0% and a strong disapproval rating of 81%.  And a presidential approval rating of -81 would be the statistical equivalent of an open rebellion: massive public demonstrations, demanding Obama’s ousting.  Which is what an Orange Revolution is.

Thank God for the American people’s love of liberty and common sense, even if they are a giant which awakens slowly.

But Obama’s end might come much sooner, because as soon as he pushes through Deathcare all hell will break loose from middle America.  And the media which has supported Obama’s despite his falling poll ratings, will have to turn on him to save their own skins, or risk being sacked and burned in the coming revolution.

American has never seen a more hopeful time!

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  1. Over the weekend, I was at a family gathering and speaking with one of my bright, young, idealogical and very liberal relatives. We verbally spar over politics/governance every time we get together. He is and has been a strong supporter of Obama but I could see his doubts settling in. He agreed with me that Obama has not proven he can govern yet and that campaigning and governing were two totally different things.

    I have never seen him speechless until this conversation when I posed the comment/question “I simply don’t understand how someone can spend $2 million to keep a $20 birth certificate sealed. What is he hiding?”

    The OMG moment is just around the corner for many!

  2. while the present trend is understandable, it’s easy for Repubs and independents that approved to switch to disapprove, once it gets to the die hard Democrats, it will take longer for them to give up. The screaming far lefties will give up easier than the moderate Dems.

  3. I like this guy Rasmussen (snark)… The continued downward graph numbers make my legs tingle I tell ya!

    Seriously though, we can’t sit back and just hope polls are correct, right? We need to keep getting the word out.

    Eg I have been, ahem, sparring with some ‘friends’ about ClimateGate and since they’ve been indoctrinated by liberal lies sooo long, they won’t even accept facts in front of their face.

    The battle will be long, fierce and hard but I think majority of conservative warriors now fully understand this and are prepared for the long haul.

    In happier news about the wake-up of Americans, I cite Hillbuzz.org, a bunch of men in Chicago who are Hillary supporters in Boystown Chicago. They have recovered from BDS and PDS and are firmly anti-Obummers. I think this group is an example of the “waking up” of America on any side of the political aisle and why Rasmussen charts keep goin’ down! Check our their blog if you’ve never seen it: http://hillbuzz.org/

    I find this type of turn around amazing & very hopeful…

    Go Galt and Go Orange! :)

    thanks for your great blog, John!

  4. A good view John … but I think the pace will actually accelerate and not take until mid 2011 to come to fruition.

    Fingers and toes crossed …

  5. I wish it could be sooner than July 2011. I think that is too long of a wait to oust of the usurper. By then, there will be so much damage to our country, there will be no way out to clean up his evil mess.