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To our valued readers:

Many of you recently made generous donations to The Post & Email to assist us in our goal of becoming a full-service site to provide you with the news you need each day.

In our recent fundraiser more than $850 in donations via PayPal were sent in.

However, as you, donors, already should know (from the notices in your PayPal account), our PayPal account was attacked by a hacker — who thankfully did not breach it — and PayPal froze the account for everyone’s protection.

We therefore immediately refunded all the donations received by PayPal, and sent the donors a message explaining how they could re-send their donations.

So far $655 has been sent in, though this includes new donors.

Whether you were of the number of the original donors, or have not yet made a donation, we ask you to consider sending a generous donation to our POB:

The Post & Email
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

So that our readers can understand our budget, I will break it down in round figures:


$800 for Web design and development

$200 for virtual server hosting and domain registration

$350 for incorporation filing and related services

$350 for additional filings and registrations due this year

$64 for POB rental

$12 for Envelopes and misc. office supplies.


$1776 — TOTAL needed

Since we have raised so far $329, you can see we have a long way to go to reach this patriotic number.


Click here to read about the Changes to come at the Post & Email, to understand what effect your donation will have.

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  1. Just found your site. It may be beneficial to combine all the mounting evidence. The recent articles on DNC forms filed without the elgibility clause with election commitees in 49 states (see Canada Free Press by JL Williams).

    If in fact Alan Keyes heard Barry Sotero personally state his Kenyan origins then it would be powerful witness. In addition,
    there must be a clerk , a typist, an admissions processor in the colleges that remember his student status. It seems hard to imagine not one employee of Occidental College, Columbia, or Harvard admissions dept. won’t speak up. Think of how many people are involved with enrollment procedures applications, student loans, class schedules, student status (ie. foreign aid, domestic aid, part time student job ?) Someone out there has the knowledge of these factors.

  2. It’s good that you included a snail mail address. Some don’t use credit cards online and refuse to use PayPal. Will try to send something soon since I do enjoy your site. Money is tight everywhere it seems….even here.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Thanks Thistle! It’s patriots like you who are helping save this country!