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by Neil Sankey

I HAVE A QUESTION, many questions actually, but one especially important question for the Media that has yet to be answered.

Who am I to be so presumptuous as to ask any questions, you might ask. Well, I will tell you. I have become one of those people who claim to be encompassed by the term “We The People” I was not, originally, I was an Englishman, born and raised in the quiet, green solitude of the “Southern England”. Then, for twenty years, I was wrenched from that solitude. I was a young British “Bobby” or Cop. I was actually in full tuxedo dress and attending a CID Annual Dinner, enjoying a very pleasant evening when the word came. Suddenly, within an hour, I had strapped on a Browning 9mm, and my life was changed forever.  Five miles away, quite by chance, the first IRA “Bomb Factory” had been found in Southern England. Four days and nights later, I had had no sleep, but I did still have the 9mm and tux. “My” investigation into World Terrorism had begun. It continues today.

For the past year, almost two, I have been working, researching and basically investigating the whole question of “Eligibility”. I started out getting interested in a blog, then getting involved. I then realised “I knew these signs and symptoms, I had seen all this before” This was the normal creep of Communism / Marxism / Maoism / Trotskyism, funnelled through the teachings of Edward Said.

Soon I became aware of Doctor Orly Taitz, one of the most incredible Ladies I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Doctor Taitz lives a few miles from me, she is a Dentist, an Attorney and mother. She speaks many languages and is the closest thing to a human dynamo I have ever seen. Tireless, unstoppable, dedicated, I could go on, but the thing that struck me the most was her determination to fight tooth and nail for a cause. Not necessarily “her” cause, she was not born here, but then, nor was I. We spoke several times and I began to work in support of her whenever I could and whenever she asked. I think that we, being European, particularly Doctor Taitz, being Russian, had a more complete understanding of the road which America is currently travelling.

Oh, it is very easy to be critical of Doctor Taitz and try to make fun of us as “Birthers”, indeed, it was seeing O’Reilly make a complete fool of himself last week on “The Factor” that inspired this piece. Glibly and pompously trotting out the usual lines, totally false and totally lies!, yet unchallenged. But, more of them later.

Thirty years ago I came to America and later became a Citizen. England had begun a hard “left turn” which I did not like but which had been completely foreseeable. I had been responsible for watching the growth of Anarchism and the extreme “Left”, then, later, the associations between the extreme “Left” and Crime. This latter association also showed up very distinctly the problem of Criminal subversion of everyday criminals into the dogma of the very “Extremists” that we had put in our prisons amongst them. A dangerous practice!  I watched, read about and personally experienced the encroaching march of Socialism, yes, at first even the stoic Brits were reluctant to use the words Marxism and Communism, but eventually you will call it what it is. Before I left there were several extreme Radicals in the “Labor Government” and things were degenerating fast. Yes, at that time they badly needed Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Thank God they were there for us. Now, sadly, they are not.

We all relaxed for a good few years after the fall of the wall. We thought Communism was actually defeated!, yet how could that be, ever since I was a child I had dealt with the Soviet Nuclear Threat and the daily news of The “Cold War”. Defeated, can’t be, seemed too good to be true. And… of course… IT WAS.

“They” did not really go away, they changed tactics. Confrontation became Infiltration. Sleeper Cells were set and the wait, and the patient indoctrination, had begun.

Although terrorism originated centuries ago, modern international terrorism orchestrated by the Soviet Union arguably began at the Tricontinental Conference conceived by Moscow and conducted in Havana, Cuba during January1966.

Let us explore a little closer the “Tricontinental Conference” and the objectives, which are now VERY useful in understanding today’s situation.

The purpose of the conference was to devise, (AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- MUST NEVER BE FORGOTTEN),  a “global revolutionary strategy to counter the global strategy of American imperialism.” It resulted in the creation of an African, Asian, and Latin American Solidarity Organization based in Havana. The Conference also passed resolutions advocating outside aid for groups fighting for “liberation”.

