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by P. Patriot

The following is just an idea for raising money for Orly, not a literal suggestion:

Think of it something like this: “EXTREME TELETHON: LIBERTY EDITION”

People donate their time, talents, equipment, vans, buses, catering resources, phone banks, etc.


Charlie Daniels and Ted Nugent were asked if they had a few friends:
Events promoter, sound crew, sound equipment with stage lighting and PA, and caterer.
Have you seen Ted Nugent play the Star Spangled Banner?


Rick Santelli was asked if he had a few fiends:
Investor types who could rub together a few nickels for air fare and bus fare for volunteers, hotel rooms.


S. Truett Cathy the founder of Chik-fil-A who is still the company’s chairman was asked if he had a few friends:
Food suppliers.


The Conservative Filmmakers Alliance had a few friends:
HDTV production equipment, tape and editing facilities.


Conservative actors like Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Kathy Ireland, Dennis Miller, Ben Stein, Bo Derek and Pat Boone had a few friends:
You could rent movie theaters all across the country. Yes movie theaters are for rent! Forget the main stream media. Groups have tried to pay to have commercials run on TV to have the networks refuse to take their money! How’s that for capitalism! The movie theaters across the country now have the ability to have content sent via satellite and down linked directly to the big screen. People would pay to see this. I guarantee it! Pay-per-view events on Comcast and DirectTV would also sell for the people that would like to go but can’t take time off from work or can’t find baby sitters, etc.


The event also was a TELETHON. Yes, a TELETHON. People are so frustrated they are just dying to do SOMETHING! ANYTHING. They have been calling their Congressmen, Senators and Supreme Court Justices to no avail. They have been writing letters, sending faxes. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being ignored. So here’s how you can give them a chance to help you. A TELETHON. They can’t afford a plane ticket and hotel, but they will pick up that phone and GIVE. I guarantee it. Now, here’s where the fun part comes in. It’s about more than just making money. You’ve got to give the American Patriots a chance to get involved. What we are missing is LIGHT and TRUTH and you can give it to them. If you can find a location where you can get a lighthouse constructed in some way and people can pay for a brick….


Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush had a few friends:

The new Dallas Cowboys stadium could have a charity concert? And as part of the concert, there could be a lighthouse constructed. You get interlocking Styrofoam construction blocks and you paint pledge donors names on them that give you money. You construct a lighthouse from these bricks and you put a light at the top to symbolize Lux et Veritas or LIGHT and TRUTH. You might as well hoist Ted Nugent up there to turn on the light and plant an American flag while you’re at it. I can hear the uproar now all across this great land of ours.


The Texas Society of the National Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) had a few friends:
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Betsy Ross and John Hancock could show up. Find some local actors and an actor’s guild to lend you some colonial wardrobes and muskets and you bring the spirit of our Founding Fathers/Mothers to life.

This isn’t a joke. Our Constitution is literally being trampled on. We have got to fight back! I am sure our country is full of others that feel the same way.

The time is now though. This has to be treated as an honest to GOD emergency. You might get 10 NO’s before you get 1 YES, but this is America by GOD and you WILL get enough Yeses to see it through!

If you believe…it can happen. Nor forgotten for another 200 years!

Editor’s Comments

P. Patriot, I think you are inspired.  Though while I think a telethon would not work, simply because the MSM would not allow it on cable or tv, yet if you just tweek your idea some, and have a concert/music festival/political rally, it may just work.

I would, therefore, suggest inviting those with musical talent of whatever kind, to join together to do a fund raiser in the form of a concert — you know like those “Save the planet” concerts of some years ago, in which proceeds go to a charitable cause.  In this case it would be to pay the Sanctions.

Howeve the purpose of the concert would be a “Rally for Liberty”, to protest the penalization of freespeech, to protest tyranny, usurpation, and the grab-for-power by Obama, his cronies and Congress!

The performers would do their thing, interspersed with speeches by patriots, famous or common, on this topic. And the entire event could be video taped and sold on DVDs to assist in the fund raising!

If Orly successfully apeals the sanctions, let the monies be used to buy bill boards protesting tyranny, in  Judge Land’s home  town of Columbus, GA and in Obama’s seat of sycophancy, Washington D.C.!

It would also give us all some time to relax and celebrate, while kicking the NWO tyrannts in the pants!  — These are my 2 cents on the issue.  I invite readers in the comment section to brainstorm with us…

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  1. I think that your idea is inspired, a little late but still inspired. I would like to add that instead of the money going only to Orly Taitz, (certainly some should), we should THINK BIGGER, we should create an organization out of it. The money collected could also fund think tanks, talent banks, fund conservative candidates all over the US to be used to fight the Obama Agenda!!! The idea would be a MANHATTAN PROJECT, to preserve our Republic – we all donate our money, brains, talents and time. Our mission would be to get Obama’s Constitutuional qualifications addressed and work to solve and push back this Socialist take over of our country.

  2. I contributed what I could. Does Orly really have time to wait for a fund raiser on a large scale to be organized and conducted? My understanding of law is slim to none.

  3. A live, outdoor concert is a brilliant idea. John Voigt could be invited to speak. Orly’s other well-known Facebook friends could be invited, but entertainment is also a good idea. If this is held anywhere in New England, I’m there to provide music, although the time of year won’t work for outside.

    We do need to help Orly. However, I don’t think she should have to pay those sanctions since she has appealed Judge Land’s ruling. Are there any patriotic lawyers who can come to HER defense so that the sanctions won’t even have to be paid?

    Clay Land is a despot, just like Obama. They think they can get away with this, but they won’t…not if we act quickly. We need to have another rally like the health care rallies and 9-12 march with LOTS of people there specifically to support Orly Taitz. Whatever traditional media coverage we get will HAVE to mention the reason why so many people are converged yet again to protest. The reason is that we refuse to subject ourselves to tyranny!!

  4. I’d consider hoiding at least one of these events at the Corner Auditorium in Columbus, GA. That way, if the weather’s good, Judge Land could walk to the festivities. The larger and newer Civic Auditorium would also be a great venue, but the Judge would need to drive since it’s a bit further away.

  5. Some great brainstorming here, and I wonder if there is not already a base to work with in the several existing patriot orgs such as the Tea Party Patriots and the 9.12 Project Network. Maybe such orgs would not actually sponsor/coordinate the event(s) but would agree to provide publicity and moral support.

  6. Solicit Wille Nelson’s expertise. He did it for the American farmers and there is no more of a core patriotic group than they are?!?!?