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Rasmussen polls indicate Orange Revolution by July 2011

PUBLIC’S GROWING IRE AND MELTING SUPORT FOREBODE DIRE END TO OBAMA REGIME by John Charlton (Nov. 29, 2009) — The latest Presidential Approval Poll by Rasmussen shows a -15 index, between those who strongly approve less those who strongly agree, the lowest rating yet for the Obama tenure.  The index adds the percent of the […]

HI Dept. of Health admits Obama’s COLB is faked

ADMISSION MADE IN EMAIL TO CONCERNED CITIZEN by John Charlton (Nov. 28, 2009) — The final nail has been driven into the coffin of Obama’s online COLB (Certification of Live Birth), which was released in 2008 by his campaign to bolster his claims of being born in the United States of America, and which has […]

At Islam’s Heart and Soul

MUSLIMS WORSHIP A BLACK ROCK by Harry Hunter (Nov. 28, 2009) – Jews and Christians are “people of the Book”; Muslims are people of the Rock:  a black  rock about a foot in diameter enshrined in the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  It is toward this Black Stone that Muslims must face five times every […]

Editorial: Nov. 28, 2009 — Obama has begun to play ball with Lieberman

TO MANUEVER HIM INTO A POSITION WHERE HE MUST APPROVE DEATHCARE by John Charlton The national crisis which began last year with Obama’s fraudulent admission to the presidential ballot has unfolded like a Greek tragedy of epic proportions. The Democratic Party was so desperate for power that they allowed a nobody to bamboosal them; steal […]

Christian girl Flogged for wearing Knee-length Skirt

PURITANICAL ATTITUDE PERVADES ISLAM by Harry Hunter (Nov. 27, 2009)  — A Reuters report from Khartoum says, that “A 16-year-old south Sudanese girl was lashed 50 times after a judge ruled her knee-length skirt was indecent.”  This Christian teen was captured in a public market and dragged (literally, apparently) directly before a Shariah judge who […]

Election irregularities in NY-23rd too great to be ignored

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS CERTIFIES NEGATIVE NUMBERS by John Charlton (Nov. 27, 2009) — The news out of New York State bodes ill for the survival of the American Republic.  The widespread fraud involving voting tallies the night of the Election has given way to reports of election-machine tampering via a virus, consistently […]

Radical pro-climate-changer calls for resignations in East Anglia's Climate Center

SAYS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IS UNDENIABLY “UN-SCIENTIFIC” by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — The saga of the conspiracy to fake data to promote Agenda 21, the radical socialist attack on Western Civilization, continues to unfold, with a call, now, from a leading radical, pro-climate-changer, that those involved in the conspiracy resign. George Monbiot’s […]

Dobbs' Lineage

INTERNET RUMOR THAT DOBBS IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, JUST THAT by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — There is an internet rumor going about that Lou Dobbs, potential presidential candidate in 2012, and former CNN news anchor, is not a natural born citizen. The author of the rumor is an anonymous commenter, quoting […]

Rasmussen moves to block Dobbs presidential Run

PUBLISHES POLL FIXED TO MAKE DOBBS LOOK BAD by John Charlton (Nov. 26, 2009) — No sooner has speculation begun that Lou Dobbs might run for president in 2012, and an influential political polling firm has undertaken an effort to squash his candidacy before it is even on the table. The firm is Rasmussen, and […]

Top Virologists claim H1N1 most likely produced in Lab

BAXTER INTERNATIONAL ONLY LAB INVOLVED IN IDENTICAL RESEARCH by John Charlton (Nov. 25, 2009) — Two internationally recognized virologists have published evidence showing that the Swine Flu epidemic (H1N1 virus) most likely was created in a lab and released into the human population through test trials of vaccines, used to inoculate pigs. In their published […]

Constitution is superior to any act of Congress

THE SUPREME COURT RULING WHICH WILL BE USED TO NULLIFY ALL ACTS OF OBAMA REGIME by John Charlton (Nov. 25, 2009) — It is often asked whether the usurpation of the presidency by Barack Hussein Obama will ever have a remedy in the courts.  But the fact is that there already is a remedy in […]

Recipies for Thanksgiving

by John Charlton (Eve of Thanksgiving, 2009) — There is nothing fonder tha memories of family get-togethers long past; and a wonderful way to revive these memories are the recipes our Mothers cooked for us as children.  Being that it is the eve of Thanksgiving, I share with all the readers of The Post & […]

Editorial: Nov. 24, 2009 — The Trillion-Dollar Greenbacks Scam

THE CONSPIRACY THAT WAS ALL TOO REAL AND MALIGN by Doug Cook (Nov. 24, 2009) — The Hadley CRU (Climate Research Unit) is now under vast scrutiny throughout the New Media and Blogsphere over what is quickly and apparently becoming ground zero of an international scandal that is of world spanning epic proportions. With revealing […]

Obama is negotiating surrender in Afghanistan

COINCIDENTS OF REPORTS ARGUE THAT THIS IS FACT, NOT FICTION by John Charlton (Nov. 23, 2009) — Obama is about to sell out —for political expediency—the brave troops of the American and Nato forces which have been fighting a bitter war in the mountains of Afghanistan for nearly 8 years. The report comes from an […]

NH AG won't touch that hotpotato

REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE 2008 ELECTION FRAUD IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by John Charlton (Nov. 23, 2008) — New Hampshire Attorney General Michael A. Delaney has refused the request of NH State Representatives Rappaport and Vita, to investigate the election fraud which occurred in his state in 2008, saying that it is a Federal matter. Rep. Laurence […]

Massive ACORN Document Dump

DOCUMENT DISCOVERY SHEDS LIGHT ON ACORN’S ROLE IN 2008 ELECTION FRAUD by Doug Cook (Nov. 23, 2009) — Private Eye and genuine Patriot Derrick Roach has reported how he took it upon himself to investigate the activities of ACORN’s office in National City (San Diego County, CA). After damning undercover video work by Citizen Heroes […]

The Post & Email Fundraiser

PLEASE HELP US GROW To our valued readers: As you may know, The Post & Email is moving to its own website on December 1st.  Mr. John Charlton, the editor and founder has recruited 7 volunteers as citizen-journalists to assist in writing for the site, and we will work to roll out an entirely new […]

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