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Political Analysis by John Charlton

(Nov. 2, 2009) — In of itself there is nothing much to report.  Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. renowned lawyer who has challenged Obama’s constitutional ability to hold the office of President, in many jurisdictions throughout the United States, on the grounds that he is not a natural born citizen, indicated this afternoon, that Sara Palin has accepted Dr. Taitz as a friend on her Facebook page.

What seems a small gesture speaks volumes for the politics of Palin and appears to be the latter’s response to the outrageous injustice of Judge David O. Carter’s ruling against Taitz’s plaintiffs in Barnett vs. Obama:  military personnel, conservative political candidates, and tax-payers.

Sara Palin is a known supporter of each group. Carter is a known Democratic operative. The case has become a symbolic battle ground for the 2010 elections.

Palin recently endorsed Dough Hoffman, Conservative Party Candidate in the New York special election; following her endorsement a host of other top Republicans endorsed the non-Republican candidate: falling poll support and political pressure from the leading center of the party, caused the Republican Scozzafava to resign from the race, resulting with Hoffman being catapulted into an outstanding lead over his Democratic rival.

By the exchange of Facebook friends Palin seems to be indicating a bolder position on national issues and a more clear break with John McCain’s “centrism” or collaboration with the Democratic Party in Congress.

The tempo of the nation is clearly Anti-Obama. Taitz is perceived as the ultimate incarnation of that spirit, though in truth, her concerns are strictly constitutional, not political.

Palin is poised to garner wider and more profound support by her simply act of friendship with Taitz on Facebook; a symbolic move of epic proportions.

Speculation abounds among Taitz’s supporters as well that she might be considering running for political office, herself, in the near future, as a way of addressing the continuing political roadblocks being thrown up in Federal Courts against her efforts.

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  1. I second iplay42. Palin has perfect standing to overcome any quibbling about who was injured by Obuma’s fraud. She could be VP right now if not for Obum. Even Judge Carter would have trouble denying Palin standing, and certainly the D.C. District Court would have to admit her plea under quo warranto.

    In fact, Sarah doesn’t have to wait until 2012 to run against Obuma. She can defeat him now at the bar of justice. Go, Sarah, go.

  2. May be a bold move by Sarah, but I’d like to see her make an even bolder move: become an “interested person” as per Quo Warranto 3503.