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by John Charlton

The Matrix was a blockbuster Sci-Fi trilogy, in which reality was not was it seemed, and liberation was the only way to come to know it.

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama and now the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, there is no longer any debate:  we have entered the NWO Matrix and the daily events featured in the Main Stream Media are little more than staged theater to keep us distracted from realizing the end game.

The NWO, what is it?  Let’s put a name upon it to make quite clear who it is who is robbing us of our liberty and laws, of our culture, religion and rights.  For when you name a thing you can more easily recognize it for what it is.

The NWO is an alliance of rabid secularists and fanatical Muslims.  It is an alliance to undermine, dominate and ultimately destroy Christianity.

It might be difficult to believe this, that secularists and fanatical Muslims are in cahoots.  But as a very wise Teacher once said, “Judge them not by their words, but by their deeds!”

What is the effect of the agenda of secularists, internationalists, socialists, Marxists, and fanatical Muslims?

The opening of the doors of the West to Islamic immigration.  The enforcement of barbaric Islamic customs and beliefs on common Christians.  The outlaw of Christian customs, practices; the curbing of Christians’ free speech; and the persecution of Christians for acting on them.

Whether it is the marketing of abortion in the West; the establishment of bubble-zones to curtail the free speech of pro-lifers; the firing of bookstore staff because they dare to say they believe lesbianism is evil; the removal of a State Judge because he dared to put the 10 Commandments on display on Court property; the extradition of a christian convert back to her muslims parents and her separation from her Christian pastor and friends…the end is always the same.

The Christians get the short end of the stick; and the blows are always hardest, sharpest and most fierce against us.

If you challenge the agents of change for not being qualified for their office, you have no standing; or the Court cannot redress it; if you lob a hand grenade against U.S. Troops and are detained in Guantanamo, you not only have standing, but are let free.

If you demand the right to vote whether your nation wants to give away its sovereignty you are derided; and if but one unbeliever refuses to go to school because of a cross in her class room, the whole nation of Christians must hide the cross away!

There is a massive, undeniable inequity in all of this: and it’s happening not only in the U.S.A. but in Europe as well.

Only when you focus your attention on the long-term effects of this agenda, can you free yourself to see that the rest is Theater designed to distract you.

The Republican party will not save you; it is merely a foil for the Democrats leading the charge against you.

The political elite will dine at the same table; while pretending in public to be opposed.

Take the rally today against the Health Care Bill; a lot of concerned Americans are going to the Capital to protest; how many of them understand that by the very fact they protest, they give legitimacy to a usurper who has no power to sign it into law?

Staged theater; in which many of the actors are unwilling, unaware and duped actors.

But this theater is also tightly controlled.  Any individual or group which bucks it, is studied and undermined as much as possible.

In the last 12 months I have been appalled month after month at how easily some patriots allow themselves to be tossed here and there, motivated to this or that, by the insinuation of fears, rivalries, and ambition.  With a little jigger to this side or that, any attempt at coordinated or united effort is destroyed, hampered or undone like clock work.

I don’t think patriots are weak-minded or nuts; but I do think they are unaware that in this struggle we are being psychologically profiled, studied, and any opening that is found is a point of exploitation that will be used.

If we fear being calumniated in public; they will calumniate us in public.

If we fear be libeled; they will libel us.

If we fear losing a lawsuit; they will see that it is tossed.

If we fear that any effort may not succeed; they will immediate suggest that it won’t.

United we stand, divided we fall:  is an old and tried saying of wisdom.

But in the present time of world-wide disorientation we could add a few new ones.

1. What the Main Stream Media wants you to believe is what they need you to believe to control you.

Take for example, what happened in the 2008 Election cycle: the MSM did everything to get Obama elected; and they got him elected, because enough Americans were stupid enough to believe as true what all the MSM agreed upon.

Take for example, what is now happening, after the numbers of viewers watching them plummeted for a year:  they have begun a tiny-weeny step distancing themselves from Obama, with the purpose of convincing you that they are not out to support him as zealously as last year.  But they never criticise his illegitimacy as president; rather, they continuously and violently attack his critics on this issue. Fox and the White House play enemies, but they are agreed to viciously attack those who question Obama’s legitimacy, which proves that they are involved in theatre.

Even Obama is theater, because the NWO uses his mystique to distract you from the fact that through him and even without him, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are collaborating to take away American sovereignty, bankrupt the nation (which is a means to the same end), and suppress any real meaning in the Constitution, while taking away your personal freedom to life, liberty and happiness through the guise of Health Care.

2. What the Major Parties claim they are doing for you is what they need you to believe to control you.

I mentioned how Obama is theater; and we know that McCain’s run for the presidency was a theatric play if there ever was one.  But somehow, many just cannot connect the dots:  Sarah Palin they refuse to believe is acting on the same stage.

