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by John Charlton

The national crisis which began last year with Obama’s fraudulent admission to the presidential ballot has unfolded like a Greek tragedy of epic proportions.

The Democratic Party was so desperate for power that they allowed a nobody to bamboosal them; steal Hillary Clinton’s votes and force their endorsement, while hiding all his personal documents.  That’s desperation you can count on.  Adolf Hitler rose to power the exact same manner:  the German people were do desperate after their shameful surrender at Versailles that they wanted anyone who would raise the standards of German over Europe. And they got what they wanted, even if they did not want what they got. That was Act I.

The fall of the American Republic is basically a rewrite of that same German play.  In the first drama nobody dreamed that Hitler was such a monster; in the American drama those in power believe they can play ball with a disingenuous psychopath.

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman is this same tragic figure.  He stands squarely now in the path of the socialist agenda, in his opposition to key elements of Obama’s Health Care Bill — which rightly is called Deathcare, on account of its rationing of health benefits for those who need them, while lavishing health benefits upon the young who live sexually promiscuous or aberrant lifestyles.

Basketball_gameLieberman is a tragic figure because he believes he can negotiate with Obama and come out victorious.  Barring any explosés of adultery, financial impropriety, or any death threats against himself or his loved ones, Lieberman might think he has what it takes.

But Barry Soetero has already begun to play ball with Lieberman, and I believe he knows better how to play the game. This is the final scene of Act II.

His opening shot was delivered the other day, when the Obama regime announced that it was urging Israel to release 1,000 captured and convicted terrorists as a sign of good will towards the terrorist organization, Hamas.

The suggestion was designed to incite outrage among American Jewry, and it worked.  Lieberman announced immediately that he will not stand for it.  Being that he is in a crucial position politically to negotiate with Obama, American Jews will naturally suggest and pressure him to negotiate.

All Obama has to do is to continue create crises which only Lieberman wants to solve or can solve. And in the end Obama will exchange these fake crises for concessions on the Deathcare bill, and Joe will cave.

The fall of the American Republic is a tragic affair, one in which those who regard themselves as savvy insiders failed to recognize that their political modus operandi was itself founded on some fundamental ethics, howsoever hard they were to discern: but ethics which Obama never shared.

Now that they have let the animal into the ring, he will not show himself to be the tame beast they imagined.

This sort of deception goes back to the garden of eve.  To the perfectly prudent it is obvious that you do not dialogue with any snake.

Pride goes before the fall, and the pride of the Congressmen and politicians who allowed Obama to usurp the presidency has blinded them and made them imprudent.  In the end, they will be swallowed up by him whom they thought was their pet.

If Obama’s eligibility is not soon challenged by the leading political elite of our country, they will probably end up in gulags before you or I — a fitting end to a generation which has so profoundly betrayed the liberty of us all.

Deathcare has never been about Health Care: it’s all about creating a the possibility to declare every citizen a potential criminal, so that Obama has the pretext to remove his political opponents by more severe means.  The man who urged his cousin Odinga to massacre his political opponents, burn down homes and Christian churches and create mayhem for months, is not a man with one shred of concern for the democratic institutions of America. Act III will see the installation of a dictatorship.  Let us pray that we live to see the final act, Obama’s downfall.

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  1. And here I thought it would be the funding for the war and the needed troops that would be the bargaining chip the dems and Obama would use. However, Satan is Satan no matter what gifts he offers.

  2. Well, the cause took a major step backwards today. Donofrio shut down his blog. Not only did he shut it down, he deleted everything except his farewell posting. His blog regarding the eligibility issue was one of the best and certainly one of the most prominent. If I read between the lines correctly, it sounds like he might have been a tad bit oversensitive regarding Apuzzo’s commentary.

    So many saw Donofrio as a beacon of hope, a restoration of sanity. That light at least for the time being, has been snuffed out.

    I knew Obama was evil even before the eligibility issue surfaced and that his real agenda is to destroy everything good and honorable in America. It seems that we have finally crossed the threshold of where good is evil and evil is good.

    Leo, if you read this, please at least restore the blog and close the comments if you must. There was a lot of invaluable analysis and commentary. Even if you don’t, I pray that you continue your work and quest for the truth so all is not lost.

  3. John:

    Many thanks for a great – and chillingly true – piece!

    One would hope that those still sentient and in politics (if there still ARE any) will notice and respond in the political arena since the “3rd Branch” has so far chosen to do a “duck and cover” routine … better knows as CYA.

  4. The man who urged his cousin Odinga to massacre his political opponents, burn down homes and Christian churches and create mayhem for months, is not a man with one shred of concern for the democratic institutions of America.

    ~~~Thank you. Jphn Charlton, for addressing these facts for we never should forget…….imagine what plans aka Obama has for our nation if he dealt in such a deathly fashion that to a nation irrelevant to his agenda…….just another day for him; kill a few Christians.~~~

  5. It is unfortunate that most of the people that are currently in a position to reverse their actions (supporting him) are the ones that stand to gain if they support him rather than oppose him, and they have that Garden of Eden mentality.