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by John Charlton

(Nov. 3, 2009) — With gold prices and uncertainty in the continued dominance of the U.S. Dollar at all time highs, many investors remain unaware of other precious metals which have historically surged with gold, but at present remain at affordable prices.

Palladium, a precious metal similar in color and appearance to platinum, is one such metal. Historically outside of economic crises it has sold in recent years for $220 a troy ounce.  But in times of crises when gold hits the ceiling, it has surged to $600-1200 an ounce.  Presently Palladium is selling for about $347 an ounce, meaning that investors could potentially double, triple or quadruple their investment in the coming year if the economic problems worsen.

Palladium Prices in last 5 years c/o Kitco.com

Palladium can be bought through precious metal trading houses, or in bars at some coin shows. Click on graph to visit Kitco.com’s website.

Rhodium, another precious metal whose prices surge during economic recoveries, is currently at near bottom prices.  Investing in Rhodium now could possibly bring returns of 500% if held long-term for 5+ years.

Rhodium, historical prices c/o Kitco.com

Rhodium is much more price, currently selling at nearly $1800 per troy ounce; and is normally only available through select precious Metal Traders. Click on graph to visit Kitco.com’s website.

It is important to remember that having the real metal in hand is always the secure bet; whereas bying certificates of ownership which are held or based on the stability of a Metal trading company is highly risky, because if the trader goes bankrupt, you risk losing your entire investment.  A certificate of ownership is merely a paper investment, howsoever it may be explained.

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  1. On the present path the current governing class is taking us, metals will be the only place to hide.

    The dollar may snap back and rally over the next year or so as the economy slumps, but over the long haul, these people in Washington couldn’t do a better job of wrecking our currencies prospects if they sat down and wrote out a plan called “How To Destroy The Dollar.”