During late 1966, the Cubans opened a number of training camps for guerrilla fighters in Cuba that were under Soviet supervision. Palestinian groups began sending students to these facilities on the “Isle of Pines” during 1966, and upon graduation, those students spawned the terrorist groups that exploded in the Middle East during the 1970’s. Castro’s terrorism schools were under the supervision of the Direcion General de Intelegencia (DGI).

Students were flown into the country from connecting airports, or arrived in Cuban harbors by boat. Upon debarkation in Havana, they were segregated by nationality and moved to their individual training locations. The guerrilla courses lasted from three to six months.

Subject material included “tactics, weapons training, bomb making- particularly how to blow up oil pipelines, map reading, cryptography, photography, falsification of documents, and disguise.” Illich Ramirez Sanchez, a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal, is reputed to have received instruction at Camp Mantonzas, Cuba, prior to further education in the USSR.

In addition to operating a series of such camps in Cuba, Castro exported instructors to newly opened sites in Angola and Mozambique. Cuban instructors arrived at locations in the Middle East after the October 1973 War. During December of that year, 40 Cuban terrorist instructors arrived in South Yemen. South Yemeni desert training sites were protected by the Soviet and East German secret police, and became the focal point for instructing and sheltering terrorists from nations including Germany, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Italy, France, Belgium, and Palestine.

When the Lebanese Civil War broke out it created an opportunity for terrorist groups to operate from that country. In 1978 the Palestine Rejection Front was firmly established at a number of sites there. In March, 1978 the first team of Cuban instructors arrived at Tyre, Lebanon. They presented a detailed eight month course of instruction to their first class of perspective Arab terrorists. Which begins to explain some of the financing questions of this massive operation and, possibly,  it also leaves us in no doubt about the relevance of our “President’s” deep bow to the Arab Prince.

The curriculum included street and desert fighting, attacking people and buildings, demolitions, and sabotaging oil installations. Graduates of the school were supplied with false passports and work permits, and sent to various Persian Gulf countries that they had been familiarized with during training.

Castro’s support of terrorism was indicated by his Tucuman Plan, designed to export South American revolutionaries to Western Europe. He intended to dispatch members of the Junta for Revolutionary Coordination (JRC) from Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile to Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France.

These groups were designed to act in concert against the continent. Castro established a special training site for these operations on a 4,000 acre estate at Guanabo and provided them with a three-month course concentrating on explosives, sabotage, weapons instruction, and urban operations.

The plan was foiled by European security services during 1978 before numerous operations could be conducted. Nevertheless, it underscores the global scope Castro envisioned for Cuban trained terrorists.

Of course the Training Camps were attended enthusiastically by our very own 70’s, Terrorists. SDS, the Weather Underground in particular with William Ayers playing a major part in the Cuban Venceremos Brigades. The Cubans trained the Black Panthers in Canada and we MUST NEVER FORGET the stated ultimate objective of the DGI  “The recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and whom may someday obtain a position, elective or appointive, (President and Czars?)  somewhere in the US Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence”

Well, Boy!, did they ever get what they wanted!!, WHERE, one MUST ask was / is our own CIA, FBI, etc!.


Which brings me back to my Question.

THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA, or, as we would say, “WE THE PEOPLE” have been totally and completely unprotected by our own “Officials” and, worse still, BETRAYED by those who knew better. Where were the Agencies / Officials / Protectors of the American People – the Judiciary??

IF I KNEW this was coming, and I am just a lay person, WHY DIDN”T THEY DO SOMETHING?? —  WHY DON’T THEY DO SOMETHING?  After all, the most powerful position in the world was openly being infiltrated before their noses, could they not see that?. Are we really THAT defenseless to infiltration and takeover??, it would seem so. Our “Defenders” are quite obviously more interested in feathering their own nests with the “New Regime” than doing their JOB!, protecting “We The People”


So now, let us proceed a little further to the ELIGIBILITY of the President of the United States.

WHY?, you may ask, “Not another Birther?” Please allow me to explain.

Are we ruled by the “Rule of Law”?

Do we have laws?  Do those laws give us, the people, rights?

What is the basis for our most fundamental rights as Americans?


So the Constitution MUST be strictly enforced and maintained if we are to win the WAR which is upon us?

