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by John Charlton

Part and parcel of being a patriot who is effective and useful in the effort to save this Nation in its greatest national crisis — the usurpation of the Presidency by an overtly Marxist pretender — is to maintain a health balance of mind.

As a patriot, I want to give my fellow patriots some advice of the kind you do not normally find on the Internet.  The importance of detachment from the net, while using it daily.

While we should not let Obama terrorize us by what he is doing; neither should we let his continuous series of manifestations of his hatred for America, so incite us to disgust and hatred, that we lose it.

Unbridled and excessive anger can be used to control one’s opponents as much as the best of infiltrators and double agents.

And the Internet is an excellent tool for the devious to promote such rage, through internet chatrooms, websites, comment boxes, and anonymous posters.

As patriots we must avoid confounding news with gossip, and information with the kind of chatter you’d find at a late night bar.

To do this, we must not make reading the news a source of entertainment, distraction, or an end in itself; but use the useful information gathered to inform our decision-making process in the local or personal initiatives we undertake.

Such initiatives or actions should not be based on the counsel of anonymous folks on the internet, but rely principally on sound advice one could find from real persons.

Nor should one take any initiatives out of unbridled passion, for in doing such you only set yourself up for failure, mistakes and problems.

The Importance of Detachment

Detachment is an ancient Christian spiritual discipline, in which while using something frequently, we do so in a dispassionate manner. Such an approach allows the thing to be used without the passions which we have, which might be associated, stirred up by it, or consequent to its use, to cloud our judgment or determine how we use it.

Without detachment in the use of the Internet, it is every easy to fall into viewing or using even very immoral or very self-destructive parts of the Internet.  For example, one study found that 90% of adult men who use the internet, become addicted to Internet porn.

Detachment is not something we can practice by our own power. As a Christian I know that it is a grace, which only the Lord God can give, and we need to ask Him in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ, recognize that of our selves we are only sufficient to sin; and without His grace we cannot prevail in this struggle.

Detachment requires, in prayer and prior to the resolution to be detached, a humble recognition of our sins, our past moral failures, and the more humble recognition that not only are some things morally wrong, but some otherwise neutral things are occasions for us, and not for others, to be tempted.

Not every one can do everything; not should we try.  We should do what we can; and not presume to do what puts us in danger of any moral failure.

And so in the use of the Internet, and in our works for the public good, let us proceed with humility, faith, and detachment, and not let fear or rage, or any other passion, tear us down.

At the same time, we should not neglect praying for all our fellow patriots, because ours is not just a struggle against the Marxist takeover in this country, but one against our own weakness and failures and proclivities, just as it says in Scripture:  “All have sinned.”

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  1. Do you suppose that the American Patriots who stood at Lexington and Concord, who stood for their LIBERTY against their enemy “taxation without representation”, were shaking in their boots as they stared down the barrels of the rifles aimed against them?

    The annals of history have proved that these were brave men who stood united, willing to risk their blood and earthly treasure in order to drive out an occupying superior military and governmental force from their land.

    They proved that they were God fearing men who were willing to fight for their LIBERTY just as the LORD had commanded the Israelites to conquer the inhabitants of the land that He’d promised them.

    Actions speak louder than words…

  2. We are a sorely aggrieved people, but as you say, John, we need to avoid letting our grievances, however justified, diminish our effectiveness by carrying us to extremes. While seeking all due remedy, we need to keep the faith.