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Or one man’s view below ground level from fly-over land of Tea and Liberty

by Doug Cook

No matter what your view, Sarah Palin is one of a hell of an emotional subject where ever it pops up.

Talk about divisive, or maybe derisive, depending on ones political perspective. The range of emotionally charged pros and cons surrounding Mrs. Palin’s credentials, her unknown future endeavors and misunderstood past achievements, is stunning.

One aspect is most remarkable concerning outright hate and bigotry on display directed towards Mrs. Palin. I have been thinking how this comes about. It is a mystery how Mrs. Palin can be so highly despised and derided. Or to be precise, the cause of underlying visceral outrage and anger, and reason to doubt the sanity of those who voice it.

Governor Palin is certainly an emotional issue for many. Governor Palin by most factual accounts is very intelligent and has a hard working dedicated approach to most aspects of her life.

Certainly these are commendable characteristic in any person.

Reading of her accomplishments during her career in civil service to Alaska, her well articulated and seemingly brilliant insights of democracy, freedoms, capitalism, liberty and its people in her speech to world and business leaders in Asia earlier this year speaks volumes as to her knowledge and abilities.

In regards to the range of opinion (both pro and con) which people and those in politics have, and how it is expressed, it boils down to fundamentals. Mrs. Palin has orchestrated a brilliant and unique strategy of placing herself in a position to be beholden only to her beliefs and goals. In the current public forum this is a singularly unseen occurrence. By her very own druthers and will of character she has taken her own road. I see this as an act of one who resides in the realm of We the People. This singularity known as Sarah Palin smacks of self-determination.

There are countless accounts of rationale as to why she does this or that. Her every view and statement is dissected-down, molecule by molecule, to the last atom in the search for some evil or an underlying ulterior motive to her persona or an agenda. As a person Mrs. Palin is derided or discounted as ineffectual by almost every sort of power broker and potentate imaginable. The mainstream networks with but one exception have instituted a campaign of Singular destruction of her character and dignity.

This all speaks volumes to the character of her detractors and her inherent ability and intent to connect with just good old-fashioned everyday people.

No matter what anyone says about this person, in the realm of We the People and Sarah Palin, it doesn’t amount to a bucket of warm piss how she is viewed. The things that do matter transcend conventional politics and business as usual.

You see the mystery of hate and bigotry directed towards Mrs. Palin is the very crux of her popularity and admiration.

That being what it is, those nasty items of human nature just do not matter. This concept is a terrible and frightful bogeyman, the ogre of loss of power and control by the elite and privileged, this is what is rightfully feared. Mrs. Palin and We the People are the worst sort of enemy, the ultimate enemy, and a foe with the true potential to be fearless once unleashed.

For so many, in the heart of Sarah Palin there reside the hopes and ideals of the common folk. She has become a beacon and a beautiful shining light to an increasingly disenfranchised and un-represented electorate who reside in the desolation of fly-over land.


Doug Cook writes from West Virginia: he’s been a welder for 32 years and writes from the point of view of the common American worker, whose voice has not been heard for a long time in the Main Stream Media.

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  1. Thank you for writing this well thought out article. I agree with your analysis to a point, in that Palin surely seems to have the best interest of the majority of Americans in mind, as she so openly claims to hold what she calls “common sense conservative values”. I can certainly identify with common sense conservative values; I hold them myself. However, there are several things about her ideas, nevertheless, that just don’t sit quite right in the pit of my stomach. Anyone out there who is able to do so, please inform or enlighten me if my line of reasoning seems unsound or offbase.

    As I understand it, Alex Jones’s well documented opinion on the ultimate intentions of the “global elite” is that their intentions are something less than honorable. Based on the freedom of information that I can see on this site, i.e. information about Obama’s origin of birth, etc., my guess is that many of the readers here may be fairly familiar with Alex’s views on the globalist agenda for things like depopulation. According to Alex, the wars in both Iraq and Afganistan have been staged by these global elitists with an upcoming war in Iran being one of the next items on the elite globalist’s to do list. Palin would very likely support such a proposal.

    My question here is this: am I the only one making the possible connection between Palin’s obvious intention to promote the continuation of the wars and the global elite’s ongoing agenda in terms of waging wars that in truth have no cause or virtue other than that of satisfying the agenda of these power mongers and criminals that hate the majority of the people of the civilized world… i.e. depopulation of the planet?

    Although I have publicly supported Palin, and also did vote for her when she ran on the McCain ticket, I now have more serious and as yet unanswered questions, especially since she has made her political views more widely available and known to we Americans who, as she also claims to, hold “common sense conservative values”. Depopulation is Not on my list of common sense conservative values? Is it on yours?

  2. If people would ask Alaskans what they think of Palin, you might save yourself a lot of grief thinking that she has the potential to do what is right for the majority of the American public. Please review her REAL accomplishments in AK, not the ones she claims to have done. Sarah Palin is an egomaniac, self promoting whiner. Remember she quit as governor, doesn’t that resonate with any sane person in the lower 48! Governing our small state of 500,000 people was too much for her. If Republicans think that she is their shining star, Obama will surely win again. Wake up and smell the stink that Palin leaves behind. She sold out the state of AK. Her AGIA plan has doomed the state for developing future resources. I encourage people to investigate the truth behind Troopergate and read others’ perspective of what has happened in AK. Palin’s rogueness is all hype and fiction.

  3. Excellent analysis of the Palin phenomenon. Leftists have turned themselves inside out in their unbridled efforts to deride, discredit, and destroy Sarah precisely because they fear her honesty, solid American values, and strength of character.

  4. Hopefully, Obama will not have destroyed America before Palin has a chance to become POTUS, as stated by Lame Cherry as follows at http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2009/11/obama-depression.html

    “Americans for all their lazy and whining natures, are not designed for Obama Marxism. They will absorb heavy debt burdens, but when it comes to the point of their working for world slave wages and only working for Obama’s Marxism, the producers will stop working and those Obamalings sucking the nation dry will have no more welfare.

    That is the coming destruction of America, as Obama has placed America into his abyss as this blog has warned. I did not say it lightly when I noted that Sarah Palin in 2012 might not have an America to be elected to to govern.”