And it IS a war, make no mistake. A War declared upon Imperialism by Communism, Marxism and the likes of Castro and his dear friend Che Guevara.

Che Guevara was heavily engaged in guerilla operations in Zaire in 1965? Coincidence? (Did you know, by the way, that African Leaders from Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Spanish Guinea, Tanganyika and Zanzibar all attended Terrorist training in Cuba?  While we are in Africa, let us not forget Mr. Obama’s Cousin, Raila Odinga (MOTTO – Your agent for change!) and their joint activities which allegedly cost in excess of 500,000 lives following Odinga’s abortive election attempt. Odinga, a Marxist Communist and devout Muslim dedicated to forcing Sharia law on his people is a very interesting subject.

You really should read this article, and please go on and research “The Golden Chain”, you will be amazed at what you learn!  africanpress.wordpress.com/…/senator-barack-obama-in-kenya-obama-and-odinga-the-true-story

Our own press ignored that totally, but we expect such low standards from them by now, don’t we?.

BUT, and here is the BIG question, If, the CONSTITUTION is all important for us to succeed as a Country, and given, the Press is no longer to be trusted or relied upon to support “the People” That leaves only the MEDIA. Now we all know also about the Mainstream Media, so we write them off along with the Liberal Press.







Lou DOBBS and Glenn BECK have tried, we should support them, and we will when the fairness doctrine comes around .


We are the reason for the success of these people, we are the reason they all earn more money in a week than most of us will ever see, and yet, now we need them to support us in an issue, they rudely turn their backs, or openly deride US. Especially O’Reilly, Medved and Coulter, it’s disgusting! and they MUST be held to account.

Why is it important? Well, it seems that we are not supposed to talk about this and so the cowards don’t, BUT, if “We the People” want to continue to be forced into living under a Marxist Regime of Chicago Criminals and ultra-leftists, fine, Let’s not speak about it. If we want to allow these people to continue to steal all of our money AND our Children’s future, fine, lets shut up!


I T – H A S – N O T – B E E N – D O N E – Y E T.

THIS IS THE BEST, AND PROBABLY THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE “THAT MAN – THE INELIGIBLE ONE, AND HIS CRONIES from Office AND throw them all in Jail along with their ultra-left Democrat co-Conspirators, WHERE THEY DESERVE TO BE. They must all be hiding something or this would have been done long ago.





And, Yes, I am a Constitutionalist, I care that the Constitution is upheld and complied with.  But how can a man uphold the Constitution he swore to uphold when he does not even hold it in high enough esteem to COMPLY with its requirements.

IF he were to prove tomorrow, beyond doubt, that he were eligible, I for one would totally accept that fact and quietly and peacefully await the next Election. BUT HE DOES NOT AND HE WILL NOT.






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    I’m asking all to read (including inner links) my post “ATTENTION PLEASE!”
    with an idea to reach wide awareness of Americans about Mr. Obama’s Ineligibility (despite media).

    I quote a little from one of inner links:

    “I repeat… : I don’t believe in any success by writing letters to members of Congress, to media, to courts. Everything like that was done and has showed the total uselessness. Only WE THE PEOPLE can try to begin to solve the Consitutional problem of Obama’s Ineligibility through wide awareness (despite media) and by proper voting already in 2010. And if we can’t do it we well deserve our future…”

    This is what Mr. Charlton wrote about that idea:

    “Mr. Charlton says: This is a great idea, but The Post & Email is to be a news site, not a political action site: any organization of that kind can do this. We’re going to stick to covering the news, not engaging directly in political activism. If someone does what you propose, we’ll cover it as news and direct our readers to it, for sure.”


    In my post “ATTENTION PLEASE!” I wrote that I’ll try again to rise this matter on RestoreTheConstitutionalRepublic. I began it ( (It will be a long way) – see a topic “About citizenship according Constitution” (you can see that there is some “fight” there. It will continue – I’m going soon to place new posts there; everybody is invited):


  2. Those who are calling for Obama to release his original birth certificate should keep asking themselves this one question: Might the most powerful man on the planet be able to produce an authentic-looking document that shows a Hawaiian birth? If so, then what?

