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by Harold Hunter

“I pledge allegiance to . . . the Republic . . . with liberty and justice for all.”

So we all say in that declaration which today is merely a pleasant anachronism.  When  the executive branch of our government is illegal yet is unstintingly supported by the legislative and judicial branches, the Republic itself and all its citizens suffer grave injustice.

We have an unprecedented constitutional crisis at the highest level of our government, yet Congress refuses to address it and our judges primly quote precedents about standing, jurisdiction and redressability, as if justice were merely a matter of legal scholarship.  Wrong. To be just means to be fair, honorable, and morally right, and it is unfair to the people, dishonorable to the Constitution, and plainly immoral to permit Barack Obama to remain in the high office he wrongfully gained through election fraud.

Obama swore falsely when on November 30, 2007, he signed the Arizona “Candidate Nomination Paper” declaring “I am a natural born citizen of the United States.”  Obama’s father was a British subject/citizen, so Barack’s birth status was governed by British law, an impossibility for a natural born U.S. citizen.  Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of our Constitution was specifically meant to bar anyone who held foreign or divided allegiance at birth from becoming Commander-in-Chief.

As Chair of the Democratic National Convention, Nancy Pelosi swore falsely when she officially certified that Obama was “legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”  Shame on Pelosi in particular and Democrats in general.  And shame on the Republicans for giving the fraud a pass.

So you can understand how I found it darkly humorous that Obama called Afghanistan’s President Karzai on November 2 to congratulate him when his runoff opponent withdrew and to exhort Karzai to “eradicate corruption.”  Karzai obligingly announced to the world that he would “remove the dark stain of corruption” from his government.  What jokers these guys are!

It enhances the humor to recall how Obama’s career was built on questionable tactics used by ACORN and other far left supporters.  ACORN is a highly biased political outfit alleged to have engaged in election fraud by falsifying or fabricating voter registrations in multiple states.   Their reward was being budgeted to receive billions of taxpayer dollars and being made a “partner” with the Census Bureau for the 2010 census.  That is genuinely “funny money.”  Haha.

Seriously, we must “remove the dark stain of corruption” from our own government before it permanently impairs the quality of our Constitution.  But our judges are not able to see the forest for the trees.  They dance prissily all around the issue without addressing the very real and urgent question at hand:  do we have a legitimate government or not?  This question is of the gravest import and deserves to be given a fair trial of truth ASAP in the court of any judge whose sense of justice can transcend the usual myopic fascination with precedent, standing, and jurisdiction.

The judges like to say that Obama’s ineligibility is a political question and therefore out of their jurisdiction.  Nonsense, it is a question of what the Constitution says and whether what the Constitution says matters a tinker’s damn.  To interpret the Constitution is the federal judiciary’s main purpose.

Judges also evade their responsibility by saying that because all citizens are injured more or less equally by a fraudulent election, no individual citizen—even military personnel—have “standing” in court.  These black-robed parrots say that because we are all injured by Obama’s fraud, no one in particular can sue.  In sum, what we have now is a former republic with justice for none.

True justice is larger than finely honed distinctions about the letter of the law. There are NO precedents for our present crisis, but Article II must be enforced without delay.   In this case of all cases, justice delayed is justice denied.

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