Radical pro-climate-changer calls for resignations in East Anglia's Climate Center

SAYS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IS UNDENIABLY “UN-SCIENTIFIC” by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — The saga of the conspiracy to fake data to promote Agenda 21, the radical socialist attack on Western Civilization, continues to unfold, with a call, now, from a leading radical, pro-climate-changer, that those involved in the conspiracy resign. George Monbiot’s […]

Dobbs' Lineage

INTERNET RUMOR THAT DOBBS IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, JUST THAT by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — There is an internet rumor going about that Lou Dobbs, potential presidential candidate in 2012, and former CNN news anchor, is not a natural born citizen. The author of the rumor is an anonymous commenter, quoting […]

Rasmussen moves to block Dobbs presidential Run

PUBLISHES POLL FIXED TO MAKE DOBBS LOOK BAD by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — No sooner has speculation begun that Lou Dobbs might run for president in 2012, and an influential political polling firm has undertaken an effort to squash his candidacy before it is even on the table. The firm is Rasmussen, and […]

Top Virologists claim H1N1 most likely produced in Lab

BAXTER INTERNATIONAL ONLY LAB INVOLVED IN IDENTICAL RESEARCH by John Charlton (Nov. 25, 2009) — Two internationally recognized virologists have published evidence showing that the Swine Flu epidemic (H1N1 virus) most likely was created in a lab and released into the human population through test trials of vaccines, used to inoculate pigs. In their published […]