    I will tell you what. Rather than rely on a document that may or may not show a US birth, how about we challenge the media to ask and answer a question based upon Obama’s statement on his Fight the Smears website:

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

    Here is the question:

    How can the status at birth of a US natural born citizen be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

  3. Yes, let us demand JUSTICE NOW from the courts and Congress, let us demand TRUTH NOW from the media, and let us demand RESIGN NOW from Obama.

    Let’s stage a recurring, ongoing peaceful march around the White House, with Obuma in it; let’s build a tent-and-camper city in D.C. and occupy it 24-7 year-round; let’s film a quality mock trial and spread DVDs of the trial around the world; let’s petition the Joint Chiefs of Staff to fulfill their duty to challenge unconstitutional authority (cite Nuremberg Trials); let’s apply for Quo Warranto in D.C.; let’s have sit-ins in the Capitol and Supreme Court, etc.

    What stops many in the government and the media from pursuing the truth about Obama’s fraud is the color of his skin. They fear being labeled as a racist, and they fear that if Obama is seriously challenged, race-based violence will ensue.

    Never mind that Obama is not really African-American, not in the meaning the term always had heretofore. This black shield protecting Obama is the ultimate Affirmative Action ploy, the pinnacle of Black Privilege–and the perfect cover for a coup d’etat.

  4. The only government position that requires the holder to be a natural born citizen is the president of the United States.That fact alone speaks volumes about what our founding fathers considered a natural born citizen.How is it possible that the person holding that position today has never been vetted?How is it possible that the person holding that position today refuses this simple request to prove he is a natural born citizen and not be publicly forced to do so by the so called main street media?How is it possible that not one high ranking military or government official has not demanded of this person to prove he is who he claims to be?All those who gave their lives and limbs defending this country are crying out for someone to prove their sacrifices have not been in vain.The least we the people owe them is to affirm this question they are asking of us.Will we continue to be publicly silent?Will we rise up as a united force and demand this person be made to prove to us he is qualified for the office of president of these United States?What say you citizens?

  5. I have been following the Obama eligibility issue for over a year and have seen countless lawyers have their cases denied a day in court with a jury or before the Supreme Court. What I don’t see is a national leader who represents this one issue who can bring together the many groups together as a coalition to force the change. I was hoping that the tea parties especilly in Washington DC would have resulted in more visibility about Obama’s eligibility but I can’t recall the issue raised in the media. Until a large group of people can converge in Washington DC to make this issue more visibile to the public and Congress my fear is Obama will continue to serve out his 4 year term. The birther movement organization is very fragmented. I can only recall that Andy Martin, a noted author and columnist, had a conference in Washington DC about one year ago to explore Obama’s eligibility. Obama had his operatives take over the media for the event and steal the video taping which is now in the courts. We could learn a lot about the tactics used by the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War. Ironically many of those are now part of the Obama tyranny.

  6. Nothing but the image of a colb posted on the internet, which even the Hawaii DOH has refused to authenticate, and close to two million dollars paid to high powered lawyers to keep it all a deep dark secret. And we’re derided every day by the opposition, which on this issue even includes top conservatives.

    I try every day to keep from being infuriated.

  7. I do agree with Texoma Ed, Obama is a dual citizen by his own admission and is already at this moment in time ineligible. Obama is misdirecting us with the Birth certificate and records. If he lied about his dual citizenship, well then, we have something on him there as well.

    I agree, we all must speak out, march on Washington, scream if necessary and demand in no uncertain terms that Obama prove his Constitutional Presidential eligibility according to Article II! We mustn’t take no for an answer, ever!!!!! No one is above the supreme law of our land, no one, not even The One. If we need to go to Washington with pitchforks, we should do it. Our Government, the Congress, the DNC, the RNC, the Electorate and the media must be all held accountable for this travesty. Our government is hopelessly ridden with Socialists on a crusade to destroy our Republic, they must be cleared out or we will lose our country.

