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Dear Editor:

1.7 Million Tea Partiers storm the Capitol, Sept. 12, 2009

There is a fundamental change going on in our society. It is truly happening from the ground up. It is a ground-swell. Fundamental in the sense it is taking place in the hearts and minds of regular folks. Not a few. Not just many. Nor is it a particular part of the population. This change exists as a quiet collective consciousness. It permeates the broad spectrum of people in our country. Quietly and not by any earthly design it exists below the radar of the powers that be. Like a F117 stealth fighter, one may suspect it is there flying through your airspace, but it is invisible to the suddenly outdated hardware you have counted on for so long to detect a foe.

This change does not exist in a vacuum, far from it.

The paradox is that the powers that be exist in a vacuum. What happens with a vacuum when it is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere? There is an unstoppable maelstrom of fresh air that rushes in to fill the void. A large sucking sound ensues.

The cause of this ground-swell of change has absolutely no roots in money or particular influence. No special interest is involved or is it agenda generated. Desire for power greed or agenda does not exist in its nature.

It transcends party lines. It sees no racial or religious boundaries.

It is beautiful in it’s simplicity.

It is profound in its beauty.

It is the democratic process functioning as originally intended in our Republic form of government.

It is the grounds swell of we the people independently forming free from conventional norms.

This uprising cannot be categorized or named by the politically correct, or use of vulgar parallels in order to discount devalue and demean.

It has a life of its own, as it transcends conventional norms and it is revolutionary by its very nature.

The powers that be are so self involved, so engrossed in their kingdoms and so intent to keep their arms safely wrapped around their rice bowls they have lost the forest for the trees.

They are running wild, and getting away with it for a very, very long time.

They are so blinded by power and greed; so enamored by their self-importance that they literally cannot see what is coming.

And they cannot truly comprehend. It is outside their experience.

They are so insulated from, and have ensconced themselves in selfish luxury and largess robbed from the treasure of this nations industriousness and good will that they no longer have anything in common with plain old regular hard-working honest folks.

We our country and constitution have been pimped to the highest bidding pervert at every opportunity by these power brokers. Our country is being raped and pillaged from the inside out.

The crime is a total failure of representation

They don’t have a clue on what is coming.

The mainstream press has barricaded themselves in rickety stained old ivory towers.

No help there. They whored themselves using our constitution as a veil years ago.

The new media hit on it. Are grinding those battle-axes to a fine keen sharp edge of hopes and ideals, with not a little good old ball busting for good measure. God bless and don’t stop for 1 second you guys. It is stuffing for the goose.

But do they truly comprehend?

The status quo talking heads spew so much hot air that if they shut their pie holes long enough and looked down from their highchairs, ripped off the bibs that catch the drool, they would account for such a reduction of Co2 in the atmosphere that the scam legislation known as the Cap and Bend Over bill would evaporate in a New York minute.

My apologies, I digressed here a bit.

To put it in a nutshell

No one, not even the folks who are going to shake things up in a big way know just how large this revolution is. Not yet, but things are coalescing.

No one in the traditional media has a handle on what is coming.

The up and coming members of the new Constitution party politics may not be prepared even if they grasp the strength of this storm, but God bless them for sure.

It is big.

Very few in politics, if any grasp the enormity of this title wave-building out in the desolation of flyover land.

The radical executive is so engrossed in little red books it is ignorant to this storm that is about to sweep them way.

It is the tsunami of the will of the people.

It is a sea change of epic proportions.

It has a life of its own, and no one or nothing can stop it or change the course of things to come.

It is rich beyond measure.

It is justice long deserved and served as a dish very cold without a pinch of remorse.

The people are coming for you.

They are coming with a bone in their teeth.

A democracy aroused has no equal on this good earth in its retribution for and the redress it can inflict for wrongs done.

And those who are the prime target “ain’t got a clue”

Arise oh ye disenfranchised! Arise as one. Don’t ye give up and don’t ye stop!

God bless you and the United States of America,


Doug Cook

West Virginia

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  1. As Henry Thoreau said in his 1849 essay “Civil Disobedience,” “All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.”

    Having a usurper fraudulently thrust upon us as our chief executive and Commander-in-Chief is unendurable, and having that fraud condoned by Congress and the courts is an intolerable injustice. The injustice must be corrected forthwith. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    1. Wrong rules the land while waiting justice has slept. But, justice is awakening. Watch justice quicken her step after having had her morning coffee. In God we trust. Many are praying that God will give us another chance to do what is right in HIS SIGHT.

  2. As a 9/12 attendee in DC I was in awe at the number of regular people that made that valiant effort to be a part of this revolution. Doug is correct, they have no clue. But they do have the warnings ie Virginia, NJ, and as it seems NY23. Many of us, me included, have been going about our lives and believing that our republic will work and we will be ok. Our republic is broken and myself along with millions of fellow Citizens have come to that same conclusion. These people will not allow our country to slip away. Thank you Doug Cook, God bless you and all who wish good will for our country.