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by John Charlton

This Veterans Day commemorates the 91st Anniversary of the Armistice which ended the hostilities of the First World War, at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the eleventh month, of 1918.

It was called the “War to End all Wars”, but it left a carnage of 20 million dead, and a Europe seething with bitterness and revenge.  But the massacre of that war, to which America came lately but decisively to rally the Allied powers, taught the world the lesson of the futility of military action which did not employ the means for victory, but merely dallied in attrition warfare.

In this, our own terrible struggle, which has descended in the quiet of the night upon America, we are faced with not only the menace of a Marxist dictatorship, but the cruel and stonewalling control of a arch-criminal organization, which in Barack Hussein Obama has taken control of the Federal Government, subborned our elected and appointed officials, closed off the courts, nationalized key industries, and which is rewriting our laws and rights in its grasp for ever more power.

We, the common men and women of this great nation, the little people who are so quickly forgotten and disdained by those with power and wealth, we alone retain the liberty of heart and the normalcy of mind to see the crisis for what it is, the process of a complete Communist take over of our Nation, under the guise of a democratic process.

We must not dally with a danger to our National Security so great.

In colonial times, when wars were still fought with the heritage of a culture of gallantry and bravery, when men still faced one another in their own brightly colored uniforms, and lined themselves up in long rows, one behind the other, for battles which seem to us moderns, more like parades and theatre, than those kinds of bloody and mad wars of the last century, in which there were few rules of war: each opposing army would advance line upon line of troops against the enemy, until one side broke.

With the massive Election Fraud perpetrated by the unknown, background-hiding, candidate from literally who-knows-where — fraudulent, in that he is not a natural born citizen, and hence is not eligible for the office of U.S. President — a series of patriots brought law suit upon law suit in the courts, from shore to shining sea, seeking judicial remedy for this crime, which no national politician would publically admit — though they all collaborated in it — and which no Federal Attorney General would investigate — though all know of it and many have received criminal complaints about it — which no Secretary of State would acknowledge — since none did their duty to vet his candidacy — thus putting us in a situation akin to one of those colonial battles.

For these patriots were the First Line of action; but as they brought their forces to bear each in his own way and in his own field, the combined criminal machinery of the regime twisted arm and ear, and saw to it that justice was first delayed and then denied.

Now in the aftermath of defeat in this first engagement, we must not allow demoralization to set in, but rather, we must rally our fellow Americans and call up the Second Line.

It is now time for the average and common man and woman, who knows of the eligibility crisis and for those who recognize the danger of the Marxist revolution which has and is happening before our eyes, to make a committment to serve and to fight to defend this great and beloved Nation of America, which is the land of our birth, of our parents birth, or which has become dear as such, for those of us who have fled the tyranny or oppression or dead ends of other lands.

Bring up the Second Line! —  Do not be a silent spectator in this great struggle, but make a personal committment to dedicate your life, your riches and your sacred honor to defend and restore this great Nation!

Join now the Second Line by a determined effort, not to simply read and listen, nor simply to waste your time and money communicating to politicians of parties who perpetrated this horrendous travesty.  Reach out to fellow patriots in your neighborhood, in your town, in your state, and across the nation, and organize for resistence!

As I wrote nearly two months ago, we need to make a determined effort, ourselves, in our own locales, to establish organizations and networks to defend the National Security:  fraught as we are with a Federal Government which has been come — let us deny it no longer — the promoter of insecurity, the threatener of liberty, the disdainer of democracy, the usurper of authority, private wealth, and individual autonomy.

Each in your own way, through whatever local effort or initiative to awake fellow citizens to the danger, the realities, and the absolute necessity to take local initiatives against this Marxist Behemoth!

In every place and land, in every state and community, those who act now and organize, will be those who are centres and sources of defense, supply, and organization in the coming struggle. Organize independent of the major parties, which will only attempt to dissemble, distract, divert, diminish, and redirect your patriotism into initiatives which will have no effect against the advance of Marxism.

Resolve today to join in spirit that sacred fellowship of men and women who hallowed our liberties with the ultimate sacrifice:  pledge yourself to this resistence against the Marxist revolution in American led by Barack Hussein Obama.

Take up the colors of liberty and join with the Minutemen of old!

Organize now, bring up the Second Line of a more encompassing and numerically stronger movement against dictatorship! Wait no longer upon the decisions of courts, or the ramblings of politicians.

For if you do not act this Fall to preserve the liberty of all, you might lose everything in the comming battle when the cruel spectre of Marxism, with its control over every institution established, comes to deprive you of your personal liberty, once there is no one left to defend it.

May the Lord God Almighty shine upon us and bless us in the great struggle which lies before us: and may He grant us victory!

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