    I have been very outspoken blogger on this issue as a 912er, I have posted inexhaustibly on this subject. I have watched the ridicule grow to where even supposed Constitutional Conservatives tell me I am marginalizing the cause. Well I will just have to marginalize it then, we all should. The left uses their Alinksi tactics and most just file in line. Who knew ridicule could be such a potent weapon? I for one will fight to my dying breath on this issue until it is resolved. I am a free American citizen who has the right, no, sorry, the obligation to question my Government. It is very questionable indeed at the moment.

    Obama has cleverly seen to it that we are road blocked at every turn, while he baits us with his birth records and all the while he hides in plain site with his dual citizenship lack of Presidential qualifications. He will not release his records and we cannot impeach him because he is not actually the President. He can only get away with this if, “We The People” allow him to, we are the problem because we are allowing our voice to be silenced. Lets call him on his dual citizenship!!! We cannot afford to wait any longer.

  8. Yes. Because we came in this country with first hand knowledge of the pernicious way marxism is propagated in capitalist cultures, and with the required knowledge of American immigration/citizenship laws, we are probably more sensitive than most Americans to the issue of Eligibility and its consequences.

    Most Americans I tried to enlight about the definition of Natural Born (including a candidate for NJ state assembly [he lost this eve, good ridance] were not receptive about the idea because they are not connecting the dots. There is an arrogance among native Americans considering they are immune to the collapse of capitalism. And therefore they do not see that having a sitting president perfectly aware he is usurpating his position, in charge of protecting the Constitution which violation he’s embodying, threathen their own liberties and future.

    But more interestingly is the reason why the conspiracy of silence is so successful among the “right” press.

    It derives directly from arrogance and paternalism. They hide behind the ideas the American people do not care (wrong) and would not understand (wrong).

    But, really, it is in fact rooted in the power of the mighty dollar. The press in general knows that if the truth were to come out, the People would be so furious after BOTH parties to have carry on the charade, and after the Press to have been their accomplice, that all bets would be off.

    And no matter what they want us to believe they LOVE the status quo. They profit on it. It is how they make their living, and they are not about to jeopardize it.

    They are so arrogant that they minimize the threat. It is the old story of the rise of dictatorship. The powers that be think they can control the “New kid on the block” because they know where the bodies are burried, and they end up resting right along with them.

    Today people in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York have clearly spoken . Let’s hope they have not only acted on hunches.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Excellent analysis; but see the lastest report on results in the NY-23, which I just posted at


  9. Mr. Charlton, I understand your thinking. However, while there has been speculation about who the real father is, it does not make a difference from a legal standpoint. Obama Senior legally claimed Obama Junior as his son as a product of a marriage with Ann Dunham. According to the law at the time of the Constitution, all that was necessary was for the father of record claiming to be the father in actuality, which Obama Senior did in the divorce papers. Our Founding Fathers could not make a distinction for who the biological father was, for there was no test for that in those days. If a man claimed to be the father of a boy, then that was enough for purposes of identity, passing on of inheritance, land grants, and especially citizenship.

  10. WOW. Nailed it. Where are “they”? Those so called conservative name plates? Cowards club with the rest of the whole GOV and MSM corrupt. They benefit from significant increases in audience [$$$], but continue to play silly games as if none of what has happened in this crisis is real. The WTP out right rejection taking place in the vote today, should be passed along to the radio heads…specifically including the list you outline and the otherwise vocal Mr. Savage.

  11. Releasing his documents cannot prove his eligibility – it can only disprove his eligibility, should it show a birth outside of the US. If he was born in the US (Hawaii), he would still NOT be a natural born citizen because his legal father was not a US citizen. This is a fact that no document can disprove.

    The birth certificate issue lends itself to being a conspiracy theory and a distraction from the legitimate Constitutional question about the full definition of natural born citizen — a question that the US Supreme Court answered in the 1875 case of Minor v. Happersett: a natural born citizen is someone born in the country to citizen parents (plural).
    Mr. Charlton replies: Here, I must disagree with you Texoma Ed. If the documents released show that his real father was a different person, an American citizen; then such a release could prove his eligibility. Otherwise, you are correct.