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by Doug Cook

(Nov. 24, 2009) — The Hadley CRU (Climate Research Unit) is now under vast scrutiny throughout the New Media and Blogsphere over what is quickly and apparently becoming ground zero of an international scandal that is of world spanning epic proportions.

With revealing direct insights into the process of climate science inside the CRU, and associated climate science centers around the world, comes information of earth-shaking revelations.

Due to the efforts of some enterprising hackers, there now exists a wealth of raw information, here and here. The source of this windfall of insider information originates from a currently, unidentified hacker-break-in of CRU’s computer system, and subsequent Internet posting of the obtained material. The data comprises over one decade of emails and files from the “scientific” community concerned with promoting the theory of global warming.

It is appropriate to note, and it remains to be seen, if the legacy media will serve the people with the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or ignore this astounding story as has become custom. Coming to the rescue of Tree Huggers and “Greenbacks” around the world while discrediting a skeptical public is fairly predictable for the MSM. It remains to be seen what form of strategic option and damage control the elites with billions investment in the grandest Ponzi Scheme in human history will order up through the old-guard psychopath press.

Make no mistake it will not remain a secret, the New Media has kept their battle axes keen and sharp and are wielding them with due relish to great effect in chopping down the beanstalk of Human caused global warming.

Nothing like good timing and a bit of good fortune

In light of the upcoming Denmark IPPC meeting on “climate control” and the fallacy known as greenhouse-gas emissions, there most likely are a few worthies sweating bullets over this disaster-in-the-making.  The disclosures of collusion and incriminating ethics violations by members of the self-proclaimed atmospheric-science community in the manipulation and fabrication of historical world temperature data acquisition and the intrusion of their politicl views into the peer review process makes Richard Nixon’s Watergate look like a fart in a mitten.

This has stunning implications as to the credibility of every aspect of scientific findings promoted by the Greenbacks and radical Treehugging proponents of the “sky is falling world” is ending as we know it the reputation of these tinfoil-hat sporting, Marxist one-world-order maniacs.

In an example of exemplary New Media News Journalism

Charles Martin writing at PJM, and Clarice Feldman over to AT have started a yeoman’s duty of sorting through and collating tangible facts and insights from the immense mountain of data from CRU’s computers.

Mr. Martin puts forth that, (from AT article):

the material appears authentic (and to date no one has disputed its authenticity), “incendiary,” and predicts they will have a seismic impact on the scientific community, shaking the foundations of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the reputations of a number of scientists who were the principle proponents of that theory.

In one example he goes on to say his conclusions are supported by the documents contained in the hacked online data:

The emails suggest the authors co-operated covertly to ensure that only papers favorable to CO2-forced AGW were published, and that editors and journals publishing contrary papers were punished. They also attempted to “discipline” scientists and journalists who published skeptical information.

See for example emails 1047388489, 1256765544, 1255352257, 1051190249, 1210367056, 1249503274, 1054756929, 1106322460 and 1132094873. Also see email 1139521913, in which the author discusses how the comments at RealClimate.org are moderated to prevent skeptical or critical comments from being published. RealClimate advertises itself as a scientific blog that attempts to present the “real case” for AGW.

In an Independent study of the depths of how truly deep the rabbit hole goes:

It is for this writer, after scanning thru numerous emails between scientists associated with the Hadley CRU, a chilling and astounding reveal into the politics and thinking of the inner sanctum of global warming proponents. It is astounding as to the outright disdain for others they view as enemies in the scientific community who have attempted to institute standard operating procedures of peer review. The level of arrogance and elitism of these educated and pampered individuals is incomprehensible.

One aspect that deserves particular attention is the amount of funds and grants provided to these worthy’s.

It is difficult to even begin to account for the sheer size of taxpayer moneys that have gone down the drain of this “Scientific” black hole over the last decade plus. There are so many zeros after the first number; it would require a trustworthy scientist to determine the dollar value in plain English.

This in its self in light of the corruption of sound accountable scientific process and practice is reasonable call for arrest and prosecution of the culprits of felonious criminal, ethic and moral behavior. These “scientists” and “Administrators” are entrusted with preserving and serving the public interest.

The Public is who pays the bills and gives these clowns amazing paychecks and benefits. Not to mention the buildings, equipment and amazing and wonderful opportunities to travel the world, drinking tea and eating crumpets, and having the honor of associating with the most brilliant minds on earth.

In my final rant of this paragraph, I’m putting it plain and simple; these jokers have broken the trust of almost the entire world.

In the process they have handed us taxpayers in the Western Democracy’s the prospect of a feces sandwich, and footing the economy-bankrupting bill known as the Ponzi Scheme called Cap & Trade and the Copenhagen Treaty.

These “scientists” are the prime instigators of the criminal activities of the most selfish dishonest corrupted group of human beings the world has seen since Mayo and Stalin died.


Noted aspects read by this author in hacked emails of particular interest:

CRU hijacked correspondence displays a pattern of collusion among like-minded peers to distort climate data. For your perusal here are 7 examples:

1) Discussions of viability of raw data, in particular of its very questionable quality and reliability i.e. for example ground temperature readings obtained that where source located near heat sources such as parking lots and HVAC units in summer months, temp readings garnered from surface ships with no established criteria or record keeping from decades of various sources collated and adjusted to fit into desired results.

2) Active searching, better known as cherry picking for suitable data that fit desired results.

3) Candid discussion/correspondence of suitability of various editors at various peer review publications. Specifically noteworthy is the attempts to ouster, castrate or discredit, and how to accomplish these ends. Stacking the deck with suitable sympathetic members.

4) Mentions of use of effects as economic leverage of the US economy to insure agenda of AGW is instituted. Example: Use of US taxpayer-funded grant moneys by foreigners to subvert and undermine US economy in order to establish AGW agenda.

5) Rigging of data entirely unsuitable to agenda to meet critical timelines and political deadlines.

6) Correspondence on how best to utilize a strategy of derisive and discrediting terminology and invective through use of phantom writers at message boards, blogs etc. especially directed at scientists who voiced reason for peer reviewing and or cause for suspect of data and finding. Basically any skeptics with credibility where fair game and suitable targets.

7) Feckless almost casual discussion bandied about for the need to destroy documentation and correspondence relating to less than honest manipulation of data and plans to destroy others credibility and careers in the name of promoting agenda at all costs.

The sense one gains in reading through various emails is a sense that all science is thrown out the window in attempt to promote the agendas prescribed.

It is telling to the nth degree that these people are running wild; they live in this world of constant dissimulation and damage control, and a collective sense of missionary zeal and high-mindedness that only they are right.

It is nothing short of astounding despicable behavior and morals. The scope and breath of acts of conspiracy in the face of honorable established scientific procedures cannot be fully described. One has to see it to grasp the full picture.

It will most likely take months if not longer to collate and reveal all that is contained in these files.

Well worth time to read with your own eyes and draw your own conclusions.

Again link to readable files: Alleged CRU Emails-Searchable

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  1. It’s about time!! I signed the Anti-Global Warming Pact back in 1984 or so when I was working as a process engineer at Hughes Aircraft. Back then it was all about CFC’s and the damage to the ozone layer. Science back then had proven that the “hole” in the ozone layer had been opening and closing for the past 400 years but that report was never published. I wonder why. This corruption has been going on far too long and is definitely politically motivated. I hope we can get these so called scientists thrown in jail because we’ll never get our trillions of dollars back.

    I also think it’s strange that it took some hackers in Russia to dig this up. What happened to objective investigative journalism? The left wing journalists were educated by left wing professors in left wing schools. Thanks for nothing!!

    By the way, do you think we can get these hackers to look into Barack’s birth certificate and school records?

    Have a happy thanksgiving!!


  2. From the UK, the Bishop Hill blog, comes this jaw-dropping summary of all the goings on revealed in the hacked emails:


    Having followed the exposure of the sham of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) for a couple of years now at Anthony Watts’ blog, Watts Up With That? (see:

    http://wattsupwiththat.com/ )

    the details summarized at the Bishop Hill blog still end up being rather breathtaking in the scope of the fraud.

    And if anyone wonders how the data they use for their flights of fancy can be so bad, just check out another project of Mr. Watts, the Surface Station Project:


    This is photographic proof gathered from across the country by hundreds of volunteers of the horrid state of weather stations. Of the over 1,200 stations, more than 88% have been surveyed and 90% of those do not even meet NOAA’s standards. As a result, the temperature data is skewed to give higher temperatures than actually occur.

    To put this all in perspective, don’t expect to find a conspiracy when plain stupidity, ineptitude, and incompetence will explain it all. The real conspiracy (if it’s a conspiracy you want) is like that one we saw from Nixon – covering up stupidity, ineptitude, and incompetence.

    And as for Climategate – the lawsuits have only just begun. That failed divinity student (Al Gore) is about to see his Church of AGW crumble all around him.