Let’s see, McCain chose her; she has not questioned the eligibility of Obama in 12 months; nay, rather, she has affirmed it; she did not attend the 9-12 rally in D.C.; she went to Hong Kong instead and spoke behind closed doors to the financiers of the NWO agenda.  And there are agents of this NWO theater in all the patriot forums who attack anyone who criticises her as being over critical, chauvanistic, or a pessimist.  How much more evidence do you need:  does she have to spit in your face?  Her silence and her speach both proclaim that she is part of the NWO theatre.

3. The only methods to resist the NWO take-over are the very ones they most frequently attack or ignore.

It’s obvious as heck that the simple solution to the NWO take-over lies in a political strategy which is directly aimed against their long-term goals and current tactics.

The solution is simple:  massive civil disobedience and non-compliance, which includes public rejection of the legitimacy of the illegitimate “public officials” and treaties; the formation of state militias, and if refused, of volunteer militias nationwide; the formation of a third-party; the determined boycott of all companies involved in the NWO push; assertion of state sovereignty and local control; collaboration and cooperation among all groups for this plan of resistence.

Those who don’t want to use these means, have been duped by the NWO theater and are connected to the Matrix still; when push comes to shove, they will betray you to the NWO folks, because they prefer the dream world which is fed to them by the secularist elites; the appearance of world peace under a Marxist world government.  They may have not read 1984, but they have actually chosen that as their future, simply because they deny, contrary to all the evidence, that that is what the NWO elites would make of this world.

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!” said Our Lord Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago.  To be set free, even in this political struggle, means that we cannot deny the truth of the reality in which we live, and we must continuously be critical of being led along by the MSM and major parties.  However liberty will not come unless you make of yourself an agent for liberty, and accept a counter NWO agenda:  the restoration of Christianity in public life,* the restoration of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land; the recognition of the Natural Law as supreme to all human law; local governance; and the outlawing of each power group/entity which is pushing the NWO agenda.

It’s a war for civilization, for liberty, for humanity.  You cannot be half-hearted about it.


* Non-Christians, who are not secularists nor Muslims will also have to take sides: whether to live under their alliance or to live with Christians; they have to judge for themselves who which side believes in liberty. Let those of the Jewish faith remember the Islamic riots in France two years ago; which the MSM denied were happening, then denied were being perpetrated by Muslims. And let Hindus remember what happened in Bombay last year, and who told India not to be hasty in accusing the guilty.

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  1. Another outstanding essay, Mr Charlton. What an excellent call to action.

    Part of the problem — and this may be intentional — is the lack of resolve many people have today. This is partly due to the fact that the stirring history lessons we had as kids just aren’t taught anymore. I remember coming home from school as an 11-year old thinking about how gosh-darn courageous America’s founding fathers and people like Paul Revere were. Those lessons were useful, because they instilled a ‘fire in the belly’ (for lack of a better term). Now, all kids get are sermons about how bad the US is.

    Same thing goes on in Europe — we all live in such ‘bad, bad’ countries! That’s what kids learn today. So, it would seem that parents or older siblings will have to balance this out by at-home tutoring and discussion.

    There’s also no personal development at home or in after-school organisations about simple things like survival — whittling wood, for example, which every Scout used to learn — even girls. Do they still teach knot-tying? Then, there were kids who went out hunting for rabbits with their dads. Some still do, but there seems to be a societal prohibition of these activities. We’re just so ‘helpless’ now without expert or state intervention.

  2. People may wish for a world of sweetness and light, peace and love, wine and roses, but the Garden of Eden is gone. The lure of equality and brotherhood led to the blood-soaked streets of the French Revolution and millions murdered in the Russian and Chinese communist revolutions. “Hope” and “change” are just pretty words to fill empty heads.

    The unpleasant reality is that there really is evil abroad in the land, and it intends to rule. If it is not effectively opposed, it will rule.

  3. Everything is smoke and mirrors, it is very hard to discern the truth out of the lies. Everyone, even Fox, is in on it. I knew from the very beginning that the only true issue was Obama’s legitimacy as president, and no one will even touch it; not Beck, not Judges, not Rush, no one, only Orly. She cares, but she is not qualified. I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid to talk about this issue.

    Did you see the recent report by Nouriel Roubini on the “mother of all carry trades”? It seems that the Federal Reserve is intent on building a bubble that will burst causing global depression with the likely outcome of finally bring America to it’s knees. And no one seems to see it as intentional, but if Milton Friedman was right that they caused the 1929 stock market crash in order to take over the US government then I don’t think it is a mistake at all. I am not sure if it isn’t too late to stop it from happening. We may have to band together for food and protection when the melt down comes.