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by John Charlton

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the borders of Canada to the Rio Grande, the U.S. House has fired the opening salvo in what looks soon to become a veritable Second American Revolution.

Against the wishes of the majority of Americans, Nancy Pelosi lead the Democratic majority of 220 (with 1 Republican) against the Republican lead opposition of 215 (with 36 Democrats), and passed the bill. It now goes on to the U.S. Senate, where it will be much more difficult to forge a victory vote.

American citizens are outraged at the power grab being foisted upon them. The Bill has become the single issue which is waking the American public to the power-grab agenda of the Obama regime; even as the vast majority refuse to admit the illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office.

The logical self-contradiction is seen in the very arguments being used on conservative forums, where many who hold that the President is not eligible to hold the office are reacting as if the Bill will obligate the American public according to law.

The United States is presently in full panic mode, and it does not derive from the shooting at Ft. Hood.

Citizens need to get a hold of themselves and think rationally.

Now the time has come to decide whether you are going to live a life of emotions, emotive reactions, and a politics of sentimentality, and accept slavery in Obama’s Marxist state, or decide to live according to right reason and recognize the indisputable fact, that Obama is not the U.S. President and has no power to pass any bill, let alone the Health Care Bill. (Here’s the proof that he is not eligible for the Presidency)

You just cannot have it both ways.

Don’t listen to the Republican operatives in your midst who will say, “Trust us, support us, we can work through this; don’t go to extremes, Obama does not mean what he intends; what we were saying about the Bill is not going to happen!” — Oh, they’re not saying that today? —Wait, then,  until the week after Obama puts his invalid signature on the invalid bill.  Then come back and tell me what you are hearing from the leading Republicans.

It’s in the interest of the Republican party who put Obama into power, to corral up his oppoents and slowly demoralize them by inaction and induce them to bend their knees and bow down to him.  They would not have given you a ineligible Marxist as President if it were not to test whether you are an idiot or a partiot — and they presume you are an idiot.  They would not have given him power, if it was not to make you serve him; and him rule over you!

As long as you keep listening to the purposeful misinformation and propaganda of the Main Stream Media, you are intellectually trapped in a dead end, no-escape scenario; and Obama supporters are going to laugh you all the way to the FEMA gulags.

The choice is yours!

Liberty or death!

Choose liberty that you may live!

Resist and refuse to comply with all unlawful Federal dictates.

Return to Constitutional principles, which alone uphold your inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The choice is yours!

The sad truth is, that if you joined with the patriots in the Eligibility movement from the beginning, you would not now be in this predicament.

Will you serve Obama so long as it is pleasant to do so?

Have you not yet realized that he wants you to serve him, even if it is very displesant to you?

That’s what slavery means, after all….

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  1. Not only Acorn can organize!

    And while I’m on the subject of Acorn, when do we stop taxpayer-funding of this clearly Democratic-leaning political organization?

    I’m one of the citizens who has never before felt called upon to organize or read, and reread, the Constitution or see conspiracies around every corner but the corruption in this administration is breath-taking enough to cause moderate, educated, rational me to wonder how in the hell we got to this horror show.

    And dedicated to trying to get out of it as quickly and legally as possible.

  2. Mr. Charlton replies: Jack, in that sense you are correct; but there is more to my response that I can speak to, right now. There is a lot more going on. I am totally infavor of the initiative, however.

  3. One step closer to the Liberation of the great United States of America. The New Democrat Socialist Party will be removed by We the People along with any Republicrat that supports the policies of the Impostor squatting in the White House. You will be removed by either legal force or at the ballot box. You